Growing tomatoes on balcony Garden + Caring Tips

Are you thinking of growing tomatoes on balcony? If you have an edible balcony garden at your home, then you can easily grow tomatoes in balcony garden. Here, I will explain step by step, how to grow tomatoes in an apartment.

How to grow tomatoes on a balcony? If you are thinking of growing tomatoes on a balcony, follow the 7 steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the Right Spot
  • Step 2: Select the Right Pot
  • Step 3: Type of Tomatoes
  • Step 4: Potting Soil
  • Step 5: Mulching
  • Step 6: Watering
  • Step 7: Adding Fertilizers

Even If you don’t have a balcony garden, this could be something that can start with by growing tomatoes from scratch in a pot or a container. It does not matter even if you have a small garden, anyone can grow it very easily by simply following the right instructions every time. Now, let us see how to grow tomatoes in balcony garden.

growing tomatoes on balcony
growing tomatoes on balcony

A lot of people have this notion that if you are living in an apartment you cannot grow your own garden. Well, we are here to break this myth for you so that you can also plant as many plants you need and make your balcony beautiful and useful filled with flowers and crops as well.

Can you grow tomatoes on a balcony

The first question coming to our mind is Can you grow tomatoes on a balcony? or What vegetables can be grown on a balcony?

Yes, we can easily grow tomatoes on balcony or we can easily, grow tomatoes in an apartment. Even, we can grow tomatoes in a bucket easily.

Apart from this, Some of the vegetables that you can grow in a pot or a container easily on a balcony garden are Spinach, Lettuce, Potato, pepper, tomatoes, etc. In fact, you can have an entire section just for the herbs that you use in your food every day.

The best of growing vegetables in your own garden is that they are freshly available when you need them and there will be no concern about adding colors of artificial fertilizer to it. You do not need to be concerned as well since we have made sure that you are able to grow tomatoes in the best manner that suits you.

Growing tomatoes on Balcony Garden

Before we get down to the steps to grow tomatoes in your balcony garden, you must make sure that you have read the description properly.

Those who already have a proper garden, they may find it very easy to plant it. While for all the beginners there is nothing to be worried about as the process is rather the simplest.

Step 1: Choose the Right Spot

So, here we will start up by choosing the right spot in your balcony garden. Similar to all the other plant’s tomatoes need a good amount of sunlight during the day, so you need to choose a location that has ample sunlight and can get it enough all through the day.

Location plays a very big factor in plant growth and a lot of people tend to ignore it.

growing tomatoes on a balcony
growing tomatoes on a balcony

Step 2: Select the Right Pot

After you have decided on the spot you will be putting the pot, you can move on to deciding the kind of pot that tomatoes are grown in.

In fact, it also depends on the size of your balcony and how much space can be provided for the pots. You may need a bigger pot to start with.

The average size of the pots ranging between 18-inch in diameter or 24-inch. As the plant will grow and so it would need more space to spread out.

Furthermore, make sure to select pots that have drainage holes in them so that the excess water can be drained out and prevent any case of overwatering especially during the rainy season.

If you do not have a large balcony, you can go for a medium-sized pot or a container as well. Choosing the right pots will help you to grow tomatoes in pots.

Step 3: Type of Tomatoes

Not a lot of people might know that there are a variety of tomatoes as well that you can choose from. There are thousands of different kinds of this vegetable that may be bite-sized or huge in size but we need the right kind that grows perfectly well in a pot.

Some of the most popular ones that you will find easily are Sungold, Golden Sweet, and Lemon Cherry tomatoes. For starters, you can choose to go with the easiest among all i.e. Cherry tomatoes.

They grow very quickly as compared to others and require the least care of them all. During the fall, you can even plant Sungold tomatoes since they tend to produce fruit a lot faster and are capable of being harvested twice a week. The seedling will be available in your local nursery store. Check List of tomato cultivars in the USA.

Step 4: Potting Soil

Hopefully, by now you may have already selected the location, pot, the variety of tomatoes as well. To plant the seedling in the pot you will need good quality potting soil or fertile soil. This too can be available in your local nursery.

Make sure the soil is well equipped with natural manure so that it is ready to bear fruit within weeks. Tomato plants need good moisture and should be light as well fluffy.

Unlike other vegetables, tomatoes need acidic nature soil. You can increase the pH level by using the top agent i.e. Wood Ash.

If you have no idea about any of these, it is better that you can get all the accessories from your nursery or better would be eCommerce stores at the convenience of your home.

Now, simply plant the seeds or the seedling into the soil. Soil is very important for growing tomatoes on balcony.

how to grow tomatoes in pots
how to grow tomatoes in pots

Step 5: Mulching

An important aspect of plants while planting tomatoes is by covering the soil upper layer with mulch. So, make sure to add the soil a little on the lower side and then spread over the mulch on top of it.

The only reason to add mulch means to provide moisture to the soil so that they do not dry off in extremes of temperature.

Some of the most common types of mulching material used are straw, shredded bark, chopped leaves, or newspaper.

Step 6: Watering

For growing tomatoes on a balcony, watering is very important. Once you have done all of the processes mentioned above, it is indeed necessary that you know the amount of water the tomato plant will need.

Initially, you can start with watering them every day for a week or two since you have just planted them. The major growth factor for this plant is moisture. Even though mulching helps a lot. Make sure you keep watering it every day.

If you are not willing to water the plants every day or if it is too much for you to work on, There are options where you can simply go for drip irrigation.  During the summer season, you may need to water the plants a lot that is usual since the soil may dry out faster.

Step 7: Adding Fertilizers

You can start the fertilizing while plating it in your pot. Add enough so that the soil is well fed and also have enough to grow as needed.

Once the plants have started to yield the desired fruit, you can begin to add more. Before the frost arrives, it is recommended that you use fertilizers either once or twice every week so that your plant is well provided with the necessary nutrients.

Furthermore, make sure to water the plants well before adding the fertilizer to the soil. Simply take the fertilizer and mix it up with the soil and water some more so that they settle down easily.

Tips for Taking Care of Tomato Plant

You might have followed each stop by now to set up the Tomato plant in the pot in your balcony garden. Those are the most basic forms that you can follow and make sure nothing is left out.

Furthermore, it is also needed for healthy growth that the plants are well taken care of. Here are some tips that you can perform for healthy growth.

  • Never let the seeds of seedlings be planted in a crowded pot, always have a separate pot for each seedling so that they can get enough space to grow in the best manner.
  • Tomatoes are all-season plants however it is important to get them ample sunlight especially during the winter season. If at all there are issues of sunlight, you can make the best use of the artificial light all through the day.
  • While planting makes sure to warm the soil after which you will be mulching it to conserve a lot of water.
  • You can also try to remove the leaves that are worn off so that new ones can grow. If your plant has grown very tall, removing the bottom leaves before they can cause any fungus problem.
  • Watering the plants enough is very important no matter the weather. If you forget to water them especially during the summers, the leaves may start to die and hurt the plants.
  • It is very important that the plants are harvested when the fruits are ripe and ready to be consumed. The tomatoes after becoming ripping may start to get ripe depending on how you have taken care of it. Some may take a lot of time still while others you may have to cut out.
how to grow tomatoes at home
how to grow tomatoes at home


1. How often should I water my tomato plants in pots?

Well, for tomato plants in pots, you need to water them every single day. It is noted that soil tends to dry a lot faster in heat and may need a lot more water than in any other pleasant weather or season.

If you are not comfortable with watering them every day, you can simply set up drip irrigation that will help the plant get enough water throughout the day.

2. Do tomatoes grow better in shade or sun?

Tomatoes need a good amount of sunlight every day to have a healthy growth. In fact, we have also mentioned that you must keep the plant under the sun in your balcony garden.

It is also observed that you can give as long as 8 hours of sunlight to the plant every single day and waldo ample water in the same way so that you get healthy growth.

3. What time of day should you water tomato plants?

No matter whichever plant you have planted in your balcony garden, it is always advisable to water them in the morning. Similarly for tomato plants as well, we highly recommend to water them in the morning or during the day time.

The reason being the soil will absorb as much water it needs and the rest will evaporate so that no water is left accumulated.

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Final Thoughts

Every plant grows best in the season that they prefer the most. No matter if they are an all-year plant, each of them has a season to grow best in. Similarly, Tomatoes have a growing season after which you need to plant them fresh altogether from scratch. Once the fruits have become rips and consumed, you can simply get rid of the entire plant and begin by getting a new set of soil.

Yes, it is advised to get rid of the soil that you have used in the previous season and clean up everything pretty good before you can plant the next set.

Furthermore, these tomato plants may need support to grow taller as the fruits may make the stems heavier. Take any stick or support and tie up the growing stems so that it does not fall off and continue to grow as required. I hope you got an idea of how to grow tomatoes in Balcony Garden and like the tips for growing tomatoes in balcony garden.