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Gardening tips

Elsa is a passionate gardener and professional gardening blogger based in New York, United States. As a mother of one loving girl, she has developed a deep love for growing vegetables and plants.

With over 5 years of gardening experience, Elsa has honed her skills in cultivating a wide variety of plants, fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Elsa’s dedication to gardening led her to complete an online gardening course from Gaia College, where she gained valuable knowledge and expertise on sustainable gardening practices. She believes in the importance of sharing her gardening tips and tricks with others, inspiring them to create their own thriving gardens.

Through her blog, Elsa provides practical advice on everything from starting a garden from scratch to troubleshooting common gardening problems. Her passion for plants and commitment to sustainable gardening practices shines through in her informative and engaging articles.

When she’s not busy tending to her garden or writing for her blog, Elsa enjoys spending quality time with her daughter, exploring new plant varieties, and discovering innovative gardening techniques

If you have any questions about gardening, you can send me an email at [email protected] also, you can follow me on Pinterest.