Peace lily brown tips

Peace lilies are known for their beautiful green leaves and the towering white flower. These plants are low on maintenance and fairly forgiving. In the process of caring for these plants, you may notice brown tips. This brings about a lot of confusion and speculations about the cause and what needs to be done. This article is a step-to-step guide on the causes of peace lily brown tips and simple solutions. 

Why does my peace lily have brown leaves? Brown tips on a peace lily are generally indicative of improper care. The most common reasons for peace lily brown tips are too much sunlight, over or under watering, improper fertilization. In most cases, you can avoid browning by paying attention to the specific needs of your plant. 

Why does my peace lily have brown leaves?

When it comes to caring for plants a little setback could mean a lot. When it comes to peace lilies brown tips is one such setback. Here are some of the reasons for peace lily brown tips.

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Too much sunlight causing brown leaves in peace lily

Peace lilies like bright indirect sunlight. These plants develop yellow to brown leaves when exposed to direct sunlight hits the plant. The same is the case with artificial lighting, prolonged direct exposure can cause burns. 

How to fix it

If you notice that the leaves of your peace lily are turning brown due to overexposure to sunlight here is what you can do 

  • Move the plant away from the spot

Changing the location of the plan will solve most of the problems. These plants can be placed about 2 to 5 feet away from windows. Relocate the plant in a way that it receives bright indirect light.

  • Cover the light source

It may so happen sometimes, that the plant cannot be moved to another location. If this is the case it would be wise to cover up the window. You can either use blinds or curtains. All you need to do is block off the direct rays. 

  • Be mindful

All this means that you need to know which window in your house or which spot on your balcony receives the most sunlight. This can be done by observing for a day or two.

When you have a fair idea of the spot, place the plant accordingly. Pay close attention to mid-day sun as well as this is the harshest.

Peace lily brown tips
peace lily brown leaves

Improper watering causing brown leaves in peace lily

Improper watering is a cause of brown leaves in almost all house plants. When the plant receives too much or too little water it cannot function normally. This is why the leaves start to turn yellow and brown.

Overwatering causing peace lily brown leaves

Peace lilies are moisture-loving plants. This being said these plants do not like to be left in soggy soil. When this happens the leaves of the plant start to turn yellow and over time brown. 

How to fix it

  • Have a watering schedule

When it comes to watering a peace lily it is important to have a watering schedule and stick to it. This way you will know when the plant needs to be watered. This can be done by checking the soil for moisture content before you water.

This can be done by sticking your finger in the soil. If the first inch or so of soil is moist you can hold off watering for a day or two. 

  • Proper Drainage is key

Not only can you overwater the plant by pouring in water. But also, the water accumulated in the pot or soil. For this, all you need to do is drill a few drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. This way there is an outlet for excess water.

  • Invest in well-draining potting mix

When it comes to potting mixed the peace lily is not very fussy. But it always helps to have one that drains well. This will reduce the chances of locked-in moisture.

For this, all you need to do is add a draining agent like sand in the mix. This will make the mixed light and help water run through easily. 

  • Don’t let the pot sit in a wet tray

This is a common mistake most gardeners make. They let the plant sit in a wet tray for way too long. This is harmful because the water gets soaked right up. an easy solution is to empty the tray as soon as you finish watering.

Underwatering causing peace lily brown leaves

Underwatering a peace lily can be as harmful as overwatering. This can cause a deficiency of minerals and other nutrients required for the plant to grow. 

How to fix it:

  • Set a watering schedule

As mentioned in the previous section, setting a watering schedule is beneficial for the plant in a number of ways. 

Bad quality water causing brown leaves in peace lily

In this context, bad quality is one that is not suitable for the plant. There are areas that receive hard water or you can have additives or minerals in the water. This causes a build-up over time causing discoloration in the leaves of the peace lily.

How to fix it

  • Get the water tested

If you have tried everything but the plant is still developing brown spots it can be because of a mineral build-up. To be sure it is better to get the water tested. This can be done at home by using a self-testing kit. You can also send samples to the nearest testing office. 

  • Let the water sit overnight before watering

In most cases when the water is left standing overnight most of the additives either settle or evaporate. This makes the water a lot safer. 

Overfertilization causing brown leaves in peace lily

It is advisable to fertilize the peace lily often but too much fertilizer can cause brown leaves in peace lily.

How to fix it

  • Follow the instruction on the fertilizer box
  • Use water-soluble fertilizers 
  • Always dilute fertilizers before use

Note: You cannot reverse peace lily brown tips all you can do is 

  • Identify the cause and work to better the overall health of your plant
  • Prune the plant in a way that you cut back the damaged part of the leaves
  • If the damage is too severe repot the plant

Why are the tips of my peace lily leaves turning brown?

If you are haunted by the question, why are the tips of my peace lily leaves turning brown here is a short answer. This is probably because the plant is stressed from improper care.

When the leaves of a peace lily turn brown it is indicative of the fact that it is overexposed to sunlight or light in any form. These plants grow well in bright indirect light.

Hence, when left just under a light source, it tends to burn. This is when the brown spots become visible.

Another reason why the leaves of a peace lily turn brown is improper watering. Like most plant under or over watering them causes wilting. In the case of a peace lily, the tips of the leaves will start to turn yellow and eventually brown.

Thought it is advised that this plant be fertilized regularly, overfertilization can cause browning in leaves. This is because the leaves burn due to an overdose of fertilizer.

Additionally, you may notice discoloration in the leaves of a peace lily if the water is hard or has added minerals and chemicals. This causes a buildup in the leaves causing them to darken.

If you notice these changes you can help your plant using the methods mentioned in this article. 

How do you fix brown tips on peace lily?

 Here is all you need to know about how do you fix brown tips on peace lily.

First of all, once you have brown tips visible on leave you cannot reverse it. all you can do is follow steps to ensure the other leave do not follow suit.

If your leaves are turning brown

  • Identify the cause – this is the first step to take when trying to help an ailing plant. 
  • Prune the plant – as the damage is irreversible all you can do is prune the plant in a way that you cut off the damaged portion of the leaves.
  • Follow a watering routine and see that the plant is fed well.
  • Pay attention to the amount of sunlight the plant receives. If it’s too much the leaves will turn brown.

Should I cut the brown tips off my peace lily?

If you are wondering Should I cut the brown tips off my peace lily? The answer is yes

When the leaves of the peace lily start to turn brown there is no turning back. These leaves will not go back to their original color. The best part though is that the leaves of this plant are huge and you can cut back only damaged parts of the leaves. This way you do not need to cut the entire leaf.

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In conclusion

When it comes to looking after your peace lily all you need to do is pay attention to its needs. This being said it is perfectly normal to have brown tips. All you need to do is identify the cause and apply the simple solutions mentioned in this article.  Hope this article answered all your questions related to peace lily brown tips.