How to reuse bathroom water for gardening

Reuse Bathroom Water For Gardening

At source collection and reuse or recycling of household, wastewater can reduce the amount of water consumption in both urban and rural areas. According to the UN water survey conducted in 2010 household water consumption results in about 8% of the total global water usage. By reusing water, we not only reduce the total amount … Read more >>

How to Get Seeds from Autoflowering Plants (Useful Tips)

Autoflowering plants

A cannabis plant is the only plant that has the ability to auto flower. This ability is a genetic trait passed down via DNA. Not all cannabis plants can autoflower, but some do. Most plants need a certain amount of light or darkness per day to produce flowers, for instance, 12 hours of darkness and … Read more >>

Square Foot Gardening Pole Beans (Well Researched Tips)

Square Foot Gardening Pole Beans

Beans are a great vegetable to grow, and it is very easy to grow them, especially in square foot gardening. Beans are of two types, mainly- bush beans and pole beans. Several varieties come under both of these types. Here in this article, we will discuss square foot gardening pole beans that are super easy … Read more >>

Why is my air plant turning red + How to care for air plants

care for air plants

Have you ever wondered if the plants growing on your neighbor’s fridge in a tiny magnetic pot is artificial or live? Or have you on your way around the block notice plants that are growing literally out of nowhere? There are high chances that the plants in question here are Air Plants – that like … Read more >>

20 worst indoor plants for allergies (Not for everyone)

Worst Indoor Plants For Allergies

Researchers around the world have proven that the term ‘allergies are caused by elements or pollutants that are found in the outdoors’ is nothing but a misnomer. Here, we will check the 20 worst indoor plants for allergies. On a general note, most humans tend to spend more time inside their homes than outside, and … Read more >>

How to get rid of ferns in garden? [Best ways to kill ferns]

how to kill ferns in a garden

Ferns are often planted to beautify lawns, backyards, and even living spaces. In moderation, these plants are absolutely beautiful but if they are too many and to top it all unwanted, they stick out like a sore thumb. There are several ways in which one can manage intrusive ferns these include home remedies, natural herbicides, … Read more >>