Overwatered peace lily [Signs + Reviving tips]

The peace lily is an eye-catching plant that easy to water and maintain. But you should know how much to water peace lily, else overwatering peace lily can damage the plant. Let us check out the signs and reviving tips of an overwatered peace lily.

Here is all you need to know about peace lily watering and how to revive peace lily overwatering.

Peace lilies like constantly moist soil. These plants do not do well in soil that is soggy or do not like to be left sitting in water. While watering a peace lily, check if the top layer of time soil is dry. If yes that’s when you need to water the plant, if not you can wait a day or longer.

overwatered peace lily
overwatered peace lily

Overwatered peace lily signs

What are signs of overwatered peace lily? Here are a few signs of overwatering peace lily plants and diseases of overwatered peace lily:

  • Peace lily plant looks as if it has started to wilt
  • Brown edged leaves in peace lilies
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Peace lily leaf turns black
  • Brown and yellow spots on Peace lily leaves
  • The plant will grow slower than usual
  • Black-tipped and weak roots
  • Overwatering peace lily causes the roots of the plant to choke and rot.

It also makes the peace lily plant more susceptible to fungal diseases.



  • Yellowing and wilting of leaves in the lower section.
  • The petioles or the stalk between the stem and the leaf may also start to turn brown.
  • The roots of the plant will turn black and spongy
  • In most cases, the roots will peel off. 



  • Fine webbing and brown spots on the leaves of the plant
  • The stem will likely collapse due to brown and sunken lesions at the base



  • Small yellow leaves start to wilt 
  • The tips of the roots change from white to black or brown

These are the most common disease that comes overwatering peace lily.

How to revive overwatered peace lily

How to revive overwatered peace lily? Here are the things you can do to revive overwatering peace lily.

1. Stop watering your peace lily plant

Your peace lily has come to this stage due to overwatering. This makes it fitting enough to say that you need to stop watering of peace lily immediately. Watering the plant will only worsen the problem, stop watering peace lily plant time to recover from the overwatering. 

2. Treat the disease

When diseases are at an initial phase they can be treated. There are treatment solutions available across the counter. The only drawback is that most treatment solutions are disease-specific and you will need to get the plant tested to be sure which disease has affected it. 

3. Cut off damaged leaves of Peace lily

If the damage is minimal, you can cut off the discolored leaves or parts of the stem of the overwatered peace lily plant. This way the plant will not have to spend extra energy on its upkeep. They will recover in time.

4. Repot the plant

In most cases, if you notice that the plant is unwell due to overwatering the best solution is to repot it. this will give the plant more room to breathe. You will also get a better picture of the roots and the state they are in. At this point consider clipping off damaged roots of overwatering peace lily will benefit the plant a great bit.

5. Follow a watering routine

Once you repot the plant, it is essential to follow a watering routine. 

Once you follow these steps you should be able to see results in two to three weeks. Till then all you can do is have patience and treat the overwatering peace lily plant with love and care. This is how to heal an overwatered peace lily.

peace lily overwatered
peace lily overwatered

When to water a peace lily?

When to water a peace lily plant? There are two ways in which you can determine if it’s time to water your peace lily plants.

  • This is the simplest and cost-effective way in which you can determine if your plant needs to be watered. All you need is a finger.  Stick your finger into the soil – this is done to check the moisture in the soil. If the finger comes out dry it’s time to water your plant. If you feel moisture till the first knuckle or will have moist soil stuck to the finger as it’s pulled out. This simply means that the soil is moist enough and water can wait another day. 
  • If you are looking for something fancier. You can go in for one of the numerous gadgets available in the market. A water meter is one such gadget. All you need to do is stick it into the soil.

How to water Peace lily?

Watering a peace lily largely depends on its size though the process is fairly the same. 

If you have a small pot. Water it in a sink. Follow the slow watering method where you water it slowly and let the soil absorb all the moisture. Water until the excess water drains from the bottom. Once the water has stopped trickling down you can place it back.

In the case of larger pots carrying them to the sink is not an option. For this follow the same slow watering method but this time until the water drains into the tray.

Note: it is important to empty the collection tray immediately as leaving the pot submerged in water will lead to root rot. 

There are two major problems when it comes to peace lily watering Underwatering and Overwatering. In the next section, we will look at how these affect peace lilies and what can be done to revive the plant.

overwatered peace lily
overwatered peace lily

How to prevent overwatering a peace lily?

How to prevent overwatering a peace lily? It a fact that prevention is better than cure, hence it makes more sense to avoid overwatering a plant. This can be done by following a few simple steps:

  • Set a routine

This point cannot be stressed enough. Set a watering routine for your plant and stick to it. this way your plant will never be overwatered.

  • Drainage holes

Makes sure your pot has drainage holes. This allows the excess water in the pot to drain out easily without making the soil soggy.

  • No watering at night

Watering at night will in most cases cause overwatering and ill health in your lily. It is better to water this plant during the day.

  • Repot the plant

Repotting will help the plant absorb nutrients faster. If you add a few drops of water-soluble fertilizer or a little compost they plant will recover faster. 

Can you overwater a peace lily?

Can you overwater a peace lily? Yes, you can overwater a peace lily. The best way is to water the plant during the day and stick to a watering schedule.

Signs of Underwatered Peace lily

What are signs of underwatered Peace lily? Just as overwatering is detrimental for peace lilies, underwatered peace lily has a similar effect. These plants love moist soil and hence a lack of moisture can lead to a number of problems. Here are Signs of underwatering peace lily:

  • Droopy leaves and stem
  • Weak roots 
  • Dehydrated and limp looking plant
  • Yellow and dry leaves

As a plant, the peace lily is extremely forgiving. This plant does better when it comes to recovering from a drought-like condition as compared to overwatering. When this plant is underwatered, there is a lack of moisture in the soil.

This leads to a reduction in the number of nutrients the roots can absorb. Over time it gets worse and the plant receives almost zero nutrients leading to the conditions mentioned above. 

Though the symptoms of underwatering are similar to overwatering, the condition of the soil says it all.

what does an overwatered peace lily look like
what does an overwatered peace lily look like

These are a few tips, you can know if peace lily is overwatered or underwatered.

Peace lily watering tips

Here are a few Peace lily watering tips.

Water type

Peace lilies are not very particular when it comes to the type of water used. You can use regular tap water. You could also let the water sit out for a day or two before watering your plant. This will allow chlorine, fluoride, and other harmful chemicals to dissipate.

Rootbound plant

While watering the plant pay attention to the water. If it runs straight through the plant it means that the plant is badly root-bound. 

How to fix it 

In such cases repot the plant and all should be well.

Prolonged underwatering

If the peace lily is under-watered for an extended period the edges of the leaves will turn yellow. 

How to treat it

Water the plant well and clip off the damaged leaves of your peace lily plant. In a few days, you will see a significant difference.

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To conclude it is evident that peace lily watering is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is follow a routine and pay attention to the needs of your plant. You will also need to consider the humidity, warmth, and overall climate of where you live. This will help care for peace lilies better.

By this time, you might get an idea of various signs of an overwatered peace lily and how to revive an overwatering peace lily.