How to grow garlic from seed

Garlic is a staple ingredient in many dishes. It’s also good for you! Garlic is not only delicious but also a natural antibiotic and one of the best foods you can eat to help keep your heart healthy. The only problem with garlic is that it’s expensive. To grow your own garlic at home, you need to plant a garlic seed in the spring.

Garlic can be grown in your garden, but it takes up a lot of garden space. You can grow garlic indoors. It’s easy to grow garlic from a seed in the home.

Garlic is hardy, and planting it indoors will give you plenty of time to take care of the garlic plant before allowing it to be planted outside.

How to grow garlic from seeds
How to grow garlic from seeds

Grow garlic from seed

It’s simple to grow garlic from seed. The only tools you need are a small container that will hold about 1/2-inch of soil and a small amount of water.

All you have to do is place the garlic seed in the container and add the soil and water. Add enough water so it won’t dry out, but not so much that it’s too wet.

The garlic plant will need light. Place the container where it will get sunlight. The garlic won’t need much sunlight so make sure the plant is in a bright area but not in direct sunlight.

The garlic seed needs soil that drains well. Use cactus or succulent soil mix for best results. Add 1/4-inch of soil to the container and make an indentation for the garlic seed to fit in. Add the garlic seed to the container and cover it lightly with soil.

Make sure you can see the tip of the garlic. The tip of the seed will turn into a green shoot when it sprouts. When you see new growth, move your garlic plant to a sunny window.

Grow Garlic From a Seed
Grow Garlic From a Seed

Most garlic needs air circulation to grow well so make sure it gets plenty of air circulation to prevent disease problems later on.

Water your plant once a week. In between watering, let the soil dry out a little. This process will allow the garlic to form new roots and grow larger. Once the garlic plant is about 6-inches tall, you can move it outside to a sunny window.

Garlic is hardy so it can withstand some frost. There are different types of garlic that can grow in different areas of the country. Onions will bloom earlier than garlic but they’re not as tasty or nutritionally beneficial as garlic.

Most garlic plants will flower in the spring. You can store the garlic bulbs for about three months. To make the most out of your garlic, harvest it when it’s ready.

Harvesting is easy and only requires you to dig up the plant from its soil and brush away any dirt. Let the plant dry out for a couple of days and then store it in a dark area at room temperature. Use the garlic as soon as it’s dried out.

Garlic is in season from late fall to early spring in most areas of the country. Find the best time to plant your garlic seed and harvest your garlic bulbs or heads for baking, cooking, and storing.

Garlic needs plenty of sunshine, air circulation to prevent disease problems, and water at least once a week to help the plant grow. The best time to plant your garlic seed is in the spring.

How to Grow Garlic From a Seed
How to Grow Garlic From a Seed


Garlic doesn’t like to be transplanted so take care not to disturb the plant when you harvest it. Take care not to break any of the bulbs or cloves on the plant. Also, don’t use a trowel when digging up your garlic if possible, as it will damage some of the cloves.

Brush off any dirt from the outside of your garlic bulb before storing it in a ripe. The cloves should be dry and brush off any dirt. Store garlic moths away from your garlic plants. If you grow it indoors, make sure to keep the windows and doors closed so they don’t die out or get cold.

This fun project is a great way to learn about gardening at home. After learning how to grow garlic at home, you can try growing other vegetables, herbs, or flowers. It’s a fun way to learn about gardening and growing plants.

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