Top 15 Vegetables to Grow in October

The weather in the USA is different in all the zones. And in October it tends to fluctuate and differ in different regions. However, it is usually beautiful with a warm temperature and there are few rain showers here and there. This is usually the time of fall in winters. During this time the summer is leaving and winters are approaching. Some parts of America get cooler than the otters depending upon the location. The fall season is the beginning of winters. Let us check out the list of vegetables to grow in October.

vegetables to grow in october
vegetables to grow in october

The kinds of vegetables that are mostly planted & grown in October are the ones that have the capacity to bear with the winter weather and hence are usually hardy. Such plants have to be selected for growth that can survive the winter frosts. However, you can protect them from frosts by taking a few measures.

If you plant your vegetables in October you are getting the advantage to get your harvest early in the spring season. And soon you can get ready for another planting cycle of late springs. So let’s see some of the vegetables that can be grown during October.

I have categorized the vegetables in the form of Roots, Leaves, and Other varieties. So let us go through the list of vegetables to grow in October.

Vegetables to grow in October

During this time if you plant your vegetables it is unlikely to harvest them before early spring. Many plant’s growths tend to get dormant in the winter season. You can sow your seeds in October when it is fall and the weather is a little mild that is not too hot and not too cold.

Later let your plants grow for the entire winter season and then harvest them during spring. Here is the list of vegetables you can grow in October.

Root vegetables to plant & grow in October

Now, let us see the list of root vegetables to grow in October.

1# Garlic

Garlic is one of the types that are best suited to be grown in the fall season. It takes a long growing season for garlic and October is the best time to plant your garlic seedling. If you plant garlic in October you can harvest it till summer season. It is a great vegetable to grow is by adding garlic the taste of the dish is enhanced.

There are many garlic lovers out there and if you are one too the best time for planting the seeds will be from 15th October or anytime before the frost covers the ground. 

It is a root plant and it can survive the cool weather because it is grown under soil. There are many varieties of garlic and some of the good ones are Wright Cristo and Elephant. So garlic is a great option and you should try it out for sure. You can cover your root plants with some mulch so as to help to protect and save them from the worst frost that can happen.

2# Onion

vegetables to grow in october California
vegetables to grow in october California – Onion plant

Another vegetable that is best to be grown in October is onions. They have a long growing time and therefore if you plant them in October while it is the fall season, you can harvest them by the next summer season.

As they are root vegetables they do well underground in winters and also are hardy and hence suited for winters. Onions are good products and one of the favorite vegetables of people.

It gives a great flavor to every dish you are preparing. You can bake them, fry them, or even use them for salads. When you are getting ready to plant more vegetables in spring take care of where you had planted them since they are roots and must be underground so make sure that you don’t spoil the crop.

3# Shallots

Shallots are another root vegetable that is very good to grow in October. They are different from onions as they have a sweet flavor with a little hint of garlic flavor in it too.

It is a trendy variety of root vegetables and is being widely consumed. They are also very good to add to your food and they are great to grow. If you grow them in October you will get the harvest starting from spring. 

4# Spring onion

Among the root vegetables, spring onion is an amazing crop to grow. They are good to grow in October and can be harvested in early spring as they are a very fast-growing variety of root vegetables. Their green and roots are both edible and have a great flavor.

Spring onions add freshness to the dish and are very popular and common. You can use them in salads or you can use it as a side vegetable in your dish and any other way you wish. 

5# Carrots

Carrots are of many types but if you choose to grow baby carrots in October you can get your harvest very early on in spring. They have a sweet flavor and are very good for salads. You can pick the best variety for you. Carrots are root vegetables and are hardy so they survive the winter weather easily under the soil and since they are fast-growing you can get a good harvest early on.

6# Turnip

vegetables plants to grow in october
vegetables plants to grow in october

Turnips are a variety of root plants and can be grown in fall hence October is suitable to grow them. They grow very fast. They are hardy and can be good in the winter season. Turnips are found in many varieties like the purple head turnips which get purple due to the exposure to the sun. It can be grown for both its leaves as well as its roots. 

The bulbous roots have a sweeter flavor but then it depends on the kind of turnip you are growing. They are cool weather crops and can grow quickly so if you sow the seeds in October they will germinate in a few days and then you would be able to see their leafy greens in a month or so and in the next month their bulbous roots will be ready to be harvested.

You can consume both the roots and the leaves.

7# Beets

A very good winter crop full of nutrients is the beet and they are also root plants. They are usually reddish-pink in color and can be grown in October. In Fact, that would be the best time to grow them because they do well in cool temperatures.

They are grown in 2 cycles both in the winters and summers. The beets that are grown in the fall tend to have a stronger color than in the summer season. 

If you are sowing seeds in fall you can get your harvest-ready in the early spring season. While growing these root vegetables that are generally bulbous and bulky make sure that you are giving them proper space in the ground to grow.

If you sow seeds close to each other they will not be able to grow to their full potential due to the lack of space availability. So sow them at least an inch deep in the ground and 3 inches apart for best results and enjoy an early harvest in the spring season.

Leafy vegetables to grow in October + Planting

Now, let us check out the leafy vegetables to grow in October.

8# Spinach

An excellent crop to grow in October is spinach. If you plant them in the fall they will provide you with tender spinach leaves all winter long and not just that, when the frost melts in the early spring season and the sunlight hours get longer they will continue to grow and at much more speed than before and you can harvest its long leafy greens till summers.

They are full of nutrients and are amazing to consume as they can be cooked as vegetables and also a great option for salads. Not only do they give you a lot of harvests but also for a long time.

9# Kale

vegetables plants to grow in october kale
vegetables plants to grow in October kale

A great crop for growing in the fall season is kale. It belongs to the cabbage family and has long leaves that are edible. If you plant the kale seeds in fall they will germinate in the beginning and then when winter comes they will just sit in during winters and when spring comes they will get ready to be harvested.

They are rich in nutrients and can be used in salads and vegetables and also provide you with an early harvest.

10# Lettuce

Lettuce is a good option to grow in October when the winter is arriving. They come in many size shapes and colors. When you plant them for winters the best way to grow them is to keep them in a greenhouse, hoop house, or in cold frames to help it grow better in winters.

On the arrival of spring when frosts melt off and the weather gets warmer they grow massively providing you with early spring harvest. They have great nutritious value and you can choose to grow the variety that will be best suited for your area and preference.

11# Mache

This is a not so popular vegetable but it is very good for growing in the loves a cold temperature in fact it grows better in a cool climate. It can do good even without good sunlight. Mache is also known as corn salad. For good germination, it requires a temperature of 65 degrees and that will be great if you plant them in October.

12# Broad Beans

They are another great option to plant in October. If you sow the seeds of broad beans in October that is autumn, you can harvest them till spring season. They don’t take a lot of time to grow. They can survive the winter conditions and will give you an early spring harvest.

They are rich in nutrients and you can consume them by baking or grilling them a little with some butter and even you can use them in salads.

13# Asparagus

Asparagus needs a little patience on your side to grow well. You can create an asparagus bed in your garden. It takes about 2 years for them to be able to be harvested. However, once you succeed to create the asparagus bed they can continue to grow for about  25 years.

So yes the growth time is a little more in the beginning but then you can continue to reap them for such a long time. Choose the best variety of asparagus according to your area and your preference.

14# Winter salads

You can grow salads in winters by sowing them in the fall seasons and harvesting an early spring crop. You can use the salad type that can be cut and also come again after it. Not only will they provide you with tender leaves throughout the winter season but also some of them will shoot up their growth exponentially as winter arrives. To protect them from winter chills you can cover them and let them grow throughout.

There are many varieties of salads and you can use them in salads and vegetables and enjoy the nutritious homegrown winter salads.

Other vegetables to plant in October

15# Peas

Peas are hardy crops and perfect to grow in winters. If you grow them in October you can get an early harvest from the rest of the people in early summers. They can survive the winter season and early in the spring season, you can harvest peas. There are many good varieties such as Pea Meteor and they can be consumed in so many ways.

What vegetables can I plant in October in California?

The weather in California during October is pleasant and warm during the day and nights get a little cooler as the winter season is approaching. In such a type of weather, you can prepare your garden bed to plant a vegetable that can give you a good harvest by the spring season.

It includes the roots as well as the leafy vegetables. Some of them are roots like onions, beets, carrots, garlic, potatoes, shallots, and leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, winter salads, kale, bok choy, and also peas. 

They will germinate in some time in October and as the winter approaches, they will start growing tender leaves. You can consume those tender leaves in the winter season itself. however, they will continue to grow for the next month and by spring you can get a thriving harvest.

Can you start a garden in the fall?

Yes for sure you can always start a garden at any point in time if you choose the right kind of plants to grow according to the temperature and climatic requirements.

So yes you can start a garden in the fall season as well. Some summer growing varieties of vegetables may tend to die if you decide to plant them in a fall season since winter conditions may not be good for them.

However there are many types of plants and vegetables that can be grown in winter conditions and in fact, some vegetables grow the best in winters, all you need is pick up the right one suitable for the weather condition. 

It also depends upon the area and location you are in. However, some of the vegetables that will be fine to start your garden in fall are onions, garlic, carrots, beets, radish, spring onions, peas, spinach, lettuce, and winter salads. 

The criteria behind choosing the vegetable type are also that hardy vegetables grow best in winters as they can survive the cold temperature. Fall gardens can give you a thriving crop in the spring season as you can harvest all the above-mentioned crops ranging from early to late spring. So choose the right type of plant to grow for your fall garden.

Final Thoughts

October is a great time of the year to grow vegetables. But not all vegetables do well in the fall season. October is the time of fall in America. However different zones of the country witness different types of temperature and climatic conditions.

Some zones of the country get a warm temperature with little showers of rain whereas some zones have a cooler temperature. 

There are some vegetables that when planted in the fall season survive the winter chilly temperature and then are ready to be harvested till spring season early or late. Even though many vegetables don’t do well when planted in autumn since they are summer plants there are vegetables that do good in both summer and winter cycles.

Make sure to choose the right kind of vegetables to grow in the fall that will give a thriving crop. Root vegetables like onions, garlic, spring onions, beets, turnips, carrots, and leafy vegetables like spinach, winter salads, lettuce, kale, broad beans, etc. 

Make sure to choose the right kind of vegetable to grow. To protect them from the worst of winter frost you can use mulch or even greenhouse, hoop house, or cold frames.

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Follow the instructions of growing these plants for the best results. Take care of the soil requirements, water requirements, fertilizers like organic compost since most of these vegetable plants are heavy feeders, use good nontoxic pest control products and take care of your plants till spring comes, the frosts start to melt and the weather gets a little warmer and you can harvest your thriving crop not just for your own consumption but also hopefully to leave some up to your neighbor’s door. Here we checked the list of Vegetables to grow in October.