How to Grow Money Plant in Balcony (Detailed Guide)

Have you been thinking of growing a Money Plant in your homes? Well, we have the perfect guide on how to grow a money plant on the balcony. It has certain steps, tips, and processes that you need to take into account before settings everything up.

Money plant is known to be a sign of good luck and wealth. Most people grow it in their homes or in their balcony garden. It is an evergreen plant that can blossom and grow all year long. You do not need to give such plants any special care. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect plant you can start within your balcony garden.

Here is how you can grow money plants on your balcony super easily.

How to grow a money plant in Balcony Garden?

As we had already discussed, it is super easy to grow this evergreen plant. You can either grow them in soil or in water as well. Moreover, the Money plant is known to be the least maintenance plant that you can grow indoors as well as outdoors.

Grow Money Plant In Balcony
Grow Money Plant In Balcony

Most of the people tend to grow it in their balconies while they also grow the plants inside their homes. To grow a money plant you can either choose small pots or any containers that you already have at your house.

Step-1: Choose the type of pots

The foremost thing to do while growing a money plant in a balcony garden is to choose the right kind of pot you will put it into. You can choose either any normal small-sized pots or a plastic pot as well.

Either of these will work out for the best. Furthermore, these plants are known for growing in bottles as well if you have them at your homes. No need for spending money on buying pots.

Step-2: Type of Soil

Next up, you need to fill the pot with the best quality soil. It is required that you do not compromise when it comes to choosing or mixing soil with low quality.

Money plants can grow in any type of soil, you can even lay down pebbles at the bottom of the pot for good drainage. Create a good mixture of soil and organic matter so that it can grow with the best result.

Step-3: Set the location

Once you have prepared the pot for the money plant, you need to choose a good location so that it can thrive well. As we had discussed, you can set up your own balcony garden and put in the money plant pot for a stunning decoration.

Since these plants do not prefer direct sunlight, make sure to keep them in a partial light or shade. You can hand it on the railing by planting it on a hanging basket.

Step-4: Watering

Since you already know that money plants can grow in water as well. But since it is planted in the soil, the conditions are different. Do not water it unless the soil is completely dry. Overwatering can cause the roots to rot even without direct sunlight. Similarly, water the plants a little lesser during the winters.

Step-5: Fertilization

Money Plants don’t need a lot of fertilization or frequent use of organic matter. But just like any other regular plant, growing it in a soil pot may require a little fertilizer maybe once or twice a month but not more than that.

Step-6: Staking Money Plant

Since you already know that money plants are vine species. They tend to grow in larges vines and so they would need support to climb on. Either be it your indoor home or on your balcony. Make sure you put up a rather supportive stake so that it can climb in a proper direction and does not simply mess up the entire balcony.

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How To Grow Money Plant In Balcony

Can money plants be kept in the balcony?

Yes, indeed it is an excellent place to grow money plants. You can either choose to grow it around the walls, railing, or simply pots away from direct sunlight.

A lot of people grow this plant inside their homes as well. It adds to the natural and scenic beauty of the house. 

One of the major benefits of growing money plants apart from simply good luck is the fact that it can clear toxins in the air or better say keeps the air clean.

Moreover, a lot of households even believe in Vaastu and so they tend to only grow the plant according to the right Vaastu.

If the balcony has been constructed in the right direction, only then does it sound better to grow the plant as well.

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Benefits of growing Money Plants indoor

Money plants have a lot of benefits not only in the health, wealth, and luck domain but also in terms of Vastu. There are tons of benefits that you can list when it comes to growing money plants indoors or in your balcony garden. Here are some of them.

  • Purifies Air and Removes Toxins
  • Helps in reducing stress and works as an anti-radiator
  • Brings luck and finances in check
  • Spreads good energy around the house

Well, here are some of the benefits that we can name. On the other hand, as we heard of Vastu, it is advisable by many who have certain beliefs that the plans must be grown in the south-east direction.

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Here we are with everything you needed to know before you could buy a money plant and grow money plants on your balcony garden. If we conclude you can see that there isn’t a lot that needs to be done to plant the roots of this succulent. It is super simple and only takes a few minutes of your time to plant the money plant in your garden.

With the simple process that we have mentioned along with every equipment you will need, you are good to go. It is true that planting water is way easier than in soils. But for the long term its soil would turn out to be better. You can even create a huge wall covered with green wines of money plants that looks lavish and stunning.

Overall, if you feel you have any doubts regarding the money plant and your balcony garden, do let us know in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.