Best 20 Beautiful Small Balcony Gardens that you can start today

The concept of balcony gardening is one of the latest and trending ideas for beautifying your home. If you have an artistic green thumb, then creating an aspiring and victorious balcony garden might be an activity you will immensely enjoy.

Beautiful Small Balcony Gardens
Balcony garden day time photo

Balconies are usually compact and thus require careful pre-planning. However, it’s not that challenging once you get the underlying sense of it with the motivation to go on.

We have compiled a list of several inspiring and creative ideas for beautiful small balcony gardens that you can easily partake in.

Beautiful Small Balcony Gardens

Check out below 20 best beautiful small balcony gardens.

1- Plants Around the Railings

Balcony gardens allow you to be as creative as you want. For instance, you can use the balcony railings to hang flowers and lightweight plant plots around them or, you can wrap the plants along the railings using threads to fix them in place.

There is no need to restrict your imagination with just flowers and pots. The options are as wide as the open sky when it comes to styling your railing. You can tie up small gardening decoration pieces from the railing to give your small balcony an ardent style.

2- Partnered Planting

This is one innovative idea that works splendidly in a balcony garden. Partnered planting gives you the advantage of laying flowers and vegetables in the same bed.

They look wonderful together while saving a ton of space at the same time. By doing this, you can also boost the yields and keep the plants nourished and happy by attracting pollinators.

If you are looking for examples of what you can grow side by side in the same bed, here are a few ideal duos for beautiful small balcony gardens: roses and garlic, cleome and lettuce, marigold and melons, and dwarf zinnias and cauliflower.

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3- Outdoor Furniture

Creating a private nook with a cozy chair and table is a must for an attractive balcony garden. It is not an easy task to incorporate them in such a small space. However, there are other ways to combine the nook in a balcony without affecting the small space. 

For instance, installing a wall chair in the balcony with a small table takes a minimal place to adjust. To mash it well with the balcony garden, you can surround them with flower pots and greeneries. If the chair comes with a top headboard, you can place or attach some plants there as well.

4- Trained Plants

There are several trees and shrubs you can train to grow against a wall. These are also known as the ‘espalier plants.’ When you are gardening on a balcony, you need to combine artistry with gardening in equal measures. And what could be better than indulging in a pattern play?

You can design your plants in any pattern you like on the wall. It will save space and give you the chance to plant your favorite trees and shrubs that could not be possible otherwise in a balcony garden. The best choices for espaliers include pear trees, plum, juniper, and quince.

Espalier Plants for Beautiful Small Balcony Gardens
Green vine plants on a brown brick wall

5- Artificial Grass

For creating an oomph effect in the small balcony gardens, you can break the stereotype of growing grass in only yards, and lay artificial grass in the balcony. It will instantly brighten up the area and do wonders for your apartment, giving it an original yet classy look. 

You can set up a beautiful decor with the green grass background and integrate as many colors as you can to make it feel more outdoorsy and natural.

6- Raised Beds

You can create amazing raised beds using repurposed wooden crates. You can check out the nearest automotive or lawn shops to find the one suitable for your balcony garden. Once you have the crates, you can modify their looks by repainting and designing them to your liking.

The raised beds create space for other accessories, and the height will allow you to care for your plants much more comfortably. The overall look of modified crates will also give your balcony garden an updated and modern style. 

7- Light Up

Adding some roof lights or table lamps is also a great way to change your balcony garden’s view. In the daytime, the lights will serve as decoration pieces, so make sure to get some pretty ones. And in the nighttime, you can use them to illuminate your balcony garden.

Also, lighting up the balcony garden will allow you to enjoy some peaceful reading time at night in your private, cozy nook.

8- Hook the Pots

When you are gardening on your balcony, nothing is off-limits! Not even the roof. You can make great use of the balcony roof by attaching some hooks and carefully hanging colorful flower pots. It  accentuates the overall look of the balcony and save some space for other creative activities.

Also, it gives you an additional bonus of securing discretion for your private space. If you hang the pots directly above the balcony railings, it will automatically create a privacy screen from the outside world. 

9- Door Shoe Garden

Another creative way of adding some zest into your garden is to hang an old door shoe organizer on the balcony railing or wall. You can fill the compartments with dirt and soil to plant small vines and plants into them.

It will give your small balcony garden a traditional stance while boosting up its look. The door shoe organizer has several pockets so you can incorporate a lot of radiant variety into them.

10- Green Ladder

You can use a folding ladder to save space by embracing many pots and plants on it. Besides flowers and simple plants, you can also grow vegetables by placing vegetable beds onto some of the ladder steps.

To spice up the look of your balcony garden, you should paint the ladder with lively colors. You can also hang some small decorative accessories onto the ladder to give it a funky style.

11- Colanders Garden

You can be creative with the pots and containers when it comes to balcony gardening. An excellent idea for mingling a touch of ardor in the balcony is to attach colorful colanders and plant some alluring spring flowers. 

You can hang the colanders from the wall or make room for them on the floor. Either way, they will provide the balcony gardens some much-needed artistry.

12- Ceiling and Walls

The balcony ceiling and walls play a considerable part in brightening up small balcony gardens. Repainting them is a great idea if you want to play with the color scheme of your garden. 

No matter which color you decide on, you can decorate the rest of the balcony accordingly. However, it is better to use different shades for the ceiling and walls while making sure both colors praise each other well.

13- Hanging Balcony Garden

Hanging balcony gardens look fantastic, and they don’t take much of your time or space in the balcony. You simply need to fix some hooks to the roof of the balcony, and then you can thread small pots and containers with them to hang beautifully.

Use different colored threads and pots to add some life to the garden. Make sure you arrange the hooks with some distance apart, making a stylish pattern that looks nice from the inside and the outside.

Hanging Balcony Garden
Flower pots hanging from the roof

14- Cozy Table Decor

A better part of balcony gardening is spent on decorating it skillfully. It’s the small details that give life to your garden and furnish it with personality. You can create an amazing cozy table for your small balcony gardens using a few aesthetic decoration pieces.

For instance, you can add micro plant pots to the table with some books on the side. Adding a small lamp is also an excellent idea as it will help you light up your balcony garden even at night time. You can also incorporate personal touches like placing a laptop, sunglasses, and sunscreen on the table.

15- Cushions and Covers

If you have a chair or sofa on the balcony garden, it is essential to decorate it with delightful covers and cushions. Plan something that goes well with your sitting arrangement and the rest of the decor of the garden. 

Adding the cushions and covers is not just for decoration and flaunting, as you will also utilize them when you use your chair to enjoy some peaceful time.

16- Aromatic Flowers

There is nothing better than a beautiful, sweet-scented garden. For some people, a garden is never complete until it has aromatic flowers to perfume the surroundings. Adding these flowers can alleviate your nerves and add to the beauty of the garden simultaneously.

If you are looking for the best aromatic flowers, there are many stunning choices, like lavender, rose, jasmine, lilac, geranium, hyacinth, and magnolia. These lovely flowers will add another level of enjoyment to your balcony garden.

17- Gardening Equipment

Make the gardening equipment a part of your balcony garden. Instead of storing them in a closet, try integrating the equipment in the balcony garden by styling them appropriately. 

The gardening equipment will look like a part of your balcony garden and save you time because you wouldn’t have to retrieve them from elsewhere while tending to your garden.

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18- Serene Blue

You can also create a serene blue-themed balcony garden. Blue compliments well with almost all colors, so no matter which color plants and flowers you choose to add in the garden, blue will always combine with the scenery. 

There are several blue shades, so don’t stick to one color, as it will make your balcony garden look insipid.  For example, you can add a cozy navy blue chair with an aquatic blue cushion on it. Then, you can select a different shade of blue to paint your walls with.

You can also update your flooring with peel-and-stick blue-colored tiles if you leave your walls a shade of white. It will draw attention to the balcony while giving it an extra dose of tranquility.

Blue Serene in Balcony Gardens
Blue sofa and cushions with brown wooden table

19- Shelf Garden

You can attach shelves on a balcony wall and fill it with several pots, flowers, garden decorative, or anything you like. It will save space and look beautiful at the same time.

To add some zeal and personality to the shelves, you can paint each of the shelves with a different color.

20- Rock, Wood, and Water

Incorporating the three natural substances of rock, wood, and water with the greenery provides a peaceful aura to the balcony garden. They balance harmony as we add different colors to the garden in the form of flowers, plants, and decoration pieces. 

A dark wood bench or a small wood box-fountain is easy to integrate into the balcony as they take very little space and blend thrivingly with everything else. There are a few other ideas for bringing an element of nature in the balcony gardens, such as fixing a small wood wall clock on the wall or placing rock pebbles in the plant pots.

Every garden has its own set of accessories, furniture, and plants that differentiate it from others. By taking advantage of these 20 creative and inspiring ideas for beautiful small balcony gardens, you can create a unique space. 

Once you understand the mix and match of everything in your balcony, you can add your special touches to the garden, giving it a personified look. Putting it all together will give you the perfect spot at home to relax and display your love of gardening.

These are 20 beautiful small balcony gardens.

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Enjoy gardening and enjoy these 20 inspiring and creative ideas for beautiful small balcony gardens.