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Gardening tips

My name is Elsa and I love plants, spare lots of time gardening. There are so many benefits of keeping plants in a garden – such as clean air, better sleep, better concentration, etc.

While I was doing the research on Gardening, I started this blog in an effort to share anything useful that I might find and can also help others.

This blog is my attempt to share the knowledge I have been gaining over the past few years.

I have to check out, research a lot of useful plants for gardening and I hope it will help you to create your own garden with less effort.

I am a Gardening lover and the gardening tips might not work for every garden. But I will try to give honest opinions and tips.

I am trying my best to update new gardening tips on this web site. I will share lots of useful and helpful tips on growing plants, house plants, flowers, vegetables, herbs, and fruits etc.

I have also done a lots of research on gardening, growing plants indoor, outdoors and read a lot of books from various professional gardeners. I am going to share all these pro gardening tips.

I hope you find the articles useful and it helps you to create your own garden.

If you have any questions about gardening, you can send me an email at [email protected] also you can follow me on Pinterest.