How to grow a salad garden in a container (8 easy steps)

Have you been dreaming of growing a salad garden on your balcony? It doesn’t matter whether you have a small space, you can easily grow a garden with all the essential herbs and vegetables. Learn how to build and grow salad garden on your balcony.

You actually do not need a large space to grow some vegetables and herbs but a small space with few containers will be enough. Being a beginner it can be a little difficult to understand which plants can grow the best in the limited conditions. So we have listed down certain things that you can tick off while growing a salad garden on your balcony.

Well, there are some specific things that you would need to consider that include the type of plants to grow, containers, watering, soil, pots, etc. Once you have selected and set up everything you are good to go.

Here is how you can build and grow Salad Garden in your balcony.

How to build and grow Salad Garden on your Balcony

build a salad garden
salad garden

We will be following the ten most important steps to how you can build and grow the salad garden easily. As we know there are certain essentials that we will need. Here we will be taking down steps one by one and setting up everything to grow the salad in the garden balcony.

Step 1: Pick a Pot or Container

Well, you do need an entire balcony to grow your salads. In fact, a small planter or around the big pot will be enough to grow it all. You can buy a rectangular wooden box that is easily available for the purpose or simply small pots for each plant that you will be growing.

Many gardeners can also try to make one wooden box themselves and make sure that they have holes at the bottom so that the water can drain through when needed.

We would recommend that you buy a big enough container since you will be plating varieties of such plants. Any small pot would not work out overall.

build a salad garden
build a salad garden

Step 2: Lay down the Bed or Soil

Once you have the container in the balcony garden, the next step that you can go for is laying the perfect soil bed. It can be a little tricky on how to get the perfect soil mixture.

We would recommend that you can either prepare your own mixture by adding natural fertilizer to it and also other organic material to make it fit for healthy plant growth.

Step 3: Choose the Right Location

So once you are ready with your container and the soil, make sure you have the pot or the container in the right location in your balcony garden. It does matter on the location as well. Many of you skip out this important aspect while planting a salad garden.

So, all green vegetables or simply salad plants do not need direct sunlight. So, you will have to keep it in partial sunlight. Furthermore, cool weather or even the spring season is perfect for salad greens.

Step 4: Choose the Right Plants to Grow

So, this step is rather very important especially when you are a beginner and have no clue about what a salad garden should be like.

Don’t worry, we have listed some plants at the end of this post that you can consider growing in the containers or in the pots separately. Some of them that you can grow are mentioned below.

You can start with some leafy plants such as Lettuce, Spinach, tatsoi, small tomatoes, carrots, green onions, radish, bok choy, and others,

Also, you can go for some healthy herbs as well that you put in your food on a daily basis such as mint, chives, cilantro, etc. We will be listing down how you can take care of each of these plants so that you do not have to look anywhere else.

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Step 5: Planting

Next up, we will now be looking forward to planting the seed or the roots in the soil. Now, you need to take care that you carefully plant them at a safe distance so that they can grow evenly and properly. If you have taken up a container well it may not fit in more than 8-10 plants.

Else, using the small pots can be tedious tasks but you can grow a lot of such veggies or salad plants super easily. It is also necessary that you put a tag inside each of the plants so that you remember which is what while plucking them.

Step 6. Watering

Most of the plants that you will be planting do not need water every single day. All you need to keep in mind is to keep them moist and for that as soon as they dry up, you need to water them.

So, keep checking on them regularly and you will have a good healthy set of plants in your balcony garden.

If you have planned them during the rainy season make sure to move the pots or the container away since you would not want to overwater them.

To prevent too much water in the soil to absorb, you can put a cover over the container before putting on the soil.

Step 7: Harvesting

After we have done all that is needed to build and grow a salad garden on your balcony, it is time to harvest the green plants. Yes, make sure you have a scissor with you so that you can cut out the green leaves or the veggies fit to be eaten after they have grown well.

Once you cut them out they will get enough space to grow some more from the same cutout spots. This process is necessary at the proper intervals so that the plants get ample time to regrow.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you wash the leaves or veggies very carefully underwater since they might be covered with soil.

You can even consume them on the same day for a fresh garden planted salad. Also, to prevent excess moisture you can wipe it off with tissues and serve fresh.

Step 8: Adding Fertilizers

Salad gardens and the plants have a particular season that they can last with no added manure or compost to grow. When their season ends to grow i.e. the frost or the winter season you can now add a good amount of fertilizers or organic matter to it in proper proportion.

If you are having a container you can simply use a small tool to mix it up the soil so that each of them gets the organics evenly.

While using the pots, it becomes a lot easier to put the fertilizers as the plants get enough room to grow on their own. Make sure you do not put too much into it. No matter what too much of anything can ruin the plants.

How to Build and Grow a Salad Garden on Your Balcony
how to grow a salad garden in a container

Best Plants for a Salad Garden

Like we had promised, we will be discussing some of the plants that you can grow in your balcony garden. All the people who already have a salad garden mostly go for growing leafy green since they are easier to handle and take care of.

Let us see some of the Best Plants for a Salad Garden.

1. Loose-Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce is probably the most common kind of salad plant that you would want to start with. There are wide varieties of lettuce but you should go for the one with loose leaves as they are easier to grow and also eat.

Once the harvest season comes you can simply cut the leaves and wash them off. The other leaves inside will still continue to grow.

best salad greens to grow Lettuce
how to grow a salad garden

2. Spinach

Another popular leafy veggie that is super easy to grow and also take care of. Spinach has a great taste in a salad and can be grown all year long. They are fond of good sunlight and not too much heat.

So make sure during the summer season, you keep in partial shade and during winter in complete sunlight. You get a good amount of vitamins and iron from this plant.

how to grow salad leaves
how to grow an indoor salad garden

3. Arugula

This particular green plant has a spicy taste that adds a tangy flavor to the salad. You can mix it well with the above green and some other garnish to it for a spectacular taste.

This too is a cool weather plant that grows within 20 days and takes about 40 days to have fully grown leaves. You can start cutting the leaves within the initial days since they do not respond to heat so well.

growing a salad garden arugula
best way to grow salad garden

4. Cabbage

If you wish to have that crunchy taste to your salad, well go for Cabbage. There are mainly two varieties that you can choose from. Either you can go for the green or the red cabbage leaves.

Both of them have the necessary nutrients and add good taste to your bowl of salad.

growing salad greens in pots
best way to grow salad garden at home

5. Tatsoi

Tatsoi is an Asian plant that is grown very easily in a lot of household balcony gardens. You can eat it fresh, stir-fry it or even steam it for a spectacular taste.

These leaves or plants require partial sunlight for over 3-5 hours the entire day similar to other greens we have mentioned above. Furthermore, the small leaves act as a great substitute for spinach during warm weather.

growing a salad garden
growing salad greens in containers

6. Mibuna

If you enjoy a little peppery taste in your salads, you will love Mibuna leaves. It is also very easy to grow and requires very little care. This too is an Asian plant that is mainly found in Japanese cuisine. Similar to Tatsoi, you can stir-fry, steam, eat fresh, and even use it on top of a Pizza.

Make sure you give it a good amount of water and that it does not run dry. During Harvest, make sure to pluck the leaves rather than cutting them.

Growing Salad Greens on the Balcony
growing salad greens indoors

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So, here we are with the perfect guide that you can use to build and grow a salad garden on your balcony. There are some precautionary measures that you would be required to take and follow so that you can eat a healthy salad.

We recommend you keep the plants well-watered and since you are preparing everything from scratch, just be careful with everything. Plants are a little too delicate and it’s a proven fact that they too need your proper care.

There are so many varieties of plants you can grow for your salad. We have only mentioned a few and all are leafy ones. But if you want, you can grow radish, small tomatoes, carrots, and some such small veggies that you could add to your salad.

In fact, make a list of ingredients that you eat in a salad and you can plant them accordingly as well. It will help you save time and also make it easier for you as well.

Since you are a beginner, you can stick to the list of veggies we have chosen since they are super easy to grow and need the least care. Just build everything properly and water them as needed.

Everything will work out well. I hope it helps to build and grow salad garden on your balcony. If at all you need some help, let us know in the comment sections below.