What is Balcony Garden – Things to consider while setting up a Balcony Garden

Well, there is no easy way to find out the actual meaning of what is a balcony garden. In most layman’s terms, a balcony garden is a space that is created in your balcony to grow plants and flowers.

It does sound a lot easier but it does require an ample amount of your time and dedication to create a beautiful garden on your balcony. But it all depends on you and what type of garden you would want it to look like.

It can be either a complicated one with loads of flowers and plants or just a simple one so that you can manage it very easily as a beginner.

Here are certain things that you need to know about a Balcony Garden.

What is a Balcony Garden?

what is balcony garden
what is balcony garden

A Balcony is an open space in a building or a home where you would generally receive an ample amount of sunlight throughout the year. It is a perfect space if you are looking to start a small garden to make the space look brighter and more colorful. 

Just as we spoke, Balcony Gardens are open spaces where you are laying down pots or hanging baskets and grow certain plants that are easier to take care of and grow to a limited length. You will find a number of such plant species that are perfect for a balcony garden.

People who have already set up a successful garden have been growing vegetables, herbs, vines, flowers, and other plant species.

Things to consider while setting up a Balcony Garden

So, we now know what a balcony garden is. But there are loads of things that you must take into account before you start buying plants and pots to set it up. Here are certain things to consider.

Things to consider while set up a Balcony Garden
what is balcony gardening

1. Space and Area

Well, you must take into account the amount of space that you have on your balcony to start with the garden. If you have your own house, well the area will not be an issue and there is nothing to worry about. But most of the people these days live in an apartment with probably a smaller balcony.

You can easily create a small garden and buy smaller pots for it. Or you can even hang it on the rail. Space does play a good role in setting up a balcony garden since it will help you decide what plants and how you will set everything up.

2. Budget

You may not need a huge sum of money to set a simple garden. But the investment is required. And for that, you need to set a budget in your mind.

Everything needs to be pre-planned to how much you can afford to spend in buying plants, pots, and other equipment to keep the plants and the garden in good shape.

3. Sunny/Windy/Cold

Another important aspect that you need to pay attention to is whether your balcony area is getting ample sunlight or not. Or whether it is very windy or even too cold. All of this is something you need to make sure you are prepared to tackle.

Most likely balconies get a good amount of sunlight and for that similar plants need to be planted. Also, if your balcony may experience too much wind, make sure the plants you choose are according to the resistance as it can blow away the plants or make the soil loose.

4. Giving Proper Care

If you are willing to give your love and care to grow up a garden, then only we would recommend starting with it. Or else it will be a waste of time and money. We have told you that you can set up a small simple garden with the least care.

But that too will need your little attention at least. Plants need good care depending on the type of weather so you may have to give them water in hot weather or give less water during cold winters. 

Furthermore, every person who plants trees on a balcony makes it their hobby to care for all the plants and flowers to prevent them from dying.

Once you start with it, everything may work out perfectly for you and become your hobby as well with time.

5. Choosing Containers or Pots

Another important aspect is by choosing the right containers or pots for your plants. If you are a beginner, you may not be aware that there are multiple kinds of containers that people put in their garden. It is not only limited to glazed pottery or stone made.

Having a small garden may require rather lightweight pots with a smaller area. There are options to get hanging baskets or railing baskets as well that you can simply hang outside of your balconies as an extra space.

Using big pots will allow you to grow better plants such as vines, herbs, etc which grow vertically and taller than smaller plants. Even if you have small space, having two-three of such pots won’t take up a lot of space and rather make it more beautiful.

what is balcony gardening
what is balcony gardening

6. Choosing the right plants

Since you have ticked out all the above conditions, the last thing that you need to do is selecting the right kind of plant species.

For this, you need to know every detail about your balcony. Whether you have sunny/windy or colder weather conditions. In fact, knowing about the water supply can also be a benefit.

If you have a sunny balcony, you may want to go for plants or flowers that are able to withstand extreme sunlight during the day and in summer. Make sure you check out the plants carefully if you have a balcony in an area where there is a possibility of strong winds.

And similarly for cold weather. Getting annual plants that will grow all year long will be the best to manage them since they will need the least maintenance and will be easier to grow.

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Final Words

These are some of the tips that we thought might come in handy while you are setting up your garden balcony. Everything may look like a lot at first, but it is surely worth it. Once everything is set up, you just need to take care of it and water them as per their need. Never overwater the plants since they tend to rot and die.

Furthermore, you can easily create a beautiful balcony garden on your own with very little money. But make sure you have researched everything about the plants you are buying. It will be easier to take care of them and also give them ample water as per their need.