How to grow Jasmine plant in a balcony garden

Do you love the fragrance and the sight of the beautiful jasmine plant? If your answer is yes, you are in luck. Anyone can easily grow a jasmine plant in a balcony garden. The steps are very simple, and you need not be a professional gardener to make your way through.

You can grow Jasmine indoors as well as outdoors to make your home filled with a beautiful aroma. Jasmine plant needs well-drained soil, proper watering, enough sunlight, and humidity for an excellent result. It does not need a large pot or rather a container to grow.

You can simply plant it in a regular pot and follow the process as we would be mentioning below.

Grow Jasmine Plant
Jasmine Plant

Let us now see how to grow a Jasmine plant in a balcony garden.

8 Steps to grow Jasmine plant in a balcony garden

Jasmine or better say Mogra is one of the most popular grown flowers in gardens or homes. Mostly, people use it as an offering to god while they pray or simply visit the holy place. This is an evergreen shrub and does not require any special condition to grow. Similar to any flower it has similar requirements making it very easy to plant and grow.

1. Picking out the Right Pot

As we begin with the preparation to plant the Jasmine flower in your balcony garden, the foremost thing that you would need is a pot. It can be of any size. You can go for a medium-sized or even a small one, to begin with. If you are new to this, do not start with a big pot, it will be difficult for you to manage.

You can buy any pot available online and start preparing the right mixture of soil for the Jasmine plant. Always get the right quality of pot, do not waste time running after cheap ones but rather good ones.

2. Prepare a good Soil Mixture

Once you have selected the right pot or container for your plant, you can switch over to filling it up with a good mixture. As we have already said, the Jasmine plant requires well-drained soil. Every region may have different varieties of plant-available but each of them has similar needs when it comes to soil. Take one part river sand, two parts of loam, and two parts of peat moss to start.

Now, to make it worth growing in, you need to add vermicompost or organic fertilizer to it. This ensures the steady growth of the plant in all conditions. Once the mixture is prepared, place the soil evenly spread inside the pot. This will give good drainage to the plant.

3. Planting the seed or seedling

You can either buy seeds of Jasmine plant or small plant that is easily available locally or even Online. If you have the seeds make sure to place them right in the middle and cover them up with the soil mixture properly. Also, if you have the seedling, spread out the roots gently with your hands and place them in the soil.

Make sure to make a good space in the middle before placing the roots. Now, cover the roots and place soil over it. In fact, add some water to the soil after you have planted it carefully. Do not ever overwater, only a small amount for now so that the soil is moist enough.

4. Location & Sunlight

After your pot is ready to be placed on your balcony, you may have to make sure to pick out the right place. If you have a small balcony choosing a spot won’t take much time. We are looking for a spot that has a good amount of sunlight for at least 5-6 hours each day. For this, you can observe your balcony for a day and mark the spot.

Then the next day simply places the Jasmine plant pot in the spot and wait for it to grow. Do not water it unless needed or overwatering may kill any plant if not paid attention to. Keep it protected from the windy days and remove the spot a few times as the flowers are delicate.

5. Watering

There are no plants that can survive without proper water intake. However, some plants need proper understanding before they can simply plant the trees. When it comes to watering the plant, keep an eye on the soil. As soon as you see the dry state of the soil in the pot, add water to it. However, only add water till it seeps into the soil.

Do not fill the pot unnecessarily as overwatering can rot the roots of the plant. During summer you may have to water them every day. And just the opposite goes for each of these plants in the winter season.

6. Apply Fertilizer when Needed

After you have done all the steps above as we have mentioned, you can see that in a few days your plant will start to grow. However, to make sure the growth is consistent, you should add a good fertilizer or natural organic manure to provide nutrients to the plants. It is necessary at least once a month or maybe twice if you are comfortable.

7. Remove Dead Leaves

Another very important aspect that you need to take care of while you are planting any kind of flower or other plants in your balcony garden. Once the plants start to grow leaves, it is always possible that some of them may dry out. So, to maintain healthy growth, pluck out or cut out the leaves that have died so that new ones can get enough space to grow.

How To Grow Jasmine Plant
Grow Jasmine Plant

8. Harvesting the Jasmine buds

This step is only for those who are interested in using the buds for some edible options. You might have heard about the Jasmine based herbal tea. Well, you make your own as well. But for this, you may have to cut out the buds as soon as they grow. If you are only looking to decorate your garden with beautiful flowers, you can skip this step. There are a lot of ways you make tea with it.

Collect a few buds from your plant. Place them in the oven carefully and dry them out for about 2-3 hours. Now, you can collect these dried out buds in a jar or an airtight container. Furthermore, you can now use the dried off buds in water to make tea as you like.

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Final Thoughts

Well, here you go. Hopefully, you will find all these steps are pretty simple. It is indeed very simple and only requires the right execution. You might be wondering if this is so simple, why do people not do this more often? The reason behind this is because it needs dedication and pure will.

If you do not feel like taking care of the plants you grow, they will never have healthy growth whatsoever. Even though you have thought of putting an automatic watering system, you still need to keep an eye on it and add fertilizer. Once the Jasmine plants grow up, they will surely make your home more aromatic and beautiful all year long.