How to make plants grow faster at home (Ultimate Useful tips)

When it comes to gardening almost all of us have at some point or the other, looked for ways to make plants grow healthier and faster.

How to make plants grow fast? A lot of things we need to take care of to make plants grow fast like Soil, sunlight, temperature, water, etc. Also, you can add a few liquids to make plants grow faster like Carbonated water, Green tea, Fish emulsion, Seaweed fertilizer, etc. Also, add some home remedies to make plants grow fast like Banana peals, Compost tea, Aquarium water, Coffee grounds, Eggshells, Used tea leaves, etc.

In a nutshell, plants are like pets they need to be fed well and looked after for best results. While gardening at home you can either use planters around the house or plant a few saplings in your backyard.

Care tips for both will differ to an extent depending on the extent of cultivation, your locality, and the plants itself. If all this is summarised in just a sentence it would read: The more you care for Plants the better the yield. In this article, we will take you through the various methods of how to make plants grow faster at home.

How to Make a Plant Grow Faster?

Plants grow well when growth conditions are right. This means that plants need the right amount of sunlight, water, and soil that is filled with nutrients and minerals. In order for plants to grow faster and better gardeners use compost and other external material that’s mixed into the soil.

In this section, we will deal with natural factors and then go on to the external materials that we need to add to the soil.


how to make plant grow faster
how to make plant grow faster

The quality of the soil the plants are in is the most important factor for plants to grow fast. This determines how well the plant will grow. It is through the soil that the plant receives nutrients, minerals, and everything that the plant needs to grow.

You can either opt for a potting mix that is available commercially, this comes mixed with compost and other elements that the plants require. Another option is to make your own potting mix by adding draining agents to make the soil lighter especially when planting saplings that require well-drained soil.

Before sowing seeds, it is important to check the quality of the soil. this makes it easier for the plants to absorb nutrients then itself. It is also important to use soil according to plants and their species. The type of soil largely depends on the plants. some plants do well in clay-like soil while some need soil that is sandy and light.

Soil testing plays a pivotal role in determining what needs to be added to the soil. it will also give you a fair idea about the components, PH levels, etc this especially beneficial when growing sessional as well as exotic plants. soil testing kits are available both online and at local stores.

Most of these are easy to use and will give you details about the type of soil and the fertilizers you can use to better the quality.

If you are unsure of home tests and decide to send a sample to the local department of agriculture testing centre. It can be done at a minimal cost. This will give you an in-depth report of your land and the fertilizers to use along with the crops that can be grown.

This is recommended if you have a large piece of land with a lot of cultivating space. For a smaller garden, we suggest you get a home testing kit.

The next component that comes into play when planting at home is light.


The amount of sunlight you receive plays an important role in the selection and growth of plants in your home garden. Light as we know it is plant food, the process of photosynthesis is incomplete without sufficient light.

In most cases, plants grow well in natural light. If you live in a place that does not receive enough natural light, you can always go in for artificial lighting.

When placing plants that grow indoors under natural light they need to be left close to a south-facing window. This allows the plant to soak in enough sunlight and grow well.

I outdoors you can place them in a spot that receives the most amount of sunlight, this will depend on the position of the garden as well as the position of other structures around.

The amount of light a plant requires will depend majorly on the type of plants you choose to have. Most plants like moderate sunlight while some like the sunflower do well with full sunlight. pay attention to specific plant requirements before planting them.

If you choose to grow plants indoors, artificial lighting is the way to go. You can get inexpensive lights from eCommerce websites and let the plants grow under them. There is always a difference between plants that grow under artificial light as opposed to those that grow under natural light.

But in most cases, it serves the purpose, the technological advancements in the gardening sector have surely made things a lot simpler in the past couple of years. The key is to find the right light balance for faster and better growth.

Along with lighting, it is also important to pay attention to the temperature. The right temperature can help plants yield and grow better. So light is another key factor to make plants grow fast.


There are so many people on this planet and all of them react differently to changes in temperatures. In the same manner, all plants deal with temperature changes differently.

When it comes to providing the right growth conditions for plants, it is important to consider the temperature changes at different times of the year.

This will make it simpler, as you can choose plants that grow well in specific seasons. This reduces disappointments and also the effort you need to put in to maintain the plants.

If you choose to plant indoors you will need to keep them away from vents and drafts. Sudden hot and cold air blasts will affect growth.

There are a number of ways gardeners deal with the cold. Some may move plants indoors or cover them with plastic sheets or warm blankets on cold days.

Some install underground heaters to maintain soil temperature. It all depends on the amount of time, effort, and resources you are willing to spend to upkeep your plants.

Plants need to be watered regularly and the amount of water they receive determines their quality and it make plants grow fast.


Like all living things, water is essential for plant growth. Whether it is setting up a watering schedule for your indoor plants or watering your outdoor garden regularly to leaving ice cubes in your orchid container, it all goes to prove that watering plants are important.

how to make plants grow fast
how to make plants grow fast

There are two main reasons why you need to pay attention to the amount of water plants receive. One is that the plants use water as a medium through which all the minerals and nutrients from the soil can be absorbed. If you do not water the plant well they will not be able to soak in nutrients and will wilt.

The second reason to have a watering schedule is the risk of overwatering. Like underwatering, overwatering can also be detrimental to plants. when plants receive more water than required, or if the quality of soil is poor and one that does not drain well. The roots of the plant will start to rot, this will cause the leaves to turn brown and the plant will eventually die.

The best way to set a watering schedule is by keeping an eye on the soil. Soil moving away from the sides of the container is indicative of the fact that the soil is dry and needs to be watered. You can also check the soil by sticking a finger in it.

If your finger comes out clean and the soil is moist and clumpy to feel you can water it. On the other hand, if the soil is still soggy from the previous watering session, let it sit for a while longer.

So these are a few things to make plant grow faster.

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How do you speed up plant growth?

As discussed in the previous section, it is important to have the right growth conditions for plants to grow well at home. Other than the ones mentioned above there are two main methods to choose from when it comes to how to make plants grow faster at home.

make plants grow faster
make plants grow faster

The first method is by feeding the plants well. this can be done by choosing the right fertilizers. In order to feed the plants with all that they require this step will generally require testing the soil.

Testing kits retail both online and offline and are fairly simple to use. This added step makes adding components that are missing in the soil a doable task. The amount and type of fertilizers used also depends on the plants you have and their specific requirements.

The second method is by adding home remedies to the soil. These feed plants as well and condition the soil but this is a slower method as compared to fertilization. This method is the best when it comes to organic farming as it does not deposit chemicals into the soil. There are always chemicals associated with using fertilizers unless they are organically made.

If you are wondering how to increase plant growth speed? by fertilization alone, not that fertilizers come two forms solid and liquid. Solids are all the powders, pallets, tablets, sticks, and all the other variants available in the market.

This type needs to either be scattered on the surface of the soil surrounding the roots of the plant or as in the case of fertilizer sticks need to be buried around the plant. when it comes to liquid fertilizers, all you need to do in most cases is add it to the water you use to water the plant.

In both cases, however, you will need to be careful about the amount of fertilizers used as over-fertilizing can damage the plant.

Here is all you need to know about liquid fertilizers.

What liquid makes plants grow faster?

If you wondering how to make plants grow faster at home with liquid fertilizers. research says that Liquid fertilizers provide the nutrient boost that plants require to grow. This help provide, the nutrients required for plants to grow faster.

They are especially helpful during the yielding period where the plant needs a lot of energy for the upkeep of fruits and vegetables.

All in all, they are a good addition to gardens both indoor and outdoor. Liquid fertilizers are available in granular and powdered forms. These are also available in a concentrated liquid form. Here are some of the common liquid fertilizers you can use to make plants grow faster at home.

Carbonated water

Home gardeners use all the tricks in the book to see that their plants grow well. A well-known kitchen hack used is adding carbonated water to help plants grow well. As it contains macronutrients, including carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, and sodium it helps plants grow faster.

This is a one-off remedy and can be used on plants once in a while. let the fizz go flat before you pour it into the soil. Avoid using carbonated water often as this will damage plants.

Green tea

Green tea has been the central ingredient for most health care regimes. It has several health benefits as has proved beneficial for treating a number of health conditions in humans. The antioxidants in green tea along with other components make it a good booster for plant growth.

There have been numerous studies conducted in the recent past about the benefits of green tea on plants. Almost all results incline towards its usage. It can be used at the base of the plant to promote growth. Be careful not to overdo the usage of green tea as too much of it can harm the plant.

Fish emulsion

Fish emulsion is a common fertilizer used for plants. This fertilizer is full of nitrogen and other nutrients required for the growth of plants. the only downside to this fertilizer is its smell. The pungent odour will subside in a few days. The results are noticeable as long as you are willing to withstand the smell.

Seaweed fertilizer

Seaweed fertilizers are known to contain a healthy amount of minerals vital for the growth of plants. these fertilizers have gained popularity in the recent past and are now available locally. The options available increase if you live close to the shore. None the less, these fertilizers are an excellent addition to your garden. They boost plant yield and growth.

Apart from these, you will also find liquid fertilizers that have various minerals. These come in different combinations and can be bought according to your needs.

how to make plants grow faster
how to make plants grow faster

Home remedies to make plants grow faster

If you are wondering how to make plants grow faster at home using natural ingredients or How do you make plants grow faster naturally? We have all that you need to grow plants faster and healthier.

What are the home remedies to make plants grow? This is the list of home remedies to make plants grow, like banana peels, compost tea, aquarium water, coffee ground, eggshells, used tea leaves, etc. These are the natural fertilizers you should try to make plants grow.

1. Banana peals

Banana peels are particularly beneficial while planting tomatoes, rosebushes, and green peppers. Simply cut up a few banana peels and bury them in the soil.

Doing this will help your plants grow faster and healthier. Banana peels are a good addition as they contain potassium and phosphorous. This works well to strengthen plants and make plants grow faster.

2. Compost tea

Composting is recommending while gardening, this being said a strong dose of compost tea works wonders on plans. It is known to improve the vibrancy of your plants. most gardeners these days have a compost pile ready all you need to do is take out a little time and brew some compost tea.

When added to the soil it surely works wonders and helps to make plants grow fast.

3. Aquarium water

When it’s time to clean the fish tank we generally let the water in the drain. Instead of doing so if you use it to water plants. fish tank water is the best recipe when it comes to home plant growth substitutes. The waste and bacteria in aquarium water are harmful to fish but excellent for plants.

It provides the required nutrients for them to grow.  Use only freshwater and not saltwater to water plants. you also need to pay attention to the plants you are watering, avoid edible plants, and stick to ornamental ones.

4. Coffee Ground

There are several uses of old coffee ground in beauty treatments and around the house. These are also extremely beneficial for plants. the calcium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous they contain act as a plant growth booster.

Coffee ground increases soil acidity and is perfect for rosebushes, evergreens, and azaleas. All you need to do is scatter fresh grounds at the base of the plant or add them to the compost pile. Mixing it with other food scraps while preparing compost will give you nutrient-rich soil.

5. Eggshells

Eggshells are the easiest to find. Eggs are a staple in most households and instead of throwing out the shells they can be used to boost plant growth.

The calcium in the eggshells is a growth booster. All you need to do is rinse out the shells, crush them, and use them in your garden. Tomatoes love this treatment and respond well to it.

Another way to use eggshells is to sow seeds in them and when the saplings are big enough to transplant the entire thing (along with the shell) to the soil. this will not only give you a calcium-rich sowing dish but will be a steady source of calcium for the plant as the shell degrades.

6. Used tea leaves

Used tea leaves are another fertilizer that is easily available at home. The nitrogen, potassium, and calcium in the leaves help plants to grow fast and yield better. all you need to do is sprinkle them at the base of your plants and let them stay. They will in time boot nutrients in the soil.

These natural fertilizers are perfect to provide plants with the boost they require to grow faster. Apart from these and the ones in the previous section, there is one important step to see that plants grow faster at home.

So, if you wondering how to make plants grow faster simply see that there are no weeds around them as they grow.

How to make Plants grow faster at home

To make plants grow faster, keep a close eye on the weeds that grow around the plant. weeds are unwanted plants that soak up all the nutrients of the soil.

how to make plants grow faster
how to make plants grow faster

The remedies above will be of no use if you have weeds growing around the plant and soaking up all the minerals, nutrients, and plant food.

Most often weed kill is not an option if you are in the middle of the growing season. hence, in order to control weed growth, the following can be done.

Kitchen vinegar

Vinegar makes a good weed killer. It can be used undiluted or you could add a teaspoon of liquid Castile soap. The Castile soap helps the vinegar stick to the leaves and act better. What vinegar does is burns and kills the leaves of the plant.

This way when sprayed liberally on intruder weeds you can get rid of them. The amount of time it takes will depend on how old the weeds are and how strongly rooted they are. Once the weed is dry all you need to do is yank it out of the soil.

This method might not always work as sometimes the vinegar may not be able to penetrate till the roots of the plant. the best time to use this remedy is on a hot sunny day where the sun does most of the work for you.

Grass clippings

Adding a thin layer of grass clipping – about an inch is a good idea when planting at home as it prevents weed growth. It not only keeps weeds at bay but also helps the soil retain moisture. All you need to do is get grass cuttings or grass mulch and spread it on the soil.

This is a rather tricky solution as it may so happen that the grass itself is full of weed seeds and you end up aiding weed growth rather than curbing it. pay attention to the grass quality and type while following this remedy. 

Lastly, the question What helps plants grow faster salt or sugar water caught my attention where people all over the internet were obsessed with what type of water needs to be used to boost plant growth.

A little research told me that both salt and sugar are bad for your plants. They prevent the plant from receiving enough hydration leaving them severely dehydrated. This may cause the plant to wilt.

Sugar in the water will stick to the roots in a way that it prevents it from absorbing any nutrients or minerals. It will keep the roots wet but not moist, eventually killing the plant.

Hence if you are wondering how to make plants grow faster at home with salt or sugar we’d say, it is better to skip it altogether. Use only distilled or tap water for plants this will ensure that the plant is safe and the remedies mentioned in this article can be used to boost its performance in terms of yield and growth.

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In conclusion

If the question of how to make plants grow faster at home is on your mind your quest for answers ends here. As we have seen in the sections above it is rather easy to look after plants at home. All you need is awareness in terms of what your plants require and the type of soil you have.

Secondly, home remedies are a cost-effective way of maintaining plants at home and boosting their growth. So, dig into the pantry and boost plant growth today. Got an idea on how to make plant grow faster?