Peace lily not flowering (Causes and Fixes)

The long white flower that blooms once a peace lily is mature is what makes it unique. These modified leaves, or “bract,” bloom for about two months before they start to wilt. Without them, this plant is one with average-looking foliage. Hence it is imperative to keep those blooms coming.  This article takes you through details on why your peace lily is not flowering and gives you useful tips on how to fix it. 

Why Peace lily not flowering? The major reasons why the peace lily does not bloom are improper lighting and watering and fertilization. If you are growing a peace lily at home the potting mix needs to be well fertilizer. Though these plants thrive in low light conditions they need a fair amount of light to bloom. When it comes to water, you need to wait till an inch or two pf the medium is dry. That’s when you can water the plant with lukewarm water.

Why are my peace lilies not flowering?

Let me start off by saying that a non-flowering peace lily is very common. As a rule of thumb, these plants are not very predictable when it comes to flowering.

They ideally flower during spring but the. These days there are more predictable variants available in the market. These variants have more of a schedule in terms of the time they take to bloom. 

Hence, the first step when it comes to caring for a peace lily is that it is important to know the type or variant of the plant. This makes working with and caring for them accordingly. 

The noticeable fact about a peace lily is that it will only flower once mature. Most gardeners tend to ignore this fact and worry unnecessarily. None the less if you are a proud owner of a peace lily and worry about it flowering read on.

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Peace lily not flowering

The two main reasons why these plants fail to bloom are insufficient light and too much or too little water. When it comes to peace lilies that are planted indoors under fertilization can also be one of the causes.

Why Peace lily not flowering
Why Peace lily not flowering

In this section, we will go into details about these causes and how you can fix it. 

1. Insufficient sunlight

Most websites and books specify that the peace lily is a low light plant. This being said it is also a tropical plant that lives on the forest floor. The ideal temperature for these plants is 65- and 86-degrees Fahrenheit (18-30 C). In low light areas, they will stay green but will not be able to produce blooms.

Note: Warmer conditions encourage blooming in peace lily

How to fix it

A simple solution to insufficient light is paying attention to the needs of the plant. When it comes to peace lilies they bloom better with a little more sunlight.

What you are looking for is medium to bright indirect sunlight. This helps the plant mature and bloom. 

2. Insufficient moisture

The peace lily is a moisture-loving plant. These plants need to be watered often to make sure they receive all the nutrients required to grow. Hence underwatering the plant can lead to a number of complications. 

First of all, the plant can wilt easily. Secondly, it might live through erratic watering but not have the nutrients enough to bloom.

How to fix it

Having a watering schedule for the plant is the best way to combat underwatering. Check for the moisture in the soil before you water. This can be done manually by sticking your finger in the soil and feeling for moisture.

You can also use more sophisticated devices available for the same. Whatever the case, all you need to do is water the plant when the top inch is dry. This will ensure that the plant has enough moisture.

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3. Fertilization

Fertilization is probably the most important factor when it comes to helping a peace lily flower. These plants require nutrient-rich soil to grow.

When in the wild there are more opportunities for the plant to soak in moisture. This changes when bought indoors. 

When grown in planters the peace lily-like other house plants rely completely on us for Making it difficult for the plant to grow to its full potential.

How to fix it

As the peace lily needs a good dose of nutrients it is imperative that you fertilize the plant often. An all-purpose NPK fertilizer will help this plant a great deal. 

Choose a water-soluble fertilizer as it works well for this plant. You can also use slow-acting fertilizers that are in the form of sticks inserted in the soil. 

Natural fertilizers also work well for these plants. Go in for kitchen compost or store-bought compost for a long term solution. 

Note: Whatever the case you will need to fertilize the plant once every 2 or 3 months.  

4. Temperature

As the peace lily is a tropic plant it thrives in warm conditions. These plants grow in cooler conditions but require warm conditions to flower.

How to fix it

  • When it comes to providing a warm flowering environment for the plant you can either
  • Place the plant in a warm spot where it receives bright indirect light. The plant needs to be placed away from direct sunlight as it damages foliage. 
  • If you live in a place that does not receive enough natural light. Place the plant close to an artificial light source.
  • Mist the plant often to mimic its natural conditions. 

5. Soil quality

As mentioned in the previous section, the peace lily does well in soil that is fertilized well. Taking this a step further, make sure that the soil the plant is potted in is of good quality. Soil of good quality does not mean an expensive potting mix but one that is well balanced. 

For this:

Use a humus rich variant. As we know it the peace lily requires moisture to grow and hence the soil needs to have an agent that holds moisture. Coco peat or moss is a good option. To avoid soggy soil and to make it light add sand. This will aid in drainage and allow the plant to breathe. 

Perfect potting soil for peace lily:

One part hummus to one part coco peat to one part sand to one part potting mix.

Why my Peace lily not flowering
Why my Peace lily not flowering

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In conclusion

Peace lilies are great plants to have as part of your home garden. These plants are evergreen and absolutely beautiful. When it comes to peace lily not flowering all you need to do is pay attention to the amount of water and light this plant receives. It also requires a good amount of fertilization and moisture to bloom.