Square Foot Gardening Raspberries [All About To Know]

Square Foot Gardening Raspberries

If you’re planning a garden, you might wonder how many square-foot gardening raspberries require. The general answer is two feet per plant. But growing raspberries is more complicated than sticking seedlings in the ground 24 inches apart. Below, we discuss everything you need to know about incorporating raspberries in your garden. From space requirements and … Read more >>

Square-Foot Gardening Radish [How to Grow]

Square Foot Gardening Radish

Radishes are an excellent choice for new gardeners looking to grow something other than tomatoes or lettuce. Radishes provide a great introduction to square-foot gardening. They grow well in almost any soil type and are easy to harvest. Radishes are also one of the earliest crops to be ready for harvest, so radishes are the … Read more >>

Square Foot Gardening Onions [Best Tips & Tricks]

Square Foot Gardening Onions

Did you know that there are more than 600 onion species? The most common include bulb (aka dry) onions and varieties like leeks, green onions, and scallions. We’ll break down how you can grow onions with square-foot gardening. Keep reading if you feel ambitious and want to expand your garden this year and include some … Read more >>

Square Foot Gardening Cucumbers [Helpful Tips]

Square Foot Gardening Cucumbers

If you’re serious about gardening, you know that proper spacing is crucial for your success as a farmer. But did you know that cucumbers are one of the best plants to grow if you want to maximize your space? That’s because you only need two cucumber plants per square foot, meaning you can plant more … Read more >>

Square Foot Gardening Bush Beans [Best Methods to Grow]

Square Foot Gardening Bush Beans

Gardening is one of those hobbies that keeps on giving. Nothing beats the experience of watching your plants grow and harvesting the fruits of your labor. But there’s more to gardening than just the harvest. Keep reading this handy guide for more information on growing bush beans in your very own square-foot garden. Also Read: … Read more >>

What You Need To Know About Square Foot Gardening Spacing

square foot gardening spacing

Whether you live in Arizona, Alaska, or New York City, You need a mixture of food, including fruits and vegetables, to eat. Few Americans have enough space to plant whatever they want. Square foot gardening can be the answer in situations in which you’re limited on space. Spacing is key to this approach, so you’ll … Read more >>

Why Is My Cabbage Plant Giving Tall Sprouts?

Cabbage Plant Tall Sprouts

Sprouting is essential to plant growth as it relays minerals, starch, and vitamins from the soil to the plant. However, tall sprouts in cabbage plants can cause alarm as they indicate unhealthy growth. This might force you to harvest the cabbage prematurely to prevent the plant from going to seed. Your cabbage plant is giving … Read more >>

Why Are My Cabbage Leaves Turning Yellow?

Why Are My Cabbage Leaves Turning Yellow

Cabbage is an essential food crop grown in several states across the US. While it is easy to grow in your garden, you might be distressed to find your crop’s leaves turning yellow. Cabbage leaves turn yellow for several reasons, such as overwatering, poor-quality soil, and disease. Careful observation of your plants may reveal the … Read more >>

Why Are My Cabbage Leaves Turning Purple?

Why Are My Cabbage Leaves Turning Purple

While growing cabbages is an excellent way to enjoy fresh, home-grown vegetables, you may occasionally encounter some problems with your plants. One of the most common issues you may come across is when the leaves of your cabbage plants start to turn purple. This can be problematic and confusing, especially if you don’t know what … Read more >>

How To Save a Freezing Cabbage Plant? [5 Easy Ways]

How To Save a Freezing Cabbage Plant

Cabbage is a nutrient-rich, cheap, and versatile vegetable with a long shelf life. In addition, cabbage is a hardy plant and can tolerate frost; a light frost could even improve its flavor. However, a severe freeze can affect it and if you don’t save a freezing cabbage plant quickly, it can suffer irreversible damage. You … Read more >>