How often to water jade plant?

As a garden owner, it can be very difficult sometimes to know when you need to water your plants. This is especially true for succulents, like jade plants, and quite a number of my gardening friends have had head-scratching experiences with watering jade plants. Beset by this same problem myself, I decided to exercise some due diligence and look into the matter in order to help my friends. The following is some of the useful information I found.

As succulents, jade plants hold water in their leaves. This means they remain fairly hydrated and moisturized over long periods of time. Therefore, water your jade plant once every two to three weeks. You must do this irrespective of the material of the pot (clay or plastic).

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This above stated jade plant watering regimen is a general rule. There are however a few mediating factors that will affect the manner in which you should water your jade plants. These mediating factors mostly revolve around the questions of what amount or kind of soil is suited for watering your jade plants?

Does the amount of light jade plants are exposed to affect the degree to which you should water them? Does temperature have a role to play and if so is that role a net positive or negative? And do fertilizers play role in how you should water your jade plants? Here’s what I found!

What Amount Or Kind Of Soil Is Suited For Watering Your Jade Plants?

You might wonder about how much soil or soil type is needed to water your jade plants with the requisite amount of water. Too much or too little and you’ll risk completely destroying the plant.  A good potting mix (the soil) for jade plants is one that allows for the ease of draining of excess water. The following are some of the factors that you need to look out for with regards to well-draining soil mixtures for:

  • Cactus and succulent soils the are best soils for succulent plants. These soils  usually nurture plant species that are within the same plant group as jade plants. As a result, they tend to have intuitive (natural) functions that are attuned to the water needs of jade plants. They generally cater to the amount of water they drain from jade plants in accordance to how much water is still retained by the leaves of the plant. This helps to keep the water retention ratio between leaves and soil in good balance.
  • Jade plants that are potted in well-draining soil need to be replenished with water much quicker than jade plants potted in “heavier soils”. This is mostly due to the  compact nature of heavier soils retaining much higher levels of water that well-draining soil mixtures. This makes heavier soil less suitable for use with jade plants so those who do use heavier soils with their jade plants are advised to use less water when watering their jade plants.
  • If you’re growing your jade plants outside- among ”natural” soil mixtures, watering your jade plants every ten to fourteen day should be okay. Waiting any longer than that could poses a risk of dehydration. A telltale sign of possible dehydration is that the leaves of your jade plant will become thick and wrinkly, which tells you that it’s time to water your jade plants.
  • When deciding to change pots, you must remember that jade plants have a tendency to be strongly bound to their roots. So you should never overpot– use too much soil-when potting your jade plants because it will come back to bite you when you’re attempting to re-pot your plant.
  • Make sure to use drainage holes in the pots that you use.  This will help to drain any excess water still retained in the roots of your potted jade plant, since your soil-even well-draining soil-has very little to no drainage effects. This also helps to prevent the rotting of your jade plants roots due to excess water.

Large Jade Plant, at Least 1/2 inch Thick, Rooted, at Least 12 inches Tall

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Does the amount of light jade plants are exposed to affect the degree to which you should water them?

The simple answer is yes. Light, like water, is a natural implement used to aid the growth of plants. In most cases, the two elements in combination with each other has various determining implications for the growth of plants.

Jade plants, light most succulents, are incredibly resilient and can grow in most conditions. For optimal growth, jade plants require direct sunlight either outdoors or indoors where it should be placed near a south-facing window.

If a jade plant is devoid of the amount of sunlight that it needs to grow optimally it will let you know. It’s stems will become thinner and become susceptible to being broken off easily. In such cases, it may become necessary to abandon the two to three weeks watering regimen and water your jade plant as an emergency measure. However, you should still exercise restraint and water them sparingly.

Large Jade Plant, 1/2 inch Thick, Rooted, 12 inches Tall, NO Pot, NOT The ONE Pictured but it Will Grow That Big!

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Does temperature have a role to play and if so is that role a net positive or negative?

Temperature conditions, like light and water, also has to be taken into account when considering the effects of watering your jade plant.

The amount heat, whether it’s dry or not and the amount of exposure to differing air pressures can determine how often to need to water your jade plants.

Though fairly not fussy regarding which temperature you can expose it too, jade plants tend to have a preference for temperature conditions above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot and dry conditions are bane to even heavier soil mixture’s ability to retain water and the jades plants leaves themselves are not up to the task. In these conditions, watering your jade plant much quicker than the recommended time is acceptable. Or else place your jade plants in cooler conditions since they help to retain moisture.

One last thing to note is that in winter, jade plants rest. In this case you should water even more sparingly than the two to three week regimen since there is very little environmental loss of moisture in winter.

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Do Fertilizers Play A Role In How You Should Water Your Jade Plants?

Fertilizers don’t play a role in how you should water jade plants but they do play a role as to when you should water them.

Generally speaking, it’s okay to use fertilizers while watering them. However, due to them resting in this season, don’t use fertilizer on jade plants during winter. Only use it during summer and spring. Compost mixtures and liquid fertilizers are usually the best for jade plants, which as a succulent requires a fertilizer with less nitrogen then house plant fertilizer.

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Jade plants are not the usually species of plant that most people would think of when it comes to house plants. Green, flowerless and picky with how much water they need, a lot of people tend to steer clear of them as a house plant option.

But those who have an appreciation of jade plants tend to do so deeply with almost unshakable loyalty. Ask them any question about jade plants and they will readily extol all its virtues to you, included but not limited to the fact that it’s unobtrusive, odorless, colorless, and unique. All these qualities make a favorite for those looking for something a bit more unique in their house plants.

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