Peace lily leaves turning yellow (Causes and Fixes)

These beautiful plants are an excellent addition to your home garden. More so not only because Peace lilies are lovely to look at but because they are known to purify the air around them. Though these plants claim to be low on maintenance there are times when you encounter glitches. This article aims at addressing one such setback. Here is all you need to know about peace lily yellow leaves

Why peace lily leaves turning yellow? There are four possible reasons why the leaves of your peace lily are turning yellow. They are sunburn, improper watering, bad quality water, ageing. When it comes to ageing there is little you can do about it, but in terms of the other three there are simple solutions that go a long way.

Peace lily yellow leaves

The peace lily has vibrant dark green foliage. This evergreen plant is placed in most homes on the account of this lovely color. When the color starts to fade it is surely something to worry about. Here are the four primary causes of the leaves discoloring.

Peace lily yellow leaves
Peace lily yellow leaves

Sunburn causing yellow leaves in peace lily

Though the peace lily is a tropic plant it does not require too much sunlight. These plants do well in low light conditions. The only exception is that they find it harder to bloom when in a darker room. Most gardening experts advise that the plant is kept in a spot that receives bright indirect sunlight. 

This is why when the plant is placed in a sunny spot you notice discoloration. It starts with a yellow tint that turns brown over time. If not treated on time the plant can wilt. 

How to fix it:

When it comes to fixing a sunburn situation here is what you can do 

  • Change the location of the plant immediately. This will in no way reverse the effect on the already damaged leaves but will surely protect the others. 
  • Mist the plant often. This works as a cooling agent for the plant. As peace lilies are tropical beauties they do well in a moist environment.
  • Place the plant in a warm spot.
  • If you cannot move the plant you can install curtains or sheets to protect the plant from direct sun rays.

Note: if you live in a non-sunny location and use artificial lights. There is a chance this can cause burns and yellow leaves as well. To protect the plant from this

  • Avoid placing the plant directly under artificial light if that’s something you are using. Artificial gardening lights are installed to mimic the sun. Hence the damage they cause is also of the same intensity.

Improper watering causing yellow leaves in peace lily

Improper watering is the major cause of discoloration in plants. This can go two ways either you over water the plant. In a way that the plant is left in soggy soil, succumb to a root condition and discolor.

Or you underwater the plant and it cannot soak in nutrients from the soil. Either way, improper watering will cause yellowing of the leaves of your peace lily.

Let’s look at both the problem separately and list ways in which you can fix the problem.

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Overwatering the peace lily

The peace lily is a moisture-loving plant but it cannot stand soggy soil. These plants are prone to root rot and other conditions if left in soil that is soggy. 

How to fix it 

  • Have a watering schedule

When you have a watering schedule and stick to it, there are fewer chances of overwatering the plant

  • Water only when the top one inch is dry

This is another way you can be sure that the plant needs to be watered. 

  • Drainage holes at the base of the pot

When you drill drainage holes at the base of the pot the excess water can drain easily. This reduces the chances of the soil getting soggy.

  • Adding a draining agent to your potting mix

Draining agents like sand, pieces of clay pots, pebbles, etc. can be used to make the potting mix lighter and easy draining.

  • Not letting the plant sit in a wet tray

Letting the plant sit in a wet tray is considered as dangerous as overwatering. By doing so the excess water drained from the pot is soaked up by the plant. This causes the roots to rot. The best way is to empty the tray as soon as you finish watering the plant. 

Underwatering a peace lily

Like overwatering, underwatering is also a major concern when it comes to yellow leaves on a peace lily. When the plant is under-watered it cannot absorb the nutrients from the soil. This causes the plant to turn yellow and eventually wilt. 

How to fix it

  • Stick to a watering schedule
  • If you notice cracks in the soil it means you have gone too long without watering the plant. 
  • Water the plant in accordance with the climate. On hotter days/months you will need to water your peace lily more often.
peace lily leaves turning yellow
peace lily leaves turning yellow

Poor water quality causing yellow leaves in peace lily

The leaves of a peace lily can start to turn yellow due to additives in the water. The water quality differs from one start to the other, in some cases, there are more additives.

This causes peace lilies to discolor.

So simply put it might not be the amount of water your plant receives but the quality of the water that might cause the leaves to turn yellow. 

 How to fix it

  • Get the water tested

This will give you a clear idea of the additives present and their concentration. 

  • Mineral overdose

Too much calcium in the water causes discoloration. If this is the case treat the water with a decalcifying solution before watering your peace lily. Same is the case with other minerals. 

  • Harsh chemicals

Chemicals are added to the water to prevent diseases. These in minimal quantities are bearable for plants. But when in excess amounts it can cause discoloration in the leaves of the peace lily and in some cases death. 

When it comes to treating water, the simplest solution is to fill a barrel and let it sit for a day or two before watering the plant. This way most of the chemicals and additives either settle at the bottom or evaporate. 

You could also use distilled, bottled or treated water to water your plant. This will reduce the chances

Yellow leaves in peace lily caused due to aging

All life forms age. The same is the case with peace lilies. When the lower leaves of the plant start to turn yellow they are probably just old. The bottom leaves are generally the first ones to go. 

How to fix it

  • Let nature take its course if the bottom leaves are turning yellow let them fall off naturally. 
  • You can trim the leaves to make them less evident.

Stress causing yellow leaves in peace lily

When a peace lily is repotted the plant takes some time to recover. During this period the plants start to act off. This may sometimes result in yellow leaves

How to fix it 

Let the plant be. Give it time to recover. In a few days, the plant will come back to normal. This is the time for extra love and care. Water the plant well, place it in a warm spot away from direct light and let it be. All will be well soon.

why is my peace lily turning yellow
why is my peace lily turning yellow

Here are the two most common questions on peace lily yellow leaves:

Should I remove yellow leaves from peace lily?

If peace lily leaves turning yellow, the first thing coming to mind is Should I remove yellow leaves from peace lily? This depends on your plant and the overall yellow leaf situation. If the entire peace lily leaf has turned yellow there is no going back from it. in such situations, it is better to remove the leaf or leaves.

This being said as the leaves of this plant are huge, in most cases, you will see that only a portion of the leaf has turned yellow. If this is the case you can carefully trim the leaf along the discolored part. This way you will be able to save most of the leaf.

Will Yellow peace lily leaves turn green again?

Will yellow leaves on peace lily turn green again? If a leaf has already turned yellow, it will not go back to being green again. However, if you notice the discoloration earlier there are chances you can reverse the yellowing. But in most cases, you will need to trim off the yellow bits.

We suggest you look for a more permanent way to deal with the problem. You can always use this article as a reference to deal with the yellow leaves of your peace lily better.

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In Conclusion

Before looking for a solution to treat peace lily yellow leaves, it is important to pay attention to the plant and find the reason. Once you have identified the cause fixing it will be a walk in the park. It is also important to pay attention to a change in temperature, keep the plant away from direct drafts and also fertilize the plant from time to time. This helps better the overall health of the plant. I hope, you got the causes and fixes for why is my peace lily turning yellow?