Why are my hanging baskets turning yellow? [Causes & Fixes]

Hanging baskets are lovely to look at. These add a sense of calm and color to the décor. But sometimes you see these beauties turning yellow. So how do you deal with it? 

Why are my hanging baskets turning yellow? The reason hanging baskets turn yellow is either too little light or too much water. Another reason why plants turn yellow is when the plant starts to outgrow the container, they are in. The reason for this is simple, the soil is just not able to provide nutrients to the plant.

If you are worried about the wellbeing of your hanging basket because of a few yellow leave scattered around the plant know that this is the first sign of distress.

Plants show distress in different ways either by the yellowing of the leaves or by shedding them.

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Why are my hanging baskets turning yellow?

Here are a few reasons why your hanging baskets are turning yellow:

1. Hanging baskets turning yellow due to moisture stress

If you notice the leaves of your hanging baskets turning yellow it can be a sign of moisture stress. Now you do not need to rush to a plant therapist, but yes u need to shower it with some love and care. moisture stress in simple terms is either too much or too little water.

How to fix it?

The first step to fixing moisture stress is checking for the level of moisture in the soil. for this all you need to do is stick your finger in the soil, if the top layer is too soggy there is too much moisture if it’s dry it’s dry.

Note: The surface of the soil dries fast, check deeper.

You will need to then set a watering schedule to rectify the issue. If the soil is dry the plant is thirsty, if it’s soggy hold off watering for a bit. 

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2. Hanging baskets turning yellow due to critters

While under or overwatering is a major reason and ruled out on your finding the cause journey, it’s time to consider pest infestation.

You might or might not be able to see them with the naked eye unless they are bigger bugs. But they are surely ones to blame for the yellowing of the leaves of your hanging baskets.

How to fix it?

First of all, check to see if critters are the ones to blame for the yellowing of leaves. Closely inspect the leaves and stem of the plant.

You are looking for signs of an invasion – are there tiny holes on the leaves or are there spots or fluffy white wax? The treatment will depend largely on the bugs that are chomping away at the leaves.

If you are looking for a generic solution, try spraying neem oil or a store-bought insecticide.

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3. Hanging baskets turning yellow due to lack or excess sunlight

Another reason hanging baskets start turning yellow is the lack of sunlight. If your apartment doesn’t receive enough natural light it’s time to offer a sun-bathing session for your plant.

Another issue where there is too much sunlight, causes the leaves to turn yellow at first and then they start turning darker shades of yellow until they are completely brown. 

How to fix it?

The easiest way to fix the no sun problem is to either look for a spot in your house that receives sufficient sunlight.

Another option is to place the plants in a sunny spot during the day and move it back to their original place in the evening. This is a little time-consuming but serves the purpose. 

In case of too much sun, it is better to have blackout curtains or blinders that cut out the excess sunlight.

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4. Hanging baskets turning yellow due to cold

Most plants used in hanging baskets are tropical and not fans of the cold. This makes it important to keep them in spots that are not too cold.

This includes corners or spots that are prone to cold drafts. If these plants experience the cold either directly or indirectly the leaves will start to turn yellow.

How to fix it?

Treat your hanging basket as a pet that catches a cold easily. This mindset generally helps when it comes to shielding plants from the cold. Keep them away from windows or doors that are drafty especially during winters.

It is also important to note that hanging baskets need to be watered less frequently during winters. Because not only does a cold draft make a plat chilly but also waterlogged soil.


5. Hanging baskets turning yellow due to lack of nourishment

Home gardeners generally use good quality potting mixes for hanging baskets in the hope that the plants receive all the required nutrients. But this is far from true.

Most plants do not flower or start to show signs of wilting and yes the leaves turn yellow because they do not receive enough nourishment. This is indicative of the fact that the deficiency of nutrients is interfering with photosynthesis.

How to fix it?

Look at the plant closely if the older leaves are turning yellow while the younger ones are light green it’s indicative of the fact that the plant is lacking nitrogen.

To fix this all you need to do is either use homemade plant food containing nitrogen or use a store-bought mix.

When plants turn yellow due to lack of nutrients all they need is a little boost.

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6. Hanging baskets turning yellow at the end of their life

Like all living beings’ plants have a life cycle too and yellowing on leaves may indicate the end of the life cycle for that leaf or leaves.

The trick here is to pay attention to the leaves if the changes are sudden, it might be something to look into. But if the change is gradual let nature take its toll.

Now that we have a fair understanding of the question why are my hanging baskets turning yellow let’s look at ways in which you can revive the yellowing plant?

  • Cut back the plant from time to time, especially if you see yellow leaves. It is important to do it gradually and not in one go. This way not only will the plant have time to recover but the plant will not look choppy and unkempt. After cutting back the plant it is also important to fertilize it from time to time.
  • Pick by pinching or using sheers any spotted or dead leaves. It is also important to plucking flowers that have wilted.
  • Use a slow-release fertilizer in the summer and liquid fertilizer in winters. This way the slow-releasing fertilizer will have time to seep in through hotter days and when the plant is not watered frequently the liquid fertilizer can work its magic.
  • Most importantly pay attention to the specific needs of the plant, if the plant needs a warm spot give it exactly that. Some plants may require sunnier spots to grow, check if you can provide these specifics, if not look for other plants that match the growing conditions you can provide.

In conclusion

Hanging baskets are great to have as house plants not only in the US but around the world they are not as complicated as people make them seem. In order to avoid questions like why are my hanging baskets turning yellow, pay attention to the needs of the plant. Keep it away from too much sunlight but also see that it receives an adequate amount. Keep it away from cold drafts and feed it well.

Lastly water the plant based on the climate and keep an eye for disease and bug infestations. This way you will be able to act fast if you notice a slight change in the plant. Yellow leaves are natural so don’t worry either you need to change a few things or the plant is just getting old. So, relax and continue gardening.

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