How to grow money plant from cutting in water + Amazing Caring Tips

Are you grew up to a saying that “If you stole a piece of money plant and it grew and flourished in your house you would prosper and get rich”? Here, let us see, how to grow money plant from cutting in water?

Yesss! It is believed that keeping a money plant at home brings good luck, prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

A green thumb isn’t about luck but about being observant and knowing how mother nature takes care of her house plants.

The money plant is a beautiful plant that you can keep indoor, in your balcony garden, or in a hanging basket.

You can grow the money plant, no matter where you live!

I hope the houseplant-loving community will stick around to this urban jungle article to bring more beauty into everyday life, and experience the magic of nature through plants and a community.

So let me tell how the seed for this article sown!

Some months back in an attempt to add some green to my house, Mom got me a money plant cutting to grow in a bottle. Now the money plant has grown a bit and has settled into the bottle that adds the glory of gardening.

And that’s nothing but my Money Plant which got down to do some research on whether it is better on water or soil.

grow money plant in water
grow money plant in water

Does money plant grow better in water or soil?

The fact is it has no problem sustaining both in soil or water but just doesn’t make the mistake of replacing it from soil to water and vice-versa. The Money Plants growing in water would have softer leaves as compared to the ones growing in soil.

The best part about the plant growing in water is that you don’t have to remember watering them as they are already in the water!

Sounds great right?

  • This plant doesn’t require direct sun rays and thus the shady areas can also be lit up with the presence of a money plant.
  • The wild Money Plants generally grow up to 50–60 feet tall — thus they can be called a Monet Tree. But when you grow it in a pot in your home, it would reach 10–15 feet only. So, the environment makes all the difference!

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How to grow money plant from cutting in water

Money Plants are one of the few plants which can be directly rooted in water and maybe this is the reason for its popularity among native gardeners.

All you need is a jar preferably a dark color as that will slow the algae growth. If and when algae do form over time, just remove the plant and water and clean the jar. Now add fresh water and keep the plant.

You can grow a big fish in a small pond!

Yes, We can amass greenies in a small glass bottle. Even a wine bottle can do wonders. Growing money plants in a small glass bottle are the easiest and most foolproof way. Glass bottles make it really easy to see when plants need more water.

How to grow money plant from cutting in water? We can easily grow money plant cuttings in water. Here the steps for getting a breath of fresh air and how to grow money plant from cutting in water.

  • Select a healthy-looking thick money plant vine of around 30 cm in length that does not have any visible damage, infection on it.
  • Make a sharp cut of around 45 degrees, just above the node (distinctly visible joint on the vine from where leaves emerge)
  • Put the stem in a small glass jar or glass bottle. Fill the glass bottle with chlorine-free water such that it covers at least one node.
  •  Keep the glass bottle at a place where it can get indirect sunlight. You may keep it near the windows.
  • In 1–2 weeks roots will start developing.
  • For initial days water should be changed when it gets turbidity. But after the plant settles, change the water once every week or two.
How to grow money plant from cutting in water
How to grow money plant from cutting in water

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How to care money plant in water

It is not just about to keep and grow money plants in water, we have to care little. Here are a few caring tips to grow money plant in water.

Tips-1: Shower the water

If the water quality is good and doesn’t get messy, the change of water could be done once a month to get rid of the deprival of oxygen.

To remove chlorine, just let the water stay open in a container for a day to get evaporated. With time, water gets deprived of oxygen. Therefore change the water solution in 1–2 weeks for a healthy money plant.

Tips-2: Pretty little Fertilizer

Money plants can grow in water without any fertilizer using the salts in water. But it grows quite well if a few drops of any liquid fertilizer are used. (1:4 ratio solution, that is one part fertilizer into 3 parts water). Add this diluted solution every 4–6 weeks. Remove the plant before adding the solution and then place it back.

Tips-3: Little hotcakes

Requires temperatures between 15–30deg C, below 10deg the leaves develop spots and turn yellow.

Tips-4: Small Sunshine

Leaves turning yellow and shedding is a sign of excessive sunlight. Money plants don’t like too much heavy sunlight so in summer you could place a wet cloth above it.

Tips-5: Put pests to compose with Pesticide

The money plant does not attract a lot of pests however it sees its fair share of ants and mosquitoes. A water-based household insect spray like Sheltox would get rid of the ants and mosquitoes.

Tips-6: Predict the plant diseases with colors

  • Black spots on the money plant leaves and yellowing of the money plant can be due to overwatering.
  • Low light can result in loss of variegation. Paler looking leaves mean the plant is getting too much sun. 
  • Dry brown edges mean the plant was kept dry too long. 

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Why my money plant is not growing well in water?

Although growing a money plant is very easy, many people face several problems while growing it in water. 

It may be due to a couple of reasons:

  • If your tree is exposed to too much direct bright sunlight, it may bleach the leaves. Move your money tree to a place that receives lots of indirect light.
  • If your money plant is placed near Air-Conditioner, then cold or dry hot air can damage your plant.

Money plants add color, texture, and warmth to the home. They allow year-round access to gardening and can even improve air quality. Many houseplants are easy to grow, but they must be given appropriate care in order to thrive.

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Since your plants were probably started in a greenhouse, grown under ideal conditions — moving them into your home takes a bit of adjustment on their part. Effortlessly make your houseplants thrive with our care tips! Now everyone can become a houseplant hero! Got an idea on how to grow money plant from cutting in water?