Top 18 Lucky Plants in Front of the House

I know you love plants, but do you know there are a few plants that are good luck plants for indoor or lucky plants for home? Let us check out a list of well-researched plants that are lucky plants in front of the house.

What are the best Lucky Plants In Front Of The House?

  1. Pachira Money Tree
  2. Lucky Bamboo
  3. Orchids
  4. Rose
  5. Citrus Trees
  6. Boston Fern
  7. Peace Lily
  8. Money Plant
  9. Rubber Plant
  10. Jasmine plant
  11. Tulsi or Basil Plant
  12. Jade
  13. Morning Glory
  14. Palms
  15. Snake Plant
  16. Sage Plant
  17. Peonies
  18. Clover

Plants beautify our homes through their vibrant colors, soothing appearance, and beautiful fragrances. According to Feng Shui, many plants have innate positive chi, purify the air of allergens, and some even bring about good luck and prosperity.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy according to which our homes are a mirror of ourselves and a practice that aligns your surroundings, such as your home or office, with who you essentially are.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that everything, including all kinds of objects, have energy, also known as chi.  Therefore, you need to be careful about the kind of objects and plants that you bring into your home.

Many plants that bring about positive and abundant vibes, bring good luck, healing, wealth, and prosperity. Some, such as the lucky bamboo, bring in good luck and vibes, whereas others, like the cacti, bring in spiky and negative energy.

Where you place those plants also has an impact on the luck and energy that it brings.

According to traditional Feng Shui methods, it is usually the southeastern corner of your home. However, keeping them at the entrance is most common, and it is a warm and welcoming symbol for you and your guests as you enter the home or office.

Best Lucky Plants In Front Of The House

If you want to bring in the right energy into your home while purifying the air, then these 18 plants are perfect for you. They will bring in the good luck and fortune that you need! Below are the front house lucky plants.

1# Pachira Money Tree

Indigenous to Central and South America, this green beauty can be found in parks, gardens, and in almost every surrounding area in most parts of the world. It is commonly used in Feng Shui to bring good luck and wealth.

The story behind it is quite an interesting one; a peasant from Taiwan wishing for wealth came across this plant. Taking it as a good sign, he started selling them to make some money and become wealthy. Money trees are commonly seen braided together.

It is said that for luck to come in, you need to have three to five braided plants in your home. Interestingly, it is also advised not to have four. Furthermore, the leaves of the plant should have five or more fingers to be lucky.

Lucky Plants in Front of the House
Lucky Plants in Front of the House

Pachira Money Tree is one of the best lucky plant in front of the house.

2# Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo is truly one of a kind. In Asian culture, bamboo is thought to be a salvation from evil or bad energy and a symbol of good fortune. The reason it’s called a ‘lucky’ bamboo is that over decades, people have claimed that it has brought them good luck and fortune.

It’s known as Fu Gwey Zhu’ in Chinese, and the three symbols that make this name represent good luck and fortune,  power and honor, and the bamboo plant itself in that order. The Lucky Bamboo balances the Feng Shui elements, Earth, Wood, Water, Fire, and Metal, to bring overall positive experiences.

The placement of the plant is also a significant factor in bringing peace, health, wealth, love, and luck. It is best to place the plant in the East of the house to focus on family or in the South-East if you wish to attract wealth.

Lucky bamboo is a low maintenance plant that needs no soil to grow; you just need to put them in a transparent vase with the required amount of water. It also doesn’t require much light, and, therefore, it makes for a good indoor plant. It is indeed the ideal plant for those who are not very good at gardening.

More stocks of bamboo in the planter mean more blessings. Three stalks are symbolic of happiness, wealth, and longevity. Five stalks are said to bring wealth, and six stalks indicate the presence of good fortune. Seven stalks are associated with good health, eight represent growth, and ten are for completion.

plants that bring money and good luck
plants that bring money and good luck

Lucky Bamboo is another lucky plants for home. You should buy lucky bamboo as it is one of the good luck plants for indoor.

3# Orchids

Famous for being one of the most beautiful plants, did you know that orchids also bring good luck to your home? According to Feng Shui, these exquisite flowering plants also bring with them luck and fortune in love. It fosters and nourishes current relationships and increases the chances for those looking for a romantic life partner with its magical abilities.

In ancient Greece, the orchids were linked with fertility, and people today still use them as a present for new parents.

Place it in your arena, and provide it with love and care, and you will get great results. Remember, for it to work, you have got to have faith in it.

There is a countless number of orchid hybrids and cultivars available out there. Some of the most stunning ones that are low maintenance are Paphiopedilum and Phalaenopsis orchids. These have plain white flowers that enhance feelings of peace and tranquility and brightly colored ones that symbolize passion, creativity, and energy.

Most types of indoor orchids have huge thick leaves growing at the base of the stem. Long stems grow from the center of the plant, and huge flowers grow along the length. Most orchid flowers have 5 petals that are oval or like a lance. However, there are lots of different types in the wide varieties of orchid hybrids.

So it is worth keeping Orchids in front of you home as it is one of the front house lucky plants.

4# Rose

lucky indoor plants feng shui

Generally considered a symbol for love and passion, roses are also known to attract good luck and healing. Different colored roses symbolize different emotions and bring about different kinds of luck. Red roses arouse love and passion; yellow-happiness, and white bring about peace and purity.

Rose is a lucky plant for home.

5# Citrus Trees

As per Feng Shui, citrus trees are known to bring good luck and fortune to your home. Orange, lemon, and lime trees are usually grown in containers indoors as small plants or shrubs. However, many people grow them in their gardens as well.

As per Feng Shui, dwarf lime trees and lemon trees usher in good luck.

The lime tree is considered favorable and optimistic due to its bright orange fruits when it ripens. Even though they are called trees, they are usually kept in small sizes so that it is easy to look after them.

They can be great to place in the kitchen, but the ideal location for them would be at the entrance of the house as a cheery and welcoming gesture for you and your guests.

Citrus Trees are another lucky plants in home.

6# Boston Fern

Boston ferns are a significant air purifying plant that brings about a positive energy in any room. Also called the fishbone fern, sword fern, and wild Boston fern, the Boston fern is the most popular one and one of the most cheerful plants you can have.

It is considered to block and hide various sources of poison arrows that may be present outside the house and directed at the front door. They are lush with long overflowing leaves and are ideal for hanging in baskets, placing on top of a shelf, or a plant stand.

Feng Shui ferns start from 16” in height, and you will find ones that go up to 35”. They are elegant and give a modern touch to the home.

However, it is important to note that their foliage can take up an ample amount of space. Thus, you should only consider keeping them if you have sufficient space to keep them. Boston Fern, is another lucky plant in front of the house.

7# Peace Lily

This serene flowering plant is indigenous to tropical Americas and known to be a fortune plant, according to Feng Shui. It is a low-maintenance plant that can grow in artificial light and only needs to be watered once a week.

Hence, it is perfect for homes and offices. It cleanses different types of environmental contaminants, which makes it even more useful. Peace Lilies give off feelings of peace and tranquility and attract good fortune. So you should keep Peace Lily front house lucky plants.

8# Money Plant

This vibrant plant gives out positive energy and, of course, brings good luck and money, as the name suggests. According to an old myth, the money plant prospers the most when planted after one of the existing climber branches has been stolen.

This plant has glossy and round-edged leaves that are packed together, which, according to Feng Shui, is a sign of good luck. It is known to have deep roots and rich growth,

Money plants can be grown in soil and water if you water it regularly, or you can even grow them in an old glass bottle inside.

Apart from bringing good luck and prosperity, the money plant also synchronizes human existence with its surroundings.

Money plants are another good luck plants for indoor.

9# Rubber Plant

Just like the money plant, the rubber plant is known for its promising luck when it comes to wealth. Furthermore, its leaves are round in shape and hence symbolic of money in Feng Shui, making it a lucky plant for all.

This plant can be situated in any corner of your house or office, and it would prove beneficial in many ways. When placed in the home, the plant brings about good fortune, abundance and attracts more wealth.

According to Feng Shui, it also removes toxins from the air, bringing about positive energy, prosperity, and tranquility. Rubber plants are another useful lucky plants for home.

10# Jasmine

This beautiful plant, with its abundant, sweet-scented flowers and glossy leaves, is one loved by too many. It is considered to be a lucky plant as it entices love and fortune into your home.

Some of its varieties grow like vines. The Jasmine shrub blossoms into beautiful clusters of flowers during summer and releases its aroma at night. The plant is also used to produce oil, which has various uses and benefits.

11# Tulsi or Basil Plant

The Tulsi or Basil plant is indigenous to Asia and is even considered sacred in Hinduism. There are several varieties available out there, such as Anjari, Lakshmi Tulsi, Trittavu Tulsi,  Krishna Tulasi, Kapoor Tulsi,  Ram Tulasi.

People in India have been growing them in their homes and worshipping these plants for many many years now. It has a significant place in Hinduism and philosophy. The primary one being its ability to purify and remove all negative energy as well as bacteria, and foster positive vibes.

It is also said that meditating in front of the plant could arouse passion in human beings and bring about a feeling of peace when you eat it.

When added in stews, teas, and other food items, Tulsi or Basil leaves not only enhance the taste making it more scrumptious, but also acts as ayurvedic medicine.

plants for prosperity
Tulsi plant

Out of all Basil plants are the best lucky plants in front of the house.

12# Jade

Just like the rest, the Jade plant brings with it good fortune. However, this one goes a step further and is considered to be the door to success. Therefore, it makes the perfect present for business owners. It acts like a magnet in attracting wealth and success, and you will find it in many offices as well.

Nowadays, it is also placed in homes, specifically at the entrance, as a way of welcoming prosperity and success.

It also has round leaves, and according to Feng Shui, this is linked with good fortune. The Jade plant is medium in size, which makes it the ideal house plant and a lucky plant in front of the house.

13# Morning Glory

good luck plants for business
Morning Glory

These beautiful flowers bloom fully during the early hours of the morning. However, a few of its species also bloom during the night. The flowers flourish when they come in contact with full sunshine.

The morning glory plant is considered to be lucky, providing the owners of the house with peace and happiness. Others believe that the morning glory seeds prevent nightmares and give those in its presence a well-rested sleep.

Morning glory is another good luck plants for indoor.

14# Palms

Palms are one of the best good luck plants to keep in your home. They are big and have a tranquil feel to them. They are great as decoration pieces and look perfect anywhere in the house. Palms give off welcoming energy and bring with them happiness, luck, and happy vibes.

They can also be grown in front of the house directly into the ground or in containers indoors. There is a wide variety of them that can be grown. Low maintenance and easy to grow, they improve the air quality in the area that they are in, in addition to attracting good luck and positive energy.

15# Snake Plant

Although in Feng Shui, the snake plant is considered somewhat a bad plant, it has many positive aspects to it. It brings good luck and fortune, especially when it comes to business, as it soaks in the toxins and poisons from the air and thus removes them, which in turn also enhances air quality.

To add to that, it gives off powerful protective energy and acts as a guardian to the people surrounding it from negative chi.

Interestingly, it is popularly known as the mother-in-law’s tongue. When situated in a quiet corner of living space or workplace, this plant would be just perfect.

16# Sage Plant

Growing sage in your home is said to eliminate bad energy in the surrounding areas, making your home a happy place. The plant is well-known for this that burning sage gets linked automatically with eliminating evil spirits.

An added advantage with this plant is that it continues growing and provides you with an ample amount of leaves in the long run. It doesn’t require much attention or care and easily grows outdoors in various climates. It too purifies the air.

17# Peonies

This flower is widely believed to bring romance into your life. It comes in the most exquisite shades of reds and pinks. Apart from love and romance, it too symbolizes prosperity, as well as good fortune and wealth. It is said that it was named after Paeon, the Greek physician of the gods, and was popular for medicinal uses back in the day.

They can be planted outdoors and take around three to four years to bloom after planting them. After they are well established, they bloom every year and can even live to around 100 years.

18# Clover

Although very rare, a four-leaf clover is popular for attracting good luck. It is not entirely clear how the idea of clover being a lucky plant started.

However, it is said that in ancient times, four-leaf clovers were collected at night under the full moon by magicians, who mixed it with other ingredients. Young girls who were looking for happiness searched thoroughly for them throughout the day.

So you should keep a Clover plant as it is another lucky plants in front of the house.

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These 18 lucky plants can be placed in front of your home to bring you good luck and fortune as well as purify the air around them. Pick the ones that suit you best and get started on planting them.