Jade Plant Wilting – Reasons and Fixes

Jade plants are generally easy plants to care for as a lot of the time you can leave them alone, and just water than ever now and then. However, there are some things that you should still be aware of with your Jade plant that can begin to cause some problems. So, why is your Jade Plant Wilting?

There are several reasons why your Jade plant may be wilting; these include you not watering your Jade plant correctly, or the soil not draining enough for the plant, a disease called root rot could be the cause, or even keeping the plant in the wrong temperatures could cause the wilting.

Jade Plant - Crassula ovata - Easy to Grow - 4" Pot

Even though there are many things that can cause your Jade plant to wilt, there are ways to fix most of these reasons. Below you will find out how you can save your Jade plant from wilting.

Why Would A Jade Plant Wilt?

Jade plants tend to be pretty hardy plants, and it does take a lot to make this plant unhappy or have issues. But if you are unable to take care of the plant’s needs well, the Jade plant will start to wilt.

This could be because the plant is getting too much or too little of something that they need to survive. Below is a bit of an in-depth look at why your Jade plant may be wilting.

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1. Not Watering Your Jade Plant Correctly

Jade plants are a succulent type of plant; this does mean that they prefer warm and dry conditions with a heavy rainstorm every once in a while. So, you need to replicate these conditions to keep your Jade plant happy.

But you need to be careful of underwatering your Jade plant, too, as they require water to survive. If you underwater your Jade plant, it will begin to wilt, and the leaves will start to shrivel up as the plant tries to keep what water it has left to the vital cells.

You can also easily overwater a Jade plant, which will also cause the plant to wilt as it is oversaturated with water. This could also cause more issues than just your plant wilting.

A good way of avoiding both these issues is for the Jade plant’s soil to completely dry before you water it again. But ensure that when the soil is completely dry, you water the plant immediately.

Jade Plant - Crassula ovuta - Easy to Grow - 6" Pot from jmbamboo

2. Soil Not Draining Properly In Plant Pot

A problem that could also cause your Jade plant to wilt is that the soil your plant is in may not be draining correctly. Most potting soils on the market today are made to hold in as much moisture as possible.

But this soil is not meant for Jade plants as they cannot handle their soil being moist for an extended period and will cause your plant to wilt.

For a Jade plant, you need to get soil that will drain well and not allow any water to linger around the plant’s roots for too long. So, if you want soil that is better for your Jade plant, you need to go and buy soil meant for succulents, as this soil will drain enough for your Jade to stay healthy.

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3. Root Rot In Your Jade Plant

If you were overwatering your Jade plant or your plant was in soil that was not draining well, this could cause your Jade plant to get a disease called root rot, which will then cause your plant to wilt. This disease can also lead to the death of your Jade plant, so you do need to sort it out as fast as you can.

To see if your Jade plant may have root rot, you need to slide your plant gently out of the plant pot and look at the roots carefully. If the plant’s roots are white and do not smell foul, they are fine. But if all the roots have a bad smell and are brown and mushy, then this is root rot.

If the roots are half brown and smelly and half white, then you may still have a chance of saving the plant. To help save your plant, you need to trim the affected roots and then repot the Jade plant in a new and clean plant pot with the right soil.

Bonsai Boy's ON THIS TREE Baby Jade Bonsai Tree - Large Portulacaria Afra

4. Not Enough Or Too Much Sunlight

As we mentioned earlier, Jade plants are accustomed to hot climates; you need to ensure that the plant is getting enough sunlight throughout the day to keep it healthy. If the Jade plant does not get enough sun, it will wilt.

On the other side of the sunlight equation, you must not let your Jade plant get too much sun, as this will dry out the plant and cause it to wilt. To ensure that your Jade plant receives the right amount of sunlight every day, you need to put your plant in direct sunlight for at least four hours per day. If you cannot do this, you can buy a UV light lamp and place your plant under it for the required time.

6. Keeping Your Jade Plant In Wrong Temperatures

As Jade plants are a plant that enjoys a hot climate, you need to keep them in a warm room if you are keeping them indoors. If you are keeping your Jade plant outside, you need to watch the temperatures closely.

The ideal temperatures for a Jade plant are between 65- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit (18 and 24 degrees Celsius. If the temperature goes a lot lower or higher than this range, your Jade plant may begin to suffer due to extreme temperature, and the plant will wilt.

Jade Plant Commonly Known as Lucky Plant or Money Plant (Live Bareroot Plant)

7. Using Aggressive Products On Your Jade Plant

Every plant owner wants their plants to look their best and be healthy, but this does not mean that you should use aggressive products on the leaves of your Jade plant to enhance its look. If your Jade plant is healthy, then it would have lovely shiny leaves naturally, anyway.

Using a product like a leaf shine will hurt your Jade plant. These products can be too much for your Jade plant and can cause the plant to wilt. Keep in mind that Jade plants do not react well to any chemical, so applying one to the leave will cause the leaves to wilt or even fall off.

8. Using Bad Fertilizer

Jade plants are not that demanding when it comes to fertilizing their soil; as long as the soil has some nutrients and minerals in it, the plant should be fine. But if your soil is bad and you use a bad fertilizer to try and make it habitable again, then your Jade plant may have some issues.

If your Jade plant does not get the right minerals and nutrients from its soil, then the plant will begin to wilt. If you leave your plant in this soil for too long, it will eventually die due to a lack of nutrients.

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Even though Jade plants are pretty hardy and do not require a lot of care, they still have needs that should be met. If they are not provided with the right conditions to thrive in or lack something, or are getting too much of something, they will wilt, leading to the plant’s death. Good luck with your Jade plant!

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