16 Top fast growing house plants – Ultimate Guide

House plants are a lovely addition to homes, they not only beautify the space and add structure but also relieve stress and better overall mental health. Plants that grow rather quickly are generally preferred as indoor plants. In this blog, we have put together a list of fast growing indoor plants or fastest growing house plants. The compilation includes both flowering and non-flowering plants along with those that have a colorful hue to their leaves.

What are the fast growing house plants? These are the 16 best fastest growing indoor plants: Pothos, Jade plant, Aloe Vera, Dieffenbachia, Arrowhead plant, Bamboo, Lucky Bamboo, Ficus Tree, Cacti and succulents, Fern, Guiana Chestnut, Philodendron, Geraniums, Hibiscus, Ti leaf, Miniature roses.

Best 16 Fast Growing House Plants

No matter where you live in the country or what season you start planting in, there are always plants the do well indoors, here are few fast-growing indoor plants that have gained popularity in the United States.

fast growing house plants
fast growing house plants

#1. Pothos

The Pothos is the first plant on this list not only because it grows really fast but also because it is super simple to grow and care for. These plants are found in tropical regions and can grow up to 40 feet in length in the right conditions.

The Pothos derives its botanical name Epipremnum aureum from the fact that it grows on the trunks of other trees in the wild. The name, therefore, is a combination of the Greek words’ epi (meaning upon) and premnon (meaning a trunk).

The Pothos is a plant that is most versatile in terms of placement as they can be planted in both hanging pots, pots with a moss stick or in pots with creepers bordering doors or windows.

Another reason to have these plants is that these plants can grow in both water as well as in a pot with potting mix. making it the number one choice.

These evergreen plants come with heart-shaped deep green leaves with marbled yellow and white patterns making them simple yet elegant.

Known by many names the Pothos is also a plant that propagates easily and in about 2 weeks you can have several baby plants growing from a single plant.

#2. Jade plant

The jade plant is an excellent addition to your office or living space. These plants are easy to grow and also grow faster and fuller as compared to other plants. As they come from succulent family, they are extremely tolerant to almost all weather conditions and are difficult to kill.

fastest growing indoor plants
jade plant

If you are looking for a plant that has a rich bottle green color this is definitely the plant for you. The best thing about the Jade plant is that it can be moulded and structured according to your liking, simply keep pruning them and they will take the desired shape in no time.

These plants do not require much soil to grow and hence you can have a sturdy plant sitting peacefully in a small pot, that saves a lot of space as compared to larger pots.

The Jade plant does well in moderate lighting and 3 to 5 hours of light is all it needs to develop a rich color. Watering, on the other hand, needs to be minimal, the soil needs to dry between each watering session.

If you are looking for a plant to add to your tabletop garden, this is the plant for you. They grow well with other plants and can share planters as well. Aloe vera

#3. Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is not only one that has several health benefits associated with it but is also a fast growing indoor plant. These plants are the perfect balance of looks and utility and do not require fancy pots, soil, or specific weather conditions to grow.

These plants belong to the succulent family and do not require much water to thrive. They come with long fleshy spiky leaves that will add structure to any room. The only care instruction required for this plant is the fact that it needs to be re-potted often to keep it in the best shape. Other than this you can place them near a window and forget about them.

If you are lucky you will see the Aloe Vera plant bloom in winter. The delicate white or yellow flowers they produce stand out on the rich green leaves.  

#4. Dieffenbachia

fastest growing house plants
Dieffenbachia plant

Dieffenbachia is a plant that grows really tall. They are perfect for corners and rooms that have high ceilings. These plants have large leaves and come from tropical regions making them a summer companion to many indoor plant lovers.

The needs of this plant are limited to moderate sunlight and dry soil, so plant them close to a window and watch them grow without much effort.

This foliage rich plant can also be kept in the bathroom or other humid rooms. If left in a space that is not humid enough mist it often. This will help the plant grow.

Caution: The leaves of the dieffenbachia can cause temporary loss of speech if ingested and hence should be kept away from children.

Fun Fact: The quality of making those who ingest it speechless traditionally gave the dieffenbachia the label “mother-in-law’s tongue”.

#5. Arrowhead plant

The arrowhead plant is not only one of the fast growing indoor plants there are but is also one of the most interesting of the lot. As the plant matures, the arrow plant starts to exhibit creeper like qualities making it easy to use as part of the décor.

These plants native to the tropic Latin America climate is an excellent house plant as it is low on maintenance and does not require much care.

These plants are available in two variants solid green and variegated. the green variants require less sun as compared to the variegated ones.

The best part about having these plants is that they possess great air purification capacities and can better the quality of the air in the room they are placed in.

When you have an arrowhead, plant watch the moisture levels, you can invest in an automatic mister or mist the plant manually, but be sure to keep the plant moist and hydrated, this will keep it in top shape.

#6. Bamboo

The bamboo plant as we know is not actually an indoor plant, but these plants can make a great house plant. It grows incredibly fast and can reach up to 6 to 7 feet in no time. These plants are not very high on maintenance and can add structure to a room they are in with their slender leaves and stem.

A great addition to a study or living area where you do not have a lot of space but would like to have something green in a forgotten corner. These plants can be watered about once a week and require moderate sunlight to grow.

#7. Lucky Bamboo

fast growing house plants

Lucky bamboos are marketed as bamboos but are not actually bamboo plants. These plants are generally presented as a gift and feature in feng shui journals and articles. They are said to bring in luck, prosperity and tranquillity.

The lucky bamboo plant grows really well with very little care. These plants are a hit among home gardeners as they are low on maintenance and come under the fast growing indoor plants category.

#8. Ficus Tree

The Ficus tree is an incredible plant or tree to have. These plants are sold as tiny bushes or sapling but can grow up to 60 feet in the wild with branches spreading over several feet wide.

These plants add a great mix of texture and color with their greyish stem and glossy light green leaves. in combination with other plants or on their own they can lighten up the room they are in.

All this plant requires is indirect sunlight and you are good to go. Most variants of this plant have stems that are flexible and those that can be bent around to achieve a desired shape.

From the variants available we recommend the following:

  • Midnight – this variant had dark curly leaves and is considered different as compared to other house plants. These are easily available oner the internet, you will need to source local stores that sell them though.
  • Judith – these have small leaves as compared to others in the family with a tint of yellow on the borders. A colorful mix to the usual plants in your living space.
  • Starlight – as the name suggests this plant lave leaves with a stary white hue. These variegated leaves would go well with solid variants of either the Ficus tree or other house plants.

#9. Cacti and succulents

Cacti and succulents are easy plants to grow and care for. They hardly require any attention and can thrive in almost all conditions or lighting.

These plants have a chilled out attitude when it comes to growing and some home gardeners may argue that these plants do not grow fast. But contrary to those beliefs most variants of the cacti and succulents are fast growing indoor plants.

These can be gifted to kids, as it is a difficult plant to kill it gives them a sense of accomplishment and also instils in them a responsibility towards the environment. Cacti and succulents also come in variants that flower, these add a hint of color to table tops and window seals.

Another reason to opt for cacti and succulents is that these plants are comparatively tiny as compared to other house plants and hence you can care for more and have a variety sitting at your desk instead of one huge plant in the corner.

#10. Fern

All variants of this ever-green plant add color to rooms and are extremely refreshing. Ferns come under the low maintenance category and hence are a favorite when it comes to indoor plants. We recommend the foxtail fern as it is locally available in almost all stores in the US and can be cared for and propagated easily.

#11. Guiana Chestnut

The Guiana Chestnut plant is an ornamental house plant growing in the swamps of central and southern America. These plants have rich green foliage and grow at an exceptional pace.

They are low on maintenance like most plants on this list and love soil that is moist but not wet and soggy. Hence it is important to have a potting mix that is well-draining and at the same time retaining. It also loves the sun and can sit in a nice sunny spot.

When at home this plant will not grow as large as it would if in the wild but for a house plant you will have a good height and foliage in no time. 

#12. Philodendron

The Philodendron is more common in the US as an outdoor plant. But, over the years people have started caring for them indoors. These plants do well indoors and require medium to bright lit rooms.

If you are planning to grow these indoors you could leave them in the sun (indirect sunlight is the best, direct sun will harm the plant) for a bit, this boosts growth. 

The fast growing rich foliage of this plant is unique and a perfect addition to large rooms. Rooms that are cramped for space will not go well with this plant as it grows quite a bit in terms of width and height.

The plants mentioned above add an interesting mix of shape, size and texture to the rooms they are planted in. these plants come in different hues of green and can be planted through the year without bothering about how they will fair.

They are also easy to maintain and propagate and hence they become an excellent choice when it comes to adding them as indoor plants. 

Along with the different tones of green, it is also important to add plants that are low on maintenance, are fast-growing indoor plants and at the same time are plant that flower and those covered in colorful foliage. Let’s have a look:

#13. Geraniums

First on the list are Geraniums, these flowering plants are simple to care for and maintain at home. They have beautiful and delicate flowers that bloom in summer and spring. It is not difficult to get these plants to bloom as they are not very fussy about the environment they are in or the amount of sunlight they receive.

The only thing they are sensitive about is overwatering. As these plants do not like soggy soil, it is important to space watering sessions and has well-draining soil. add a little fertilizer to the soil these plants are in and you will have lovely growth and blooms. 

#14. Hibiscus

The hibiscus is an attractive looking flower that has a number of health benefits associated with it. when planted outdoors these plants bloom through the year. The hibiscus is fond of warm places and hence they need to be kept in warmer places in the house.

These flowers are native to tropical conditions and hence it is important to keep them moist and hydrated. Don’t forget to water them regularly as this will help the plant remain in top shape.

Tip: keep these plants in a smaller pot as they do not like a lot of room around the roots.

#15. Ti leaf

The Ti leaf is a flowering colourful plant that grows well when planted indoors. When given the right care and in optimal conditions, these plants can grow to a moderate size in about a month or two.

These plants not only have lovely red foliage but also scented beautiful flowers. these flowers are also known to be used as a home remedy to cure asthma.

#16. Miniature roses

fast growing indoor plants
Miniature roses

Roses are considered as the perfect flower when it comes to expressing love or planting them in your home garden. These flowers need perfect conditions to grow and bloom. When it comes to miniature roses, they are easier to grow and care for. These plants are low on maintenance and can be cared for easily indoors.

These plants require a lot of humidity and direct sunlight, as opposed to the indirect sunlight requirements of other plants on this list.

Most plant owners start by planting these indoors and as they grow and mature they transfer them either to a larger pot to keep outdoors or directly in the soil. but all said and done these plants grow well in almost all conditions and are not fussy about care.

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To sum it up

There are so many plants out there that can be planted and cared for indoors, this blog gave you an insight into a few fast growing indoor plants or fast growing house plants. The list comprises bot flowering ad well as non-flowering plants along with creepers and climbers. These plants are low on maintenance and at the same time do not need a lot of attention and effort to grow.

All plants mentioned here can be bought at local stores as well as off ECommerce websites. Happy gardening!