How to divide a peace lily

Peace lilies are wonderful plants to have. These plants rank high on the low maintenance scale. This being said the peace lily is also one of the easiest plants to propagate. This article will take you through how to divide a peace lily. It also includes useful tips and tricks on how to split a peace lily and take care of it.

Dividing a peace lily is fairly simple. All you need to do is remove the mother plant (healthy, mature plant) from its pot, dust the soil that covers the roots, and gently divide the plant from the roots. This plant has readymade sections of sorts at the roots making division a simple task.

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Why do you need to split a peace lily?

Peace lilies are incredible plants and great to have indoors. These plants produce a lovely white flower when mature, making it the reason people choose this plant in the first place. When it comes to splitting the plant there are two main reasons why it’s done.

  • Overgrown plant

Over time you may see the roots of your peace lily peeking from the top or bottom of the pot. This is indicative of the fact that the plant is too big for its pot. If left in the same pot the plant will not receive the required nutrients and will start to wilt.

This can easily be fixed by repotting the peace lily plant either into a bigger pot or by dividing the plant into 2 or 3 smaller plants.

  • Propagation

When you have a mature plant, propagation is a good option. This is when the mother plant is used to have saplings that can be grown and cared for as separate plants.

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 How to split a peace lily?

Given below is a step-to-step guide on how to split a peace lily

Step-1: Deciding when it’s time to split a peace lily 

There are times when you have more than one plant and it is, to say the least, confusing when it comes to choosing the right plant to split.

For this, all you need to do is look for the most mature plant of the lot. The plant that has recently flowered is generally the more mature plant.

This can go another way when you have just one plant but are still confused if it’s time to split the plan. All you need to do is wait for the plant to mature and then go ahead with the division.

Step-2: Use sterilized equipment

Before you split a plant it is important to sterilize the equipment. This can be done using an over the counter disinfectant or you can make one at home. Either way, this is an important step as it protects the plant from bacterial infection and disease.

Step-3: Cover your counter

This is an obvious but overlooked point. As unpotting the plant is a messy process it is important to cover your counter to avoid cleaning.

Step-4: Loosen the soil

Before you start to tug at the plant to free it from the soil loosen it. This will not only reduce effort but also prevent damage. To loosen the soil all you need to do is stick a screwdriver or a twig and wiggle it around a little. You will also need to loosen the soil around the pot.

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Step-5: Grab and pull

Once the soil is loose enough you can easily get the plant out of the put. Do this by holding onto the stem of the plant and pulling it out gently. Do not pull too hard or you will have a broken plant.

Step-6: Dust the roots

Once you have the plant out of the soil it is important to dust off soil from the roots. As the division happens at the roots it will give you a clear view of the portion you need to work with.

Step-7: Identify a crown

Once the roots are clean it will be easier to identify crowns. These are mini-plants that need to be divided.

Step-8: Cut off crowns.

Once you have identified the crowns you can separate them from the mother plant using a pair of scissors or by pulling them apart. Be careful not to damage the roots while doing so.

Step-9: Lay them aside

Instead of potting as soon as you cut the crowns. You can set them aside and work with the mother plant first. After you have cut the crowns repot the mother plant and then come back to the saplings.

Step-10: Pot the saplings.

This is the final step where the sapling or saplings get their own pot with a new potting mix. 

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Note: See that the potting mix is airy and that the pot has drainage holes

Once you pot the sapling water it well and let it grow.

What are crowns in a peace lily?

When we read about peace lilies and how to divide a peace lily the term crown keeps popping up. have you ever wondered what are crowns in a peace lily are and what is their purpose. Read on to find out. 

Crowns in a peace lily are nothing but divisions of the plant from the root up. These are mini-plants that have a nodule, a structure that can be easily identified as a sapling. They grow from the main plant itself. 

Crowns are not easily visible at the surface. You will have to dig up the plant to have a closer look at them.

Note: looking for the crown in a peace lily requires time and patience and the process can get a little messy.

How to identify a crown in a peace lily?

Looking for the crown in a peace lily is fairly simple here is what needs to be done:

  • In order to look for the crowns in a peace lily, it is first important to unpot the plan.
  • Once the plant is unpotted, carefully dust off the soil or potting mix from the roots of the plant. 

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Caution: this can be a little tricky as being rough can damage the roots of the plant. Be careful. 

  • Once the roots are clean you will be able to see individual sections of the plant. Sections that look like mini plants.
  • These sections are crowns and you can propagate the plant by separating them.

How to divide a peace lily using crowns?

Once you identify the crowns in a peace lily dividing them is easy

  • Sterilize your scissors or use a pair of gloves

As you are working at the heart of the plant, it is important to pay close attention to hygiene. It is always a good idea to sanitize equipment before use. This reduces the chances of infection and disease in the plant. 

  • Cut off sections using sharp instruments

Once you have sanitized equipment it is also imperative that you check how sharp it is. This reduces the damage done to the plant when cut using blunt tools.

You can then cut off sections of the plant or the crowns.

Note: The crowns and the stem of these plants are not very tough. You can easily separate them by hand and in most cases do not require special equipment.

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Once you have divided the peace lily using its crowns, lay them down on a clean surface before moving on to the next step i.e. planting.

How to plant a peace lily crown?

The easiest part about planting the crowns of a peace lily is that these are mini plants on their own. Unlike other plants, you need not wait for them to root. This makes the planting a lot simpler. 

  • Use a good potting mix

Peace lilies are not fussy plants when it comes to the type of soil used to grow them. They require something that is light and at the same time something that holds moisture. A good potting mix will help the plant absorb nutrients better and anchor fester. 

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  • Don’t plant pot lilies in a large pot

Peace lilies do well in a medium-sized pot. They grow fast and the roots require room. But be cautious not to use a very large pot as it will not help the plant in any way. You will end up using a lot of potting mix

  • Water the plant

As soon as you repot the plant it is important to water the plant well. This will help the plant anchor. After this, you can water the plant regularly so that it can absorb nutrients from the soil with ease.

How many times can you split a peace lily?

There are questions over discussing boards about the number of times a single peace lily can be split. This purely depends on the number of crowns you see when the plant is pulled off the pot. If there are 3 to 5 crowns that’s the number of times this plant can be split.

When can I split my peace lily?

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If you are wondering When can I split my peace lily? here is all you need to know. 

There is no perfect time to split or divide a peace lily. there are a number of factors that come to play when you are planning to divide the plant. 

  • Time of the year

Most gardeners swear by repotting or splitting the peace lily in spring. If the plant is outdoors it seems to like the air and recovers faster from the repotting. This makes it easier on the plant.

When it comes to indoor plants however any season is a good season. These plants like the sun and the freshness that comes with spring but when moved indoors these conditions can be replicated through the year.

  • Splitting when the plant has outgrown the pot.

When a peace lily has outgrown a pot it is advised that the plant needs to be split. This reduces the strain on the mother plant. This way you will also have a cute little sapling to care for.

This is when you need to split a peace lily. Did you know the peace lily is a versatile plant and can grow well in water?

Here is how you can grow a split peace lily in water

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How to grow a split peace lily in water?

The peace lily can grow well in water as well as soil. Most plant stores sell this plant in water instead of soil. To grow a split peace lily in water here is what needs to be done.

  • Clean the crown and dust off the soil stuck to it.
  • Immerse the roots of the plant in a container filled with water.

Note: do not immerse the entire plant in water only the roots need to be covered. 

  • Add a water-soluble fertilizer – this is probably the most important part as the plant does not receive the required nutrients from water alone. 
  • Change the water often and leave it in a spot that receives bright indirect sunlight. 
How to grow a split peace lily in water
How to grow a split peace lily in water

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In conclusion

This article took us through the process of how to divide a peace lily. The process is not complicated and is suited for novice as well as veteran gardeners. Along with understanding how to split a peace lily, it is important to understand when to split and also how to look after a peace lily after it is split. 

Once you repot the sapling or pups be sure to water them regularly. You will also need to fertilize the plant once in a while so that it receives the required nutrients to grow.

Hope this article on how to divide peace lily was helpful. You can check out other articles like these in our blog section. And do come back to this article when in doubt. Until then Happy gardening!