Best tomatoes to grow in pots

Growing tomatoes in your balcony garden aren’t the most difficult job as you would think it to be. In this blog, I am going to explain, what are the best tomatoes to grow in pots?

All you need to do is follow the procedure on how you can plant them in pots or containers. The process is similar to any of the plants you would want to grow.

Apart from this, you have only got to choose the type of Tomato variety which will be perfect for your patio, balcony garden, or simply your lawn. There are multiple such varieties in the market that you can simply get a hold of from your nursery.

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But before going for any such variety you need to know more about each of them. So, we have mentioned a list of the best kinds of tomatoes that are perfect to grow in containers or pots.

Furthermore, a very important factor when it comes to growing tomatoes depends on which Zone you live in. Well, we all know that the US has ten zones based on temperature.

Accordingly, you can choose the type of tomatoes based on the Zone you fall into so that you accidentally do not spoil the plants in any manner.

Let us get on with every info you would need before setting up your garden with tomatoes. Now. let us see what are the best tomatoes to grow in pots?

What are the best Tomatoes to grow in a pot?

Well, to start with we have picked out about eight such Tomato varieties that grow best in containers or pots. It will be perfect for your garden and would bear healthy fruits in the end.

What are the best Tomatoes to grow in a pot
Best tomatoes to grow in pots

Below are the top 10 best Tomatoes to grow in a pot.

1. Patio Princess

Patio Princess as the name itself speaks is on the most preferred Tomato variety that is grown in your Patio, balcony garden, or simply for any gardening area, you might have. These are relatively smaller plants that you can grow in large pots or containers.

It is known to be growing only about 2 feet tall that bears about 3-4 oz of tomatoes. Based on how small they are, the tomatoes are one of the best most popular small container tomatoes sold in the United States

Similar to any other Tomato variety you need to keep it under full sunlight for the day and keep the soil moist as much as you can.

Apart from this, you need to watch out for the pests as this plant may be a little too vulnerable to pests.

best tomatoes for containers
best tomatoes for containers

2. Marglobe

Marglobe plants are best grown indoors and they need a long season to bear good results. It will be better to get the seedling than going for the seeds since they take a lot of time to grow otherwise.

The soil needs to be rich in nutrients and well-drained so that the plants get a higher yield the entire season. 

As we already know that tomatoes require good sunlight and so does this. Make sure to give them heavy fertilizer at least twice a month so that the growth is good.

Furthermore, this plant can grow about 6 feet tall if taken good care of. You should be aware of the fact that this is an Heirloom plant that has a part of Native American culture for very long.

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3. Bushsteak

Bushsteak is a perfect plant that can be grown in a container. Make sure to choose a large pot or a container so that they get enough space to grow.

This tomato variety turns out to be rather heavy and juicy once they are perfectly harvested.

If you are using a container you may have to keep the water in check since they dry out pretty quickly as opposed to in a pot.

Try to water the plant in the day so that the sun dries them out by the evening and there isn’t any standing water in the soil.

4. Baxter’s Bush Cherry

Baxter Bush Cherry has a remarkable tolerance for extreme weather and thus if you live in a place with extremes of temperature, you can simply order this from your nursery.

There are no issues with any cracking while they grow. Moreover, the plant is all set to grow as tall as 4 feet to the most making it perfect for gardening.

Simply plant it in the spring season and give it full sunlight for healthy growth. Likewise, any tomato plant needs good water but keeps the soil moist and not overwater.

Even if you are in the US Zones where there are extremes of temperature, this could be a great plant to start your garden with.

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5. Tumbler

Tumbler tomato plant is a cherry category plant very popular in the pan-America, is smaller in size, and can be grown perfectly well in pots, containers, and even hanging baskets.

The end product isn’t too large but rather bite-sized tomatoes that are very sweet to eat and juicy too.

Furthermore, they are very to grow and take care of since they need very low maintenance.

You can choose to fertilize them say twice or month or per 15 days to keep them growing especially during the season. Do not water them a lot, medium watering would do the job just fine.

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6. Sunrise Sauce

The name may sound a little weird to you but they are one of the best US grown cooking tomatoes in the market. Well, it is also known to be the paste category with the reason being they can yield a large number of fruits in one go which is perfect to make sauce or paste.

Yet they are small in size and need big pots to grow so that you can easily take care of it once they yield a lot of tomatoes. Instead of eating them raw, the best taste will come when cooked.

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7. Glacier

Well, here we have another from the paste category that yields a large number of tomatoes in a single harvesting season. They are known to be one of the best favored in the market and are used to create a sauce or paste in large quantities.

They are capable of tolerating harsh seasons and they also come in bright red color adding color to the sauce too. Glacier Tomato can grow at a max height of 4 feet which is great on average.

8. Galahad

Well, Galahad is an exceptional level plant that has high yielding properties but also the tomatoes grow in huge sizes. They are bright red in color and have an amazing taste altogether. Also, the plant-like everyone speaks off is exceptional in taste as well.

Moreover, it has been observed that they are disease resistant and you will experience hardly any pests or diseases on them. During the initial phase do not water too much, just enough as soon as it dries off.

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Furthermore, this plant has been seen most grown in areas ranging from the Midwest US to the Deep South.

9. Micro-Tom Tomato

Micro-Tom is known to be the shortest Tomato plant that can be grown very easily in pots and containers. It had been developed by the University of Florida to introduce the ultimate potted vegetable plants for gardening.

A lot of households have this plant in their balcony garden as they do not take up much space and are easy to take care of.

In fact, the maximum size that the plant grows up into is only about 6-8 inches. Such a plant can easily be grown in a small or medium-size pot as well unlike what we have seen in other varieties of plants.

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It adds up to a beautiful view when grown in a hanging basket from your balcony. The bright red tomatoes look beautiful that weigh up to only 1 oz and are bite-size only.

A lot of people do use it for cooking or simply for salads as a while or decoration purpose with any kind of food.

Furthermore, they are very cheap and you can buy them from your nursery and online as well. 

10. Tasmanian Chocolate

Tasmanian Chocolate is an excellent breed of plant that yields strongly and has short yet sturdy vines. It is a great plant to be grown in pots or containers since they reach a maximum height of 3 feet.

Moreover, the tomatoes are quite juicy and bright red in color with a weight of about 5-12 ounces. Flavors are excellent and perfect for cooking.

These are a hybrid new class of dwarf plant that has been grown with a cross between New Big Dwarf and Paul Robeson. The main goal for creating this breed was to introduce a compact plant that can produce superb flavor.

Here, we know the 10 best tomatoes to grow in pots.

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How Big Should a Container be for Tomatoes?

best tomatoes for containers
best tomatoes for containers

You may have gone through the varieties by now hopefully. If these look fine to you and hoping to get some for your balcony garden, simply reach out to your nursery or there are options to buy online as well.

After you have selected, one of the most important aspects of growing tomatoes in your balcony garden is that you need proper-sized containers or pots. You should know that any medium-sized or small-sized pots may never work out for the best.

Tomatoes need a good amount of space and so they must be grown in relatively larger containers so that the roots can spread out and have space to yield large numbers.

Most likely you will need at least 1 square foot container or 2 square foot may be the perfect one if you have enough space on your balcony.

Furthermore, it is observed that the five-gallon buckets are the best one to go for if you need proper measurements and the perfect size for any kind of tomato variety.

No matter how small or large yield they have to make sure you do not compromise on the size of the container.

tomato plants in pots
tomato plants in pots

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Do Tomatoes grow better in pots or in the Ground?

The basic fact based on this scenario is that all that matter is having good soil as the base in which the plants will grow.

Tomatoes need well-drained soil that is rich in nutrients and also are fertile enough to give the plant a good start all through the season. Now the real question arrives whether you should go for pots or the ground.

Taking care of plants in a pot is a lot easier especially if you are new to this and also the plants get better attention all through the season. Like we said, having good potting soil is the key here for having good growth.

If the soil isn’t strong enough the plant will not grow as desired. Furthermore, pots or containers require a lot of water as compared to planting on the ground.

Next up, if you have a good backyard or a garden with a good soil bed, there is no better place to plant the tomatoes.

However, you may need to make sure of a lot of things here. With larger areas, you may have to take care of it a lot more than what you would have done in pots.

Furthermore, it takes an immense amount of energy when you have to get the roosts out from the soil once the season ends. In fact, some investment will be required from your end to mulch the soil so that they are protected.

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The conclusion to this question would be that it is a lot easier and better to grow in pots with perfect potting soil than in the ground.

Once you have set up and learned about growing plants enough you can maybe move to the ground and set up everything.

Can you Grow Tomatoes in 5 Gallon Buckets?

Yes, it is indeed the best and also the most convenient way to grow tomatoes in your balcony garden. You will be surprised to know that this bucket has enough space to grow six plants with a 10-foot space in your balcony. 

Furthermore, make sure to have good drainage holes in the bucket so that the excess water can seep through easily and does not damage the plant whatsoever.

The main reason a lot of people tend to go for a five-gallon bucket is that they can yield a lot of tomatoes in one go. Moreover, the actual fact is that you can easily grow a number of plants with a safe distance.

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Can tomato plants get too much sun?

We all are aware that Tomato plants need a lot of sunlight to get the maximum yield. However, there isn’t anything like getting too much sun for the Tomato plant.

If at all you possibly live in a way too hot zones in America then the only concern here would be that the soil may dry out faster than usual and need water a lot more than normal.

Otherwise, a good amount of sunlight is ideal for most of the variety of Tomato plants.

Furthermore, to tackle the issue of evaporation, you can simply add a layer of good mulch over the soil to prevent this situation.

Also, with proper irrigation, you may not have to worry of them too much sunlight since the water needed for the plant will be provided or simply set up a drip irrigation facility.

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Are used coffee grounds good for Tomato Plants?

You must be aware that Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and not every plant can benefit from it. If you do not do proper research and simply add it over the soil it may completely destroy your plant and there is no turning back. So, here is what you should know about Coffee grounds and tomato plants.

Coffee Grounds are known to be very beneficial for Tomato plants. As we said they are rich in nitrogen and act as a natural fertilizer to the roots.

They can help the roots to be healthy and grow in the best manner. Also, these are of great aid in the development of plant tissue and the production of chlorophyll.

Furthermore, coffee grounds act as a simple natural organic matter with no chemicals whatsoever and you can use it appropriately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the signs of over watering tomato plants?

Every plant does need water to survive. Some may need more while some may thrive in very little water.

However, in no condition can over-watering the plant be good be it any plant or how hot the weather be. Some of the earlier signs of too much water include yellow leaves, cracked fruits, etc. In fact, there are chances that your roots may rot off if not take care of properly.

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To ensure that the plants are not overwatered, make sure there are proper drainage holes in the pot or the containers. Also, water the plants in the morning so that excess water cna simply evaporate leaving the soil moist just as we need.

2. How often do you put Epsom salt on tomatoes?

You may not be aware but adding Epsom salt to Tomatoes can be very beneficial for it in the long run. Don’t be mistaken that this is some kind of salt you put or sprinkle on your food.

This is just a compound named Magnesium Sulfate. To add magnesium to your plants, this acts as a natural organics matter and covers up the deficiency of the nutrient.

You can add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt in 1 gallon of water and provide them to the plants in your pot. Similar to what we have advised on adding fertilizer i.e. about twice every month. The same goes for this mixture as well. Do not do this every day you would not want to destroy your plant. Rather once a month is good too.

3. Can tomatoes grow in indirect sunlight?

A lot of people may not live in areas or gardening zones that have good amounts of sunlight all year long. Well, in such a case there are certain varieties that you can choose to grow in around 4 hours of sunlight every day or less. It is a common myth that Cherry Tomatoes cannot grow in low light. It is tried and tested and they have the capacity to grow in less light the entire day and still bear good fruit.

On the other hand, you can also try out the Tiny Tim tomato which is also great for growing in low light with about 4 or fewer hours of sunlight.

But having no sunlight will not allow the plants to grow at all and bear no result whatsoever. So, never be in any misconception about this fact.

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4. How long does it take for a tomato plant to bear fruit?

Well, if you are new to this, everything can be a little too overwhelming for you. But you need not worry since growing tomatoes can take some time than usual.

Once you have planted them in the soil with ample water, light, and nutrients, it can take up to about 6-10 weeks at the most before you can actually get the fruits from it. Some varieties take less time, while some may take a lot more time than anticipated.

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Final Thoughts

Here you have everything you need to know about the different varieties of plants that you can grow in your pots or even containers on your balcony garden. Some yield a number of tomatoes with big juicy yields.

While some have rather smaller yields and are a good fit in your garden with little space. Anyways you can simply reach out to your nursery and have a lot more information based on your area to see what will be better to grow.

We have only mentioned the ten best options that are easily available and popular too in the US. But there are a lot more than just these and you can explore them out as well.

Other than this, if you are unable to understand which one to go for you can let us know in the comment section below where you are from, and will surely help you out based on that.

Furthermore, we would recommend you always buy large pots for your tomatoes since there is no alternative to this. It will be beneficial for you during harvesting and also while repotting.

As you know they need space to grow and they cannot grow well with other plants as well. I hope this helps you to learn what are the best tomatoes to grow in pots.