Repotting Jade Plant – Complete Guide

Jade plants are a common houseplant as they tend to be pretty resilient and easy to care for, but at some point, you will need to repot your plant to keep it healthy and to grow. This can be a challenging task with some plants, but not necessarily a Jade plant. So, how do you repot a Jade plant?

How to repot jade plant? To repot your Jade plant, you need a new pot with plenty of draining holes, a good and damp aerated, and well-draining soil mix. Fill the pot with the damp soil halfway, carefully take the plant out of the old pot, and put the plant in the new one. Cover the roots with soil and water it.

How can you prepare your Jade plant for repotting? When should you repot a Jade plant? What is suitable soil to use for this plant? How should you look after a Jade plant that has been repotted? Let us find out.

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How To Repot A Jade Plant

When it comes time for you to repot your Jade plant, you want to make sure you do it correctly, so the plant establishes itself well and remains healthy after the task. Let us look at how to repot a Jade plant correctly.

  • Select a heavy ceramic or clay pot that has plenty of draining holes in the bottom
  • Prepare a well-draining and loose soil mix; there is a recipe for one later in this article
  • Dampen the potting mix
  • Place the potting mix into the pot so that the plant’s root ball will sit 1 or 2 inches under the rim of the pot
  • Gently slide the Jade plant out of its old pot
  • Examine the plant’s roots to ensure they are healthy
  • Trim any diseased, damaged, or dead roots with sterilized scissors
  • Carefully place the plant into the center of the new pot and cover the roots with more damp soil mix
  • Water the plant to help the new soil settle

How To Prepare Jade Plants For Repotting

Before you undertake the task of repotting your Jade plant, you need to prepare the plant and ensure that it is healthy and that it will be easy to transplant. You need to start preparing your Jade plant at least 14 days before the repotting process begins.

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You need to time your repotting with your Jade plants watering schedule as you need the soil to be on the drier side as this will make the repotting easier. Ensure that you water your Jade plant 14 days before you want to repot it.

This will help make sure that your plant is healthy and strong enough to survive the transplanting. Then about two days before you repot your Jade plant, you should gently start to loosen the root ball from the soil slightly as this will make it less of a struggle later.

Make sure you do not loosen it so much that the plant cannot stand on its own, as this may impact the plant’s health.

When You Should Repot A Jade Plant

There will come a point in your Jade plant’s life when it needs to be repotted. The reasons your plant may need to get repotted are varied, but they do include that the Jade plant may be getting too big for its current pot, which could lead to the plant being root-bound and having difficulty growing, affecting the health of the plant.

Generally, with how fast a Jade plant grows and how big of a pot your plan is in, you will need to repot it after two to three years.

Another reason could be that your Jade plant is suffering from root rot, which is a severe disease and means your plant needs to be repotted as fast as you can to try and save it.

Sometimes a repotting is needed if the plant has pests that are attacking it. You do need to treat your plant first with a pesticide before you repot it, but this can help control the pest situation with certain types of pests.

You need to consider the seasons when repotting your Jade plant, as some are better than others. The best seasons to repot your Jade plant in are spring, summer, and a small section early into the fall.

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What Soil Mix To Use When Repotting

Jade plants are a type of succulents, meaning that they require soil that is well-draining and does not retain lots of moisture as the plant likes being dry.

The soil needs to be aerated because the Jade plant roots like to have a good amount of oxygen in the soil, allowing the roots to breathe.

You need the water to flow freely when you water your Jade plant so that the roots do not stay wet, as this will cause root rot.

So, to give your Jade plant the right soil for it to thrive in, you can either go and buy a pre-mixed succulent soil mix, or you can mix your own at home.

Here is a mix it yourself soil mix that you can use for your Jade plant:

  • Pebbles. Place these at the bottom of your plant pot in a layer
  • Charcoal. This helps improve drainage, and it also absorbs any odors and impurities from the soil, helping to keep the plant healthy
  • Some Succulent mix. This will ensure your plant gets all the minerals and nutrients it needs to survive and helps the drainage
  • Pumice. Only add in one handful; this will help aerate the soil
  • Worm compost or regular compost. To help provide natural nourishment to your plant

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Caring For Jade Plants After Repotting

To help your Jade plant establish itself in its new pot and soil, you need to give it a bit of aftercare to support it through and ensure your plant’s health. Depending on the age of your plant, you may need to adjust the time you care for it after you have repotted it.

If your Jade plant is young or quite old, you should use all the recommended days of aftercare to help your plant recover from the traumatic event of being transplanted.

If your jade plant is middle-aged, then you can lessen the aftercare days if you need to, as the plant is in good condition and is healthy.

To ensure that your plant establishes well after being repotted, you need to let your Jade plant settle into its new soil for at least seven days and let the soil dry out from its initial first watering, which should only take about three to four days as you should not have watered the plant too much.

Then water your Jade plant again, using the same amount of water from the initial watering. During this aftercare time, make sure that you keep your plant in a location where it will receive a good amount of natural light.

Repotting Jade Plant
Repotting Jade Plant

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Repotting your Jade plant will be something that you will need to do at least two or three times in the plant’s life. There are reasons why you may need to repot your plant, but if you keep your plant healthy and happy, you will eliminate most of these reasons. Good luck repotting your Jade plant!