How Long Does It Take for a Strawberry Plant to Produce Fruit

how long do strawberries take to grow after flowering

Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to grow. They are ideal for beginners and worth growing as homegrown strawberries taste so much better than those sold at grocery stores. There’s nothing like a delicious plate of homegrown strawberries at the end of a long day! The amount of time that it will take for … Read more >>

Why is my air plant turning red + How to care for air plants

care for air plants

Have you ever wondered if the plants growing on your neighbor’s fridge in a tiny magnetic pot is artificial or live? Or have you on your way around the block notice plants that are growing literally out of nowhere? There are high chances that the plants in question here are Air Plants – that like … Read more >>

Square Foot Gardening Potatoes

Square foot gardening for Potatoes

Potatoes are essential for everyone since they are so conveniently baked, boiled, roasted, pretty much anything, and hence being the most comfort food of all. They fall in the category of root vegetables, i.e., they grow under the ground and are swollen underground stems and tubers that are edible and are full of starch. Let … Read more >>

20 worst indoor plants for allergies (Not for everyone)

Worst Indoor Plants For Allergies

Researchers around the world have proven that the term ‘allergies are caused by elements or pollutants that are found in the outdoors’ is nothing but a misnomer. Here, we will check the 20 worst indoor plants for allergies. On a general note, most humans tend to spend more time inside their homes than outside, and … Read more >>

Split leaf philodendron pruning (Helpful Guide)

Split leaf philodendron pruning

Split leaf philodendron is one of the most popular plants for indoors. In this post, we will see how to care split leaf philodendron, one of the best house plants. After caring for split leaf philodendron, are you thinking about pruning split leaf philodendron? We will also check here how to prune a split leaf … Read more >>

What Is Commercial Gardening? + 10 Steps to Start a Commercial Garden

What Is Commercial Gardening

Whether you plan on becoming a full-time gardener or even if you’re doing it to get a secondary stream of income – starting your own commercial garden can be a great way of earning money from your passion. Excited to know more about commercial gardening? In this article, we’ll break down the steps you need … Read more >>

Top 13 Vegetables that grow above the ground

Vegetables that grow above the ground

Growing your own vegetables can prove to be an extremely beneficial and enjoyable process. The experience of planting, nurturing, and harvesting your own crops can provide a sense of calmness along with a feeling of independence. Let us check out the best vegetables that grow above the ground in detail. What are the list of … Read more >>

How to get rid of ferns in garden? [Best ways to kill ferns]

how to kill ferns in a garden

Ferns are often planted to beautify lawns, backyards, and even living spaces. In moderation, these plants are absolutely beautiful but if they are too many and to top it all unwanted, they stick out like a sore thumb. There are several ways in which one can manage intrusive ferns these include home remedies, natural herbicides, … Read more >>

Watermelon square foot gardening

Watermelon square foot gardening

If you’re just getting started with square foot gardening, watermelon is a great vegetable to try. They’re relatively easy to grow, and you can get a lot of them from just one plant. In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about growing watermelons in your square foot garden. We’ll cover how … Read more >>

Ultimate Guide to Holistic Gardening

what is holistic gardening

We have all heard about numerous gardening types, including organic gardening, hydroponic gardening, chemical-intensive gardening, but now there’s another new form of gardening on the rise: holistic gardening.  So what makes holistic gardening different from the other traditional forms of gardening? Keep reading to find out. What is Holistic Gardening? If the term ‘garden’ invokes the … Read more >>