How to propagate peace lily (Helpful Tips)

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Peace lily plants are easy to propagate not only by gardening veterans but also novices. All you need is a healthy mature plant and, you are good to go. This article will take you through details of how to propagate peace lily.

When it comes to the propagation of peace lily plants, the procedure is fairly simple and straight forward. All you need to do is find a mother plant* and use divided sections to grow your own saplings. 

*here a mother plant is nothing but a healthy mature peace lily plant.

There are often questions asked about the number of plants that you can obtain from a single mother plant. 

How many times can you propagate the same mother plant?

Before knowing more details on how to propagate a peace lily, let us see first understand how many times can we propagate peace lily plants. If you are wondering about the number of plants that can be grown from a single mother plant, the answer is simple – about two to five per mother plant.

More specifically, you can grow as many plants as the number of crowns the mother plant has and its size.

propagate peace lily
propagate peace lily

What are crowns in a peace lily and how to look for them?

Crowns in a peace lily plant are divisions of the plant from the root up. What you are looking for are semi plant formations within the main plant itself. These are not clearly visible on the surface due to all the foliage and hence, it is important to dig up the plant to not only get a clear view but also to work with them.

Note: This is a messy process; you are bound to spill potting mix on the counter or wherever you are planning to unpot the plant. It is therefore important to cover your countertop before you begin. 

Here is how you can identify crowns:

  • Unpot the plant as mentioned in the previous section
  • Once you unpot the plant, dust off the excess potting mix from the roots (this needs to be done carefully as applying too much pressure will damage the roots)
  • After that’s done you will be able to identify individual sections of the plant that look like semi plants.
  • These sections are crowns and they can be used to propagate the plant.

How to propagate a peace lily using crowns?

The sections or crowns once identified can be easily used to propagate peace lily. All you need to do is separate them and you are all set. Here is how

  • Cut of the sections using a sharp knife or gardening scissors.

Please note: if you are planning to use scissors or other equipment it is important to sterilize it before use. 

Alternatively, as the stem of this plant is not very tough you could also break off the section using your hands.

  • The sections are connected at the roots as well, so once you have cut off or torn off sections you will need to separate them from the roots as well.

While doing so you need to be careful not to damage other roots.

  • Separate all sections of the plant or as many as you would like to plant.
  • Lay down the sections in a container. This is when you can prepare for the next step in the process which is planting individual sections.

Planting propagated peace lily section

Unlike other plants, when it comes to planting separated peace lily sections it comes with roots. This makes it easier to plant and look after the newly planted saplings.

  • Invest in a good quality potting mix

For this, all you need to do is invest in a potting mix of good quality. The plant is already capable of absorbing nutrients from the soil, unlike other plants that do not have roots at the beginning of the propagation process.

When you plant these saplings in a good quality potting mix, they can sustain themselves better and also grow faster.

  • Look for a medium-sized pot

The peace lily plant grows fast and requires room for the roots to grow healthy and well. For this reason, it is important to have a pot that is a little bigger than the plant itself.

Note: oversized pots are of no use as you will waste a lot of potting mixe trying to fill up the pot.

  • Water the plant regularly

The peace lily is a low maintenance plant and requires moderate watering. This being said it is important to water the plant well so that the new plant anchors itself in the pot and at the same time dilutes the nutrients in the soil enough for the plant to absorb. 

So, propagating a peace lily is simple. All you need is a little patience and a good mother plant. 

In the next section, we will look at common questions about how to propagate peace lily.

Can you propagate peace lily from a leaf cutting?

Can you propagate peace lily from a leaf cutting? No, unlike other plants you cannot use the leaves of the peace lily for propagation.

Can you propagate peace lily from stem cuttings?

Like leaf cuttings, the stem cutting of the peace lily plant cannot be used for propagation. It can only be done using sections of a mother plant. So we can not propagate peace lily from stem cuttings.

When to divide peace lily? Or Best time to propagate peace lily?

When to divide peace lily? If you are looking for a single word answer for this one there is none. The perfect time for the division of peace lily plants depends on a number of factors.

  • Propagate in spring

These plants love the freshness in the air in spring. There are also a number of other factors at play when it comes to planting the peace lily in spring. This is the reason most gardeners especially those that have their peace lily outdoors prefer to propagate them in spring.

  • Any season is a good season for indoor plants.

Considering the fact that these plants like the sun and the freshness that comes with spring, if you are planning to have the plant indoor the entire year, any season is a good season to propagate.

For indoor plants, there are a number of options when it comes to regulating the temperature and also providing the right amount of light. 

  • Propagating the plant when they are too big for the pot

Another reason to propagate a peace lily plant is that the plant is a little too big for the pot. When a plant outgrows the pot it is planted in, it cannot absorb the nutrients required. This is evident when the leaves of your plant start to droop or you see roots of the plants sticking out of the top or the bottom of the pot.

All these are indicative of the fact that you need to either increase the size of the pot or divide the plant into two or three plants.

The peace lily can also be propagated using seeds the next section goes into details about the process.

How to propagate peace lily
How to propagate peace lily

How to propagate peace lily from seed

Another way to propagate the peace lily is from its seeds. The seeds of this plant are available online and also across stores in the US. You can also harvest seeds from your own peace lily plant.

The only drawback when it comes to propagating peace lily by seeds is that takes a long time for these plants to flower as compared to the ones propagated by pups.

How to collect seeds from the peace lily plant?

The seeds of the peace lily plant grow inside the white flower or leaf extension. These are yellow when mature and easily identifiable. Collecting the seeds is simple but time-consuming.

All you need to do is either pinch out the seeds individually by hand or tweezers and collect them in a tissue.

Once collected wash them well. You can either dry them and store the seeds in an airtight container to use later or start the germination process right away.

Germinating peace lily seeds

The germination process can be completed indoors at any time of the year. All you require is a germinating tray and potting mix of good quality and light. You will also need to water the seeds well.

Step-1: Collect the peace lily seeds

Step-2: Wash them well

Step-3: Set up the germination tray by filling it up with a good quality potting mix

Step-4: Sow the seeds

Step-5: Water them regularly and provide enough light – you can either place the tray close to a window or place it under artificial lighting.

Step-6: Once the seeds sprout let them grow to about 5 to 6 inches before transferring them into individual containers.

How to propagate peace lily in water?

The peace lily is a versatile plant and can grow well in water as well as soil. In most cases when you purchase this plant at stores you will find it in water instead of soil.

In order to propagate the plant in water follow the pup collection procedure in the previous section and then place it in a container with water. The plant need not be submerged underwater. all you need are the roots to be underwater.

The only disadvantage when it comes to growing and propagating the peace lily in water is that it does get the required nutrients as compared to when its planted in the soil.

This is why most gardeners advise adding water-soluble fertilizers and organic additives to increase the nutritive value of the water these plants are in.

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In conclusion

We have in this article looked at the various methods on how to propagate peace lily. Whatever the method this plant requires a lot of love and care along with enough light and water. Carefully, we need to handle the peace lily propagation.