15 Awesome House plants with red and green leaves (Well Researched)

House plants are known to enhance the beauty of any room no matter where they are placed. Those living in urban areas have a paucity of space and container grown plants have gained immense popularity in recent times. Check out a few house plants with red and green leaves.

What are the plants with red and green leaves? List of red and green leaf plants are, Red Aglaonema, Coleus, Angel Wings, Pencil Cactus, Red – Edge Dracaena, Ti Plant, The Croton, Red Veined Nerve Plant, The Polka Dot Plant, Poinsettia, Flamingo Lily, Red Star Dracaena, Rex Begonia, Heuchera, Japanese Barberry, etc.

Especially with the growing awareness of creating a greener world, adding a pretty house plant to your décor is a new chic way to make a statement. Besides their visual appeal, the beneficial powers of owning a house plant are not a hidden secret either.

The fragrance and the colors that a simple house plant can add to your home are innumerable! Grow yourself an edible plant and stock up on those fresh homegrown nutrients as an additional perk too!

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The conventional perception that leaves are only GREEN in color is no matter of truth.

Plant with red and green leaves

Leaves of a plant can come in many breathtaking varieties and colors however in this article we’re going to talk about house plants with red and green leaves! Check out the list below –

1. Red Aglaonema

This houseplant can grow to a height of approximately 3 to 4 feet tall and its foliage can spread to a diameter of 1 to 2 inches. The Red Aglaonema is one of the easiest to grow in our list of house plants with red and green leaves.

Its colorful leaves are indeed a treat to the eyes thereby gaining its popularity for its beauty.

The plant prefers indirect sunlight and thrives with moderate watering as long as there is no danger of its soil getting water- clogged. It looks best when placed in the living room, on the coffee tables, or in the bedroom.

You can keep Red Aglaonema, a popular indoor plant with red and green leaves.

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2. Coleus

A popular plant with red and green leaves, the Coleus grows to a height of around 1 to 3 feet and spreads about 1 to 2 feet wide. The Coleus can come in many varieties and colors though the most popular variety is the Rainbow Coleus.

It is a no-fuss plant and can thrive in full sunlight as well as in partial shade. It likes well-drained soil which must remain moist at all times. The Coleus is known to be one of the most versatile plants there is.

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3. Angel Wings

The botanical name of Angel wings is Caladium Red Flash and it can grow to the height of 3 to 4 feet tall while it spreads 1 to 2 feet wide.

This variety of house plants with red and green leaves stands out significantly for its large heart-shaped leaves.

They come in the shade of olive green with red veins running across the leaves. There are noticeable pink spots present on the surface of these leaves.

The Angel Wings like full to partial sunlight, with moist and well-drained soil. Be careful not to allow the soil to dry out completely at any point in time.

Angel Wings is another plant with red and green leaves.

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4. Pencil Cactus

The botanical name for the Pencil Cactus is Euphorbia tirucalli. It can grow to a height of up to 4 to 5 feet. Although essentially the foliage is green in color, when the container is small and is provided with full sunlight, the leaves gradually start to turn red in color.

This red pigmentation on the foliage of this beautiful plant appears in order to protect itself from sunburn. The Pencil cacti grow best in dry conditions.

The sap of this plant is toxic in nature therefore, caution has to be exercised.

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5. Red – Edge Dracaena

This is a rather well-known houseplant with red and green leaves! Its other name is the Dracaena Marginata Red – Edge. This plant grows easily to a height of 5 feet and about 2 to 3 feet in diameter.

It has luscious green foliage that sprouts out beautifully from the center like a fountain and the leaves have a red-colored border. When exposed to the sun for long periods of time, the red color starts to become more prominent.

This plant is known for cleaning the surrounding air and has earned its name in NASA’s listing of air-purifying indoor plants.

Red – Edge Dracaena is another useful red and green leaf plant.

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6. Ti Plant

The botanical name of this house plant with red and green leaves is Cordyline fruticosa. It grows to about 3 to 5 feet tall and can spread 2 to 3 feet wide. The leaves of the Ti plant are variegated with colors of reds and pink.

When fully matured, this plant can turn into a dark and rich reddish–burgundy color.

The Ti plant must be kept away from direct sunlight and the water should be provided moderately. This plant wins on account of its visual appeal!

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7. The Croton

Though Crotons come in many varieties and colors, the Mammy plant and the ‘Bush on Fire’ Croton are the ones that display rich hues of red color on their leaves.

The botanical name for Crotons is Codiaeum variegatum and they can grow anywhere between 3 to 5 feet tall with 2 to 3 feet wide.

The Crotons thrive in indirect sunlight and are sensitive to dry soil. These bold plants add a definite character to any room that they are placed in.

Croton is another beautiful red and green leaf plant.

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8. Red Veined Nerve Plant

This house plant with red and green leaves is known for its beauty and lushness. The botanical name of the Res Veined Nerve plant is Fittonia verschaffeltti and it grows to be 4 to 7 inches tall with a spread of about 14 to 20 inches wide.

Its foliage consists of amazing-looking light and dark green leaves with bright and conspicuous red veins running through them. This variety of house plant does not like direct sunlight and grows well in slightly acidic soil.

You can keep this house plant with red leaves.

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9. The Polka Dot Plant

As the name suggests, the Polka Dot plant’s green leaves have a spray of irregular patches of red dots on them.

The botanical name for this house plant with red and green leaves is Hypoestes phyllostachya and it is a short plant that grows only about 1 feet tall and wide.

This plant loves the shade and thrives in the interiors of your home without any fuss. If you want the red color on the leaves to stand out and turn brighter, give your Polka Dot plant a little sunlight once in a while.

You should keep the Polka dot plant in your garden or indoor as it is another indoor plant with red and green leaves.

Red Polka Dot Plant - 3'' from California Tropicals

10. Poinsettia

Popularly used as a Christmas decoration, this houseplant with red and green leaves is known for its bright and festive appearance. Poinsettia’s botanical name is Euphorbia polcherrima and it stands 1 to 2 feet tall and wide. It grows best in warm weather and requires full sunlight.

It thrives best in temperatures ranging between 65 to 75 degrees F.

Poinsettia is gorgeous red indoor plants or red house plants or house plant with red leaves.

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11. Flamingo Lily

Another house plant with red and green leaves, is famous for its beauty and can be regarded as a prized possession in any room ornamentation. It stands out for its heart-shaped red bracts that bloom amongst its green leaves.

These red bracts have a waxy texture and appearance and are always the focal point of this plant.

Its botanical name is Anthurium andraeanum and it can grow up to 1 to 2 feet tall while it spreads to about 1 foot. The Flamingo Lily is sensitive to harsh sunlight and is well known for its air-purifying properties.

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12. Red Star Dracaena

This house plant has rich burgundy red sword-like leaves that grow outwards from one central point. It resembles almost like a palm tree and makes a great indoor plant due to its medium growth rate.

It stands 4 to 6 feet in height and spreads around a diameter of 2 to 3 feet. The Red Star Dracaena loves plenty of sunlight.

You can keep these red indoor plants in your house.

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13. Rex Begonia

This house plant is well known for its deep red-colored foliage with a black border. The leaves of the Rex Begonia’s are fairly large in size. Its botanical name is Red Begonia Red Kiss. It thrives in partial sunlight which also helps in retaining the color of its leaves.

This plant stands 1 foot tall and wide. It loves humidity and the soil most suitable for its growth is organic and well-drained in nature.

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14. Heuchera

The botanical name for this plant is Heuchera Forever Red. This plant grows to a height of 7 to 8 inches and spreads around in a diameter of 10 to 12 inches. It grows with a bunch of disarranged red leaves that have creamy white flowers emerging from pink buds.

This entire array of colors culminates into a breathtaking display. The Heuchera likes its soil to remain moist and is known for its fast-growing quality. The cooler temperatures help to deepen the red color of its foliage so keep it away from direct sunlight.

Heuchera is another house plant with red leaves.

15. Japanese Barberry

This plant has of late been grown extensively indoors because of its tolerance to shade. For the Japanese Barberry to exude its deep red color, it needs to be shown bright sunlight from time to time whether placed on a window sill or the balcony.

The botanical name of this house plant is Berberis thunbergii Red chief. This shrub grows to a height of 3 to 4 feet and spreads around to a diameter of 2 to 3 feet.

All in all this houseplant is pretty easygoing and hence gaining popularity with the new generation of home decor enthusiasts as an indoor plant with red and green leaves.

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The list of plants with red and green leaves can go on and on varying in shape and size! They each come with their own unique characteristics. It is of no surprise that these house plants (red and green leaf plant) are gaining a place in homes around the world for their sheer beauty. A great wonder of nature, to observe the manifolds of variations in the foliage patterns, textures, and leaf designs. It is truly a work of art!

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