Top 20 Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas

Gardening is a unique & enriching experience that fills your heart. No one can resist the tempting scent of wet soil and plants that bring to us a relaxing feeling from a world of complexity and mayhem. Here check out Top 20 apartment balcony gardening ideas.

In cities filled with small living spaces, high rises, and apartments, people living packed like parts of a jigsaw puzzle, apartment balcony gardens are a good idea.

Here people who don’t have access to an outdoor area to garden traditionally or have a proper garden; cluster plants together inside their balcony or window extension to create a lush, garden.

Many of us dream of having at least an apartment balcony garden in our homes however small it may be. Including a green space in our homes is not only rejuvenating but also adds beauty to the house. 

Top 20 Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas

For those who value plants & want to include them in their home, we’ve put together a list of 20 super simple apartment balcony gardening ideas.

Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas
Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas

1. Rooftop garden

Rooftop gardens can be an oasis in an otherwise congested urban apartment. Gardening on a rooftop has several benefits, including privacy, good sunlight for the plants helping them to grow well, more open space hence you can add several plants and herbs. 

If you have access to a small rooftop or would like to convert your apartment terrace into a garden (of course after getting the necessary permissions from society). A Rooftop garden model is a good idea for an easy apartment garden.

Check out How to make a balcony garden.

2. Mobile garden

Casters or Containers with wheels (check your local hardware store) or wheels attached at the bottom of metal trash cans or other containers of sturdy materials can be used to create rolling planters. 

These planters can easily be moved around your balcony or even bring inside when temperatures increase or dip. They are an excellent choice for those who don’t have proper drainage in the balcony and need to move the plants indoors to water them.

They are also a good option if you don’t have space to hang your planters and need to move planters around to keep the balcony clean.

3. Container garden

Use an empty container from your packed food, fill it with soil, and volla u can now plant your favorite planters. Add to it a splash of color and pattern to make your outdoor space vivid.

For these planters don’t forget to punch drainage holes using a hammer and nail before adding the potted plant to drain excess water.

  • Balcony Container Gardening Ideas

4. All in one garden

This is the most compact & simplest of apartment balcony gardens using a single large pot. This idea can be surprisingly productive if one maximizes its potential.

By careful planning, one can harvest 10 different crops in a single year by combining compatible plants. 

All you need to do is get a large container, make some drainage holes, fill it with soil and then plant complementary groups of plants together for a year-round supply of fresh, home-grown vegetables.

5. Shoe organizer garden

Upscaling has never been so easy simply turn a shoe organizer/stand into a vertical garden and as long as you have even a sunlit balcony railing, you’ll have more than enough room to grow fresh herbs and greens for use in your kitchen. 

Hang a shoe stand, fill it with compost-rich gardening soil, and plant your favorite herbs or greens in the pouches. Or if you have the ones without pouches you can combine them with a container garden and have your planters neatly stacked. 

6. Self-watering garden

You are a busy person and don’t have the time to regularly water your garden? 

We have a solution!! 

Build a small self-watering system that lets you grow plants with minimum space and effort in your apartment balcony. After it has been set up, all you have to do is pour water into a reservoir and capillary action will ensure that the plant will absorb water as needed through its roots.

These mechanisms can either be bought online, at the local plant nursery or you could do it yourself using tutorials available online.

Be cautious and keep saucers or trays under your plants to collect the overflow.

7. Tabletop garden

Tabletop gardening consists of a unique idea of raising gardening beds in which the seeds are planted in a clearly marked 1×1 square foot plot. This idea is excellent for those who love to garden but feel they don’t space, time, or experience. 

Elevated square foot gardens are of great help for the elderly, those in wheelchairs, and anyone who finds it difficult to bend while gardening.

Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas
Tabletop garden

8. Partition garden

This setting is ideal for a large balcony or terrace. To separate the seating from the rest of the elements, create a partition using tall plants or a trellis with a climber or vine grown on it. 

This will add definition to the apartment balcony and at the same time add an interesting twist to the otherwise regular balcony garden

9. Organised garden

This garden setting is useful for keeping the balcony spacious and neat. You can grow plants in planters that run along the borders of the balcony.

You will be surprised to see that you can grow more using this setup in really small areas as long as they get a bit of direct sunlight, something most Indian homes are amply blessed with. 

So, do not worry if you live in a tiny apartment as this idea will help you fulfill your apartment balcony garden dreams.

10. Colourful garden

A garden with vivid colours gives a soothing and relaxing feel when you return home from work. Flowering plants add various shades of colour to your home. 

Visit a local flower nursery & find plants to decorate the garden. Choose the right types of plants so that it’s a one-time investment that requires minimal maintenance.

11. Layered garden

Growing plants of different heights can bring an interesting look to your garden, similar to a garden in the backyard. 

To make it appeal more keep lengthier plants at the back & shorter ones in front so you can maintain the garden easily.

12. Railing garden

In metro cities where every inch counts, it’s a good idea to keep the floor uncluttered for other uses. To aid in this setting planters can be hooked onto the balcony rail to allow plants to be grown without taking up floor space. This setting gives you the benefit of green space along with usable space in a minimalistic way.

13. Creepers garden

A unique way to create a privacy partition in the apartment balcony garden is to grow creeper or vines like money plants along the wall or partition grill. 

It makes its unique design and gives your garden a different look altogether.

14. Compact garden

This idea is ideal for apartments with very small balconies. Instead of the large garden that takes up a lot of space, using tiny pots helps to grow more. These pots can be arranged on a table or shelf so you get more freedom to create a design or arrangement of your choice. 

You can arrange this garden easily as and when needed according to the plants that are grown in it.

15. Box garden

A simple crate or box is useful to plant a salad garden. This garden is self-contained, portable, but heavy to lift when full, so if you put wheels on it, you could move it easily. 

With this idea, you can grow a lot in one small space. Vegetables that are harvested frequently, such as lettuce, carrots, and onions are best for this garden.

Balcony Gardening Ideas
Box garden

16. Hanging garden

This is a very innovative concept to completely utilize available space in your apartment balcony. You can hang baskets attached to strong horizontal boards along the wall to grow vegetables. 

This method gives better yield because the heat that is being reflected off the wall is absorbed well by the veggies. Containers like old buckets or recycled soda bottles, even expensive ceramic bowls can be used to grow vegetables by this technique. 

Just keep in mind that the containers will get heavy when they are loaded with wet soil and fruiting plants so see that they are suspended from a strong bracket.

Apartment Balcony Gardening Ideas

17. Complimenting plants garden 

When you have to confine a garden in a tight space limited to an apartment balcony, remember to go for the best combination of plants. The whole concept here is of balancing each other. That is plants with large shady leaves can be planted alongside the plants that need less sunlight. 

Legumes & other nitrogen releasing plants must be planted in the soil to increase the fertility of the soil. The same soil is then used for plants that require nitrogen-rich soil, so it creates an environment that benefits both plants. Another method is to add coffee grounds to the soil to enrich it with a good amount of nitrogen.

18. Rock garden

Natures calmness and relaxing experience are incomplete without rocks and pebbles. Add to that water and plants and it gives you a soothing feel that rejuvenates your senses. If you have a large budget a small fountain can help you make a style statement amongst your inner circles.

Pebbles or rocks are like diamonds in ornaments & look great next to plants so these natural elements can be used to beautify your garden.

19. Vertical garden

If you are among those who have a tiny apartment balcony, you should consider using this vertical garden idea to save space. You can make arrangements to place multiple layers of flowers, plants, and herbs to set them vertically. 

It adds to the beauty of your apartment balcony garden and also saves space. This garden system along with drip irrigation makes it a low-maintenance option for a garden in the balcony.

20. Seasonal garden

It is a known fact that every plant requires to be taken care of in a special way. Some plants need 6 to 8 hours (full sun) of direct sunlight like green beans, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, etc. Others such as carrots, radishes, curry leaves & beet need about 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight. 

Thus, you have to be very picky as to which plants to grow in a particular season, soil condition, and the availability of sunlight to your balcony.

Wisely practice crop rotation along with the season change to make your garden lively and cheerful the whole year-round.

Gardening Tips for apartment balcony garden

Some basic urban gardening tips to help you along your apartment balcony garden adventure:

Start simple

Basic herbs like basil (tulsi), mint leaves (pudina), coriander, curry leaves, chilies, lemongrass & spinach are the easiest to grow. As these don’t require too much sunlight, they can be kept in a living room or near the window.

After gaining a good knowledge of simple plants, try growing cabbage, cauliflower, capsicum, radish, onions, and tomatoes. Always remember to get open-pollinated seeds for whatever you plan to grow.

Recycle and reuse

To have own garden does not mean you have to invest in fancy or earthen pots. Try to be creative and generate best out of wastes like plastic bottles, buckets, tubs and old tires which are great for growing plants too.

Make your own soil

It is always a good habit to use homemade nutrient-rich soil that supports healthy plant growth. It is very simple to prepare by composting your kitchen scraps. It is a great way to enrich your gardening soil cost-effectively and also minimize wastes and harmful use of chemicals.

Remember to keep sprinkling fresh soil and wood ash in the pots from time to time for the healthy growth of the plant.

Always mulch your soil

Keeping the soil covered with a layer of dry crushed leaves, sugarcane baggage or even newspaper helps in reducing the loss of water due to evaporation. Plus it insulates the useful micro-organisms in the soil from direct heat while providing food for them.


There are many hybrid varieties available that grow even in unfavourable conditions Insufficient sunlight means you may not get the desired outcome of flowering or vegetable production.


Water is the most essential element for each & every plant but in the right amount. Overwatering is far more common in plant deaths than not providing enough, hence to avoid this mishap do not water your plant until the top 2 inches of soil are dry.


Caring for vegetation is mentally stimulating & gets the brain as well as your body moving. A life with caring for plants gives exercise to your critical thinking skills. It also relieves stress, anxiety and provides you with purposeful focus, helps you eat healthier, and saves money in the process! So, what are you waiting for the go-ahead and put these apartment balcony gardening ideas to the test today?