Why is my peace lily drooping (Causes and Fixes)

When it comes to caring for peace lilies it seems straightforward and simple. There are a few things you need to be careful about like the temperature and the amount of water it requires. The other things fall in place as you go along. But what if the peace lily starts drooping? What needs to be done? And what are the causes? This article aims at answering questions about peace lily drooping and what can be done about it without stressing too much. 

Peace Lily Drooping? A drooping peace lily is a sign of neglect or disease. These plants begin to droop when over or under watered. There is a similar effect when the plant receives too much sunlight, is over-fertilized, or has contracted a disease.

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Why is my peace lily drooping?

Inconsistent watering can be the primary cause of a drooping peace lily. So, If you are wondering why is my peace lily drooping? you can surely start by looking into the watering schedule and the amount of water your plant receives.

Peace lily drooping because of overwatering

The peace lily is a moisture-loving plant but detests soggy soil. this makes it important to pay attention to the amount of water the plant receives.

When you overwater the peace lily the roots of the plant start to rot. This causes the leaves of the plant to droop. This is because of fungal pathogens, like Phytophthora parasitica and Cylindrocladium spathiphyllii, that begin to grow.

Most of the time it is too late to save a plant that has been damaged due to overwatering. Here is something you can do to avoid this situation.

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How to fix it

  • Have a watering schedule. Water the plant only when the top layer of soil is dry. 
  • Water according to weather conditions. The plant will require less watering in winter as compared to summer. 
  • Have drainage holes at the bottom of the pot

Sometimes the roots of the plant rot not because of overwatering but because of lack of drainage. When there are drainage holes at the bottom of the pot the excess water can be drained put easily. 

  • Do not let the pot sit in a wet tray

Like drainage holes are necessary to drain excess water, it is important to empty the tray often. If you let the pot sit in a wet tray the water will just soak back up. This will have a similar effect on the plant. 

If your peace lily plant is already damaged due to overwatering you can:

  • Dig up the plant and look for the extent of the damage. 

You are looking for healthy roots of the plant. If you see parts of the peace lily plant that can be saved 

  • Cut off the damaged portion and repot the peace lily plant
  • Recovery will take a few days but at least you will not have to say goodbye to the plant

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Peace lily drooping because of under watering

Like over watering underwatering the peace lily can also cause drooping. The peace lily is a tropical plant and it needs a bit of moisture to grow.

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Though this plant is forgiving and bounces back from not being watered for a while. If the plant is not watered consistently it will not flower, at the same time you will also see the peace lily drooping and the leaves turning yellow

How to fix it

  • Have a watering schedule

This has been mentioned in the previous section as well but it is important to have a watering schedule for the plant. The topmost layer needs to be dry and not cracked.

Cracked soil is indicative of the fact that you have neglected the plant and need to have a schedule to hydrate. 

If the plant is in an extremely horrid state, you could continue watering it for a few days or repot the plant on moist fertile soil. this may not help to a large extent but you can always try. 

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Why is my peace lily drooping even after watering

If the question of why is my peace lily drooping is something that comes up in your search history, the possible reasons that come up could include, disease, not enough sunlight, or in most cases, not enough water.

But what if you have been religiously watering your plant and looking after it to the best of your ability but have still noticed the plant drooping. Frustrating right?

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The question then arises, why is the peace lily plant you are caring for drooping even after the watering? The answer to this is simpler than you think. The most common mistake peace lily parents do is watering the plant excessively or overwatering.

When there is too much water at one time or when the plant is watered too frequently it in a war drowns the plant. This makes it difficult for the plant to breathe as there are no air pockets in the soil.

How to revive a peace lily that has been overwatered?

As mentioned in the previous section when a plant is overwatered the roots are unable to breathe. This is due to the lack of air pockets. A simple solution to reviving the plant is draining the excess water.

Start by moving the plant either outdoors or over the sink. You can also leave it on a rack-like structure to promote drainage. Leave the plant in this position for a few hours.

By doing this the excess water in the soil will drain out leaving the soil moist. You can hold off watering the plant for a few days until about 1to 2 inches of the soil is dry.

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After this moderate the amount of water used. You can also set a specific watering measure.

Remember to drain the collection tray as it can get reabsorbed causing the same effect as overwatering.

Causes for peace lily drooping

Other than improper watering there are other causes for peace lily drooping. Some of them are insect infestation, temperature fluctuation, low humidity, and improper soil. let’s see how these affect the plant and what can be done about it. 

Peace lily drooping because of insect infestation

The peace lily is a fairly insect-free plant. Not many insects live and feed off the peace lily. If you speak about an insect infestation in a peace lily plant, the insects are mealybugs. These bugs attach themselves to the stems and leaves of a peace lily plant.

These insects consume the sap of the plant, literally, sucking the life out of it. When this happens, the plant starts to dehydrate and droop. If you notice your peace lily drooping, look closely. It might be infested with mealybugs.

The worst part about these bugs is that they live in colonies so u will have to deal with them extensively. 

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How to fix it

Getting rid of mealybugs is not as difficult as it seems:

  • Clean the plant with alcohol 

Cleaning the plant with an alcohol solution helps get rid of bugs. Spray the plant with 70% isopropyl alcohol. This is entirely safe for the plant. All you need to do is empty the solution into a spray bottle and spray the plant generously.

Leave the alcohol on the plant for a day and then wash it off the next day. For this, you can carry the plant to either the bathroom or the sink and water it down. This will get rid of the alcohol and the insects.

  • Another solution is treating the plant with some rubbing alcohol 
  • Dilute solution of dish soap is an additional cost-effective way to get rid of insects 

For this, you will require 1 spoon of dish soap to 1-litre water. Mix it well and spray it over the plant. You can rinse the plant the next day.  

Peace lily drooping because of temperature fluctuation

Peace lilies can be placed indoors as well as outdoors. These plants are tropical plants and flourish in temperatures between 65-75 °F. when the plant is outdoors the temperatures may fall to about 10°F at night. This fluctuation causes the plant to droop.

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How to fix it:

  • Place peace lilies indoors this will help regulate the temperature better. When indoors place the plant in a way that it is away from drafts. 
  • Place the plant close to a heating device. This way you can fire up the device if the temperature drops.
  • Keep the plant away from air conditioners as they tend to dry the air around the plant. The draft can also harm the plant.

Peace lily drooping because of improper soil

The peace lily is not a fussy plant but these plants do not like soggy soil. The soil the peace lily in needs to drain well and should be airy. This way the plant can absorb the required moisture and the excess water can drain out easily.

The quality of soil is important for two reasons it provides the required nutrients to the plant and also prevents root rot.

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If the peace lily is droopy and you cannot see insects on the plant. Bad soil might be the reason:

How to fix it

  • opt for soil that drains well 

be careful not to have soil that drains too quickly as the plant will not have a chance to absorb nutrients. When it comes to peace lily balance is key

  • fertilize often

when plants are indoors, they do not receive the required nutrients and depend on us. This is why feeding the plant from time to time becomes imperative. 

Note: The peace lily does not like Clay soil as it leads to waterlogging and gritty or sandy soil as it drains too quickly. 

Peace lily drooping because of low humidity

The peace lily is a tropic plant and hence they are used to humid conditions. When the air is dry the humidity level also drops and this may cause the plant to droop.

Here is what can be done to fix peace lily leaves drooping because of humidity:

  • mist the plant regularly

misting increases the humidity. Though this is a temporary solution it helps the plant. 

  • a store-bought humidifier is of great help 

these are available around the US and over the internet. These humidifiers regulate humidity. You can set humidity levels depending on the plants you care for.

  • place the plant in a tray with wet pebbles 

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by placing the pot on wet pebbles, you reduce the risk of the water getting soaked back into the pot. It also increases the humidity and the plant benefits from it. 

Peace lily drooping because of disease

Contacting a disease is a major reason for peace lily drooping. During summer the peace lily is generally presented with a disease called Cylindrocladium root rot.

This can cause the leaves of the plant to change color, peace lily leaves drooping is another tell tale sign of this disease. 

To know if your plant has contracted this disease, Check the roots of the plant. If they look wet, moldy, and soggy the plant is suffering from root rot.

How to fix it:

Use fungicide:

in order to reverse peace lily leaves drooping, remove the plant from the pot and empty all the old soil from around the roots. You can remove the parts of the plants that are at their worst. Then spray the roots with a suitable fungicide (These are generally available locally).

You can then proceed to repot the plant

Note: as this disease is caused due to overwatering it will help if you have a watering schedule and stick to it.

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Why are my peace lily leaves drooping?

The peace lily as we know it is not a tropical plant but loves similar growth conditions. If the moisture needs of this plant are not met the leaves start drooping.

So, if you are wondering why the leaves of your peace lily are drooping, it’s probably because you are not watering them enough.

The rule of thumb while watering the peace lily is that you need to wait for the leaves to droop a little before watering the plant.

The peace lily is a forgiving plant and forgetting to water it or missing a few watering sessions. This plants springs back quickly so droopy leaves just mean that you need to water the plant.

This being said if the plant is not watered for an extended period the leaves will start to turn yellow and eventually brown.

Do remember that the plant needs to be watered more often while blooming. Hence a drooping peace lily is a clear indicator that the plant needs to be watered.

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How do you perk up a peace lily?

A droopy peace lily is a common site especially during summers or when you are swamped with work. The trick with these plants is to see that you water them as soon as they start to show signs of sloppy or droopy leaves.

To perk up a peace lily all you need to do is water it. The results are visible almost immediately.

Note: be sure not to overwater the plant, it is also important to start slow and clear the collection tray as soon as you see water collected in it.

Will droopy leaves recover?

As mentioned in the previous section the peace lily plant is extremely forgiving. These plants cannot stand excessive moisture and hence it is better to wait for a considerable amount of time before you water them again.

This uncertainty makes it difficult to keep a track of when the plants need to be watered.

The most common reason among many when it comes to droopy lilies is the lack of moisture. Some home gardeners use this as an indicator to water the plants.

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The results are almost instantaneous and the plant comes back to it glory after watering. Hence if the droopy leaves are because of a lack of moisture it will recover soon.

Things get a little complicated if other factors are responsible for the droopy leaves. If you see other signs refer to the previous section where we speak in detail about droopy peace lily leaves and how to revive them.

Do Peace Lilies like to be misted?

Peace lilies are tolerant plants when it comes to underwatering. These plants cannot stand excess moisture and can die if overwatered. This being said the plants love tropical conditions, they love the moisture in the air.

Hence, these plants love a good misting. You can mist the peace lily a few times a week on cooler days and more frequently when the temperatures are higher.

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Alternating between watering the plant and misting it from time to time is a good way to ensure the great health of peace lily plant.

Why are there holes in my peace lily leaves?

Holes in the leaves of any plant are a gardener’s worst nightmare it may leave you upset, confused, and desperate to help.

The one reason holes start to appear on the leaves of the peace lily plant is the presence of liriomyza melanogaster in the soil. these are nothing but a breed of insects commonly known as the leaf-mining flies.

These flies’ tunnel through the leaves of the plant and cause damage to it. Getting rid of the pest will help stop them from damaging the entire plant. The infected leaves however cannot be fixed.  

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In conclusion

As seen in the article there are a number of reasons for peace lily drooping. Before looking for ways to treat the problem it is important to understand the cause. This not only helps treat the plant better but also saves time and resources.  Don’t be alarmed if you find your peace lily drooping simply pay attention to the plant and the solution will be clear. You can always use this article as a guide.