Peace lily flower turning green (Causes and Fixes)

What stands out about the peace lily is the eloquent flower that it produces. These white flowers are absolutely gorgeous. But what if your peace lily flower starts turning green? This article will dabble into details about the peace when it comes to dealing with the Peace lily flower turning green.

What causes peace lily flowers to turn green? The flowers of a peace lily turn green naturally when they are older. They also start off green when they are newly formed and then take on a white hue. Other reasons for the flowers of a peace lily to turn green are due to over-fertilization and overexposure to sunlight.

Peace lily flower turning green

Now, let us try to understand, What causes peace lily flowers to turn green? or Why do peace lily blooms turn green?

Before going into details about certain issues of the plant, it is important to understand how the plant naturally functions. This will avoid the stress associated with not knowing what to expect. 

What is the natural blooming process of a peace lily?

Peace Lily Flower Turning Green
Peace Lily Flower Turning Green

Most variants of the peace lily bloom in both spring as well as fall. As the flowers begin to appear, they start off as green and then take on the infamous white color. You can say that as the plant ages it turns white as compared to when it is little.

As the flower grows old and starts to wilt it starts to turn green then yellow-brown, before finally shriveling.

This is a natural process. If you are looking for a clean look for your peace lily. you can snip off flowers just before they wilt. This way the plant will look well kept.

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Does over-fertilization cause peace lily flowers to turn green?

When looking after peace lilies it is advisable that you fertilize the plant often. But did you know that too much fertilizer can cause the flowers of the peace lily to turn green? 

The University of Vermont conducted a study in the same regard and noted that too much fertilizer can cause the flowers of a peace lily to bloom green.

Once this happens the damage is almost permanent as reducing the amount of fertilizer you add will not change the color back to white. but doing so will ensure that future blooms are white. 

How to fix it

  • Fertilize the plant only a couple of times a year.
  • Pay attention to the growth pattern and fertilize only during the active growth period i.e. When the plant is repotted or is in the blooming phase.
  • Follow the instructions on the label. If the new blooms are still green reduce the quantity by half. 

Note: Fertilize the plant only when required and use water soluble variants. You can also check for plant specific fertilizers or start with a small quantity and then increase it gradually if required.

Does too much sunlight cause peace lily flowers to turn green?

It is a known fact that the peace lily can tolerate low lit areas. These plants also flower when under bright indirect sunlight. But did you know that too much sunlight can cause the blooms of a peace lily to turn green?

Did you know that the flowers of a peace lily plant are actually modified leaves???

Now go back a few years and try to recollect a science lecture that spoke about the sun and photosynthesis.

When the peace lily receives too much sunlight the green pigments in the flowers show through. Giving it a green tint.

How to fix it

Move the plant to a location where it receives bright indirect sunlight. This will reduce the chances of photosynthesis.

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Why is my peace lily not white?

If the question why is my peace lily, not white keeps you up at night. We have an answer for you. 

There are two major reasons why the flowers of a peace lily are not white

  • Over fertilized
  • Too much sunlight 

Both these issues can be easily identified and rectified. All you need to do is pay attention to your plant its requirements and treat it accordingly.

Another reason which we tend to overlook at times is:

  • The flower is too young and in the development phase 
  • The flower is old and has lived its bloom period 

These reasons are purely biological and note the normal growth process of the plant and the bloom. You need not worry about these as a new flower will start to bloom as the one on the plant starts to wilt.

Should you cut off Green Peace lily flowers?

There are often question asked if you should cut off green peace lily flowers off. This is a tricky question as it is first important to understand the reason for the blooms of the plant turning green. 

But considering that the flower has bloomed for a while and it has naturally started to lose color and is now turning green and droop. This means that the plant has lived its life and served its purpose. These flowers can be clipped off. Here is how it can be done:

  • Disinfect a pair of sharp scissors 
  • Identify the base of the stalk on which the flower rests 

When it comes to the stalks of peace lilies. Once it has grown a flower the stalk will not bear another. Making it useless. The stalk will turn brown once the flower wilts. 

  • Cut the stalk carefully as close to the bottom as possible. This will make room for a new stalk. 

Note: Pruning of a peace lily needs to be done as close to the base as possible.

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What causes peace lily flowers to turn green

In conclusion

The peace lily is an incredible plant and lovely to have in your home garden. The beautiful white flower is the highlight of the plant and when that starts to turn green it surely gets you worried. This article looked into peace lily flowers turning green. If you notice your blooms turning green pay attention to the light source and the number of fertilizers you are adding.

This will reduce anxiety. You can always come back to this article for tips on how to manage peace lily flower turning green. I hope you got, What causes peace lily flowers to turn green? or Why does my peace lily flower turn green?