How to prune a peace lily (Step by Step)

The Peace lily or Spathiphyllum spp. is considered a great house plants as it is low on maintenance, tolerates low light conditions, and is extremely beautiful. When it comes to pruning peace lily it’s fairly simple. All you need to do is start at the bast of the plant and work your way upwards.

This article will take you through details on how to prune a peace lily or how to trim a peace lily and at the same time go into care tips for your adorable house plant.

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How to prune a peace lily?

Peace lilies are common indoor plants but they are naturally grown outdoors in or around barns. This is the major reason these plants suffer from brown tips or browning around the edges. Before pruning peace lily, When you see brown edges here is how you can cut back the plant:

Step 1: Identification

Before actually getting to the peace lily pruning process. It is important to inspect the plant and check the extent of the damage. You are looking for anything that seems damaged and droopy. You will generally find these at the bottom of the plant where the older leaves are.

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Step 2: Disinfect equipment 

Before you start pruning peace lily, it is important to disinfect the equipment you are planning to use. May it be scissors or pruners everything needs to be sterilized to avoid infecting the plant with diseases.

You can either spray them with a tool cleansing disinfectant, or you could use a homemade solution from bleach, pine oil, or other ingredients. Either way, it is important to disinfect equipment before and after use.

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Step 3: Cut back damaged leaves

Cutting back leaves is not only limited to leaves that have brown edges or damaged spots. There are a number of reasons why the leaves of a peace lily will need to be pruned

  • Yellow leaves – this can either be because of too much light, underwatering or even old age 
  • Shrivelled leaves 
  • Diseased leaves 

These can leave the plant looking dull and damaged, making it necessary to prune it.

In order to prune peace lily leaves, you can either cut them back a little. You need not cut off the entire leaf if the entire leaf isn’t damaged. Instead, make a clean cut just enough to get rid of the damaged part. If you need to cut back the entire leaf, make a clean cut along the stem. 

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Step 4: Cut back dried flowers

Peace lilies are identified by their blooms. A stem that blooms once will not bloom again. Hence while pruning the plant it is imperative to cut back wilted flowers along with the stem down to the base. This way the plant will flower again faster. 

Note: unlike other plants, the peace lily stays green almost all year round and hence you will not need to

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When should I cut back my peace lily?

There is no right or wrong time when it comes pruning peace lily. The key to pruning them at the right time is being virulent. 

Here is what you need to do:

  • Pay attention to your plant
  • Cut back leaves that are not doing so well
  • Cut back flowers that have wilted 
  • Cut back diseased leaves

All these will make your peace lily look fresh and presentable. 

Now that you have a fair idea about how to prune a peace lily. Let’s look at ways in which you can look after this beautiful plant. 

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How to avoid brown leaves in a peace lily?

In peace lilies, brown leaves are caused due to various reasons. We have put together a few.

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Chlorinated water

These plants are sensitive to chlorine. If the water these plants are watered with contains chlorine the leaves turn brown. The best way to avoid this is by testing the water before watering your plants. 

If the chlorine levels are high all you need to do is fill a container, leave it overnight, and then use the water the next day. This reduces chlorine levels considerably. 

Another way is by adding a dechlorinating solution to the water. But this solution is time-consuming and also expensive. 

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The peace lily is not very susceptible to diseases but sometimes there are fungal and other diseases that might occur. In such cases, the leaves of the plant will start to discolor. To keep diseases and insects at bay spray the plant regularly with organic pesticides and insecticides.


The peace lily is a moisture-loving plant and under-watering, it can cause brown and shrivelled leaves. The best way to combat this problem is by having a watering schedule and sticking to it. This way the plant is fed from time to time reducing the chances of a dry spell. 

This then leads to the question How often do you water a peace lily?

The answer to this depends on where you are located, the temperature there, and the size of the plant. As this plant loves moisture it is imperative to water the plant every other day.

The best way to know when to water the plant is by paying attention to the soil. If the soil is dry when you touch it its time to water the plant. similarly, if it is still moist when you stick your finger in it you can wait a few more days to water it.

Along with watering the plant regularly, it is also important to mist the plant often. this will keep the leaves clean, keep insects at bay and regulate the humidity levels.

Another reason why the leaves of the peace lily plant loose color are:

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Too much or too little sunlight

The peace lily is not fond of direct sunlight. The shadier the spot the better when it comes to this plant. If the peace lily is exposed to too much sunlight not only do the leaves of the plant turn brown but the plant also ceases to bloom.

If this is the cast all you need to do is change the location of the plant and it will start to bloom again.

The internet is also flooded with other questions like 

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Should I cut the yellow leaves off of my peace lily?

Should I cut the yellow leaves off of my peace lily? Yes, you should. Yellow leaves are either indicative of the fact that these leaves are damaged, dead, or diseased. In either case, the leaf is of no use and will only damage other leaves if it has contracted a disease or fungal infection. Hence is better to cut back leaves that have turned yellow.

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Can you trim the roots of a peace lily?

Can you trim the roots of a peace lily? The roots of a peace lily are generally left the way they are. There are cases where while propagation the roots of the pup are cut back in order for it to fit well into the planter.

This being said if you notice that the plant is dying without an apparent reason. It can be indicative of the fact that the roots of the plant have either contracted a disease or are rotting.

In such cases, it is advisable to trim the roots and cut off parts that are infected. In other cases, you might notice that the roots of the plant have turned brown, mushy, or smelly. This is another reason to cut back the roots of the plant to help them grow back healthy. 

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Should I cut the brown tips off my peace lily?

The brown tips of the peace lily plant need to be cut in order to keep the plant looking fresh and presentable. You also need to check if the plant is suffering from disease and cut off the affected part to stop the infection from spreading.

In conclusion

We can say that the peace lily is an increasable plant to have in your indoor or outdoor garden. These plants are easy to maintain and care for. In this article, we have spoken at length about how to prune a peace lily or how to trim a peace lily. Hope you find this information useful on peace lily pruning.

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