Why are my hanging basket flowers dying?

So, are you concerned about the well-being of your hanging basket flowers? Is the question why are my hanging basket flowers dying haunting you?

Why are my hanging basket flowers dying? In most cases dying hanging basket flowers are caused by overgrown or stressed-out root structures. Lack of space in planters causes the plants to suffocate and die. Sometimes over or underwatering could also be the problem. Lack of attention is another reason why these plants show signs of wilting or dying.

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In order to save a hanging basket flower that’s dying swift action is necessary. The good news is that understanding why your hanging basket flowers are dying is easier than you feel.

Reasons why your hanging basket flowers are dying – and what to do about it

To answer the question why are my hanging basket flowers dying?

Is the basket struggling from the lack of space? Or are you under or overwatering the plant?

The first step at determining why hanging basket flowers are dying is to make sure the plant is getting enough attention. Simply paying attention to the needs of the plant is the first step towards a healthy plant.

1. Hanging basket flowers dying due to lack of attention

Lack of attention can include checking if the plant receives an appropriate amount of nutrition. It also includes making sure that the plant is watered well – not too much or too little. In short caring for a plant means looking after all intricate details of plant care.

2. Hanging basket flowers dying due to lack of fertilization

Keep in mind that home hanging basket flowers need to be fertilized regularly. This ensures that the plant continues to produce blooms. If you fail to fertilize these plants they will eventually die.

If you have been caring for hanging basket flowers putting in all the effort with memorizing a fertilizing and watering schedule. But, are still wondering why your hanging basket flowers are dying. The reason could be as simple as a change in season.

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3. Hanging basket flowers dying due to change in season

It is seen that hanging basket flowers tend to fade fast or die out by early summer. At this time no amount of fertilizers or water will help. The best thing is to let the plant be. After a few weeks, things will get back to normal remember this is just a transition phase for the plant.

Easier said than done we understand. It is difficult to watch a plant you are cared for just withering away but as they say, time is the best healer.

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4. Hanging basket flowers dying due to over watering or under watering

Another reason why your hanging basket flowers are dying is because of either over water or under-watering. Like all plants, there is a watering sweet spot for hanging plants.

Too little water can cause the plant to dry out while too much water can cause root rot and other fungal diseases. 

The solution to hanging basket flowers dying due to overwatering or under watering

If you find that watering is a problem and is causing your plant to die, setting a watering schedule can help. Another way to solve the watering problem is to invest in self-watering planters. 

Sometimes dunking the pot in some water while it soaks up to its maximum capacity and then letting the excess drain out is another option. This can be done if you have underwatered the plant and are looking for ways to revive it.

When it comes to overwatering stop watering the plant for a while. Let the soil dry out a little and then look for a way to regulate the watering schedule.

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5. Hanging basket flowers dying due to a change in season or weather

It’s a common occurrence that hanging basket flowers start to lose lustre mid-summer especially here in the US. This can either be a gradual decline or can happen all of a sudden.

Most gardeners associate this change with disease or the lack of water.

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But in most cases, a sudden decline in the condition of hanging basket flowers is due to overgrown and crammed up roots.

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6. Hanging basket flowers dying due to overgrown roots

Once the plant is well nourished and starts to grow, it becomes necessary to inspect the roots from time to time.

This reduces the chances of the plant outgrowing the planter. Once the roots overgrow it becomes impossible for them to breathe or absorb nutrients and water.

This is a common concern when hanging plants are purchased along with planters in early spring from nurseries or greenhouses. The reason for this is simple they start early so that the plants bloom when it’s time to sell.

The major disadvantage of this is that the water simply runs through the planter without doing any good to the plant. The same is the case with fertilizers and other additives.

The solution to hanging basket flowers dying due to overgrown roots

When it comes to plants that are dying due to overgrown roots no amount of watering, soaking, or fertilizers help. In such cases, you have two options 

Repotting the plant where changing the planter helps.

Replanting where you basically displace the plant and move its location or planter or setting.

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Repotting to save dying hanging basket flowers

Repotting is a great option as you can choose a bigger planter reducing the strain on the roots of the plant. Generally, the 8” planters tend to run out of space soon hence getting bigger planters is a good option. 

For repotting, you will need a countertop or table where you can lay down the pot. It is important to loosen the soil before you start tugging at the plant. 

Once the soil Is fairly loose wiggle the plant out. In most cases it should come out easily but if the plant is too stubborn or you have roots sticking out of cracks in the planter crack it open. 

Once you have the plant out of the planter it’s easier to decide what needs to be done to better its condition. You can either go in for a bigger planter or detangle the roots and get rid of damaged ones. 

Plant the hanging plant using good quality soil and things should be better going forward. 

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Replanting to save dying hanging basket flowers

If repotting isn’t something you want to do, or do not want to spend on new planters replanting is an option for you. This is when you move the plant to a different location altogether. This can be done by loving the plant to the garden or a bigger planter that’s on the ground. 

Replanting can be done by loosening the soil and placing the plant in a new pot or soil. be sure to fertilize the soil well before moving the plant as it will kickstart the growth process. 

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In conclusion

If you are wondering why is my hanging basket flowers dying look at the possible causes. Pay attention to the watering schedule and the rooting system of the plant. It is better to repot from time to time depending on the growth of the plant. All in all, being vigilant is key to understanding why hanging basket flowers are dying.

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