25 House plants that need little water

Gardening, unlike other hobbies, requires a daily commitment which can get overwhelming at times. If you are someone who wants to have plants in and around your apartment but does not have the time to maintain a full-fledged garden this article is for you. We have put together a list of plants that you can grow in your apartment without much hassle. They are plants that you do not need to water often and thrive on neglect. Let us check 25 house plants that need little water.

When we speak about plants that you do not need to water the first type, that comes to mind is the cactus and its variants. But there are many more plants that need very little to no water.

This article will take you through two variants one that do not need to be watered frequently and two those that grow in water – so all you need to do it fill the pot or container they are placed in with water and let them grow.

House plants that need little water

We will see list of House plants that you rarely need to water.

Watering plants daily can be a task no everyone is cut off for, here are a few plants that liven dull corners of your apartment. And the best part about them is that they can survive without being watered regularly, in fact, they thrive on negligence.

String of pearls

String of pearls is one house plants that need only water to grow.

These tiny plants that retail at about $5 on amazon in the USA, that make a perfect companion for people who love plants on their study table or in the living room. The String of pearls plant is named so because of its appearance that resembles pearls on a string.

They originate in South Africa and can tolerate dry as well as cold temperatures. On the plus side if you are lucky enough to witness these plants bloom you will notice small white flowers that smell like cinnamons.

Aloe Vera

We often read about the health benefits of the aloe vera plant but did u know that these plants can be grown without much effort. They come with instructions to water moderately and carefully translating to -please don’t water me often.

You can safely water these plants once a week or ten days in summers in winters, on the other hand, they require nothing more than a monthly shower.

An indication that these plants need to be watered is dry soil something that is hard as a rock. If you see lingering moisture it is ok to not water the plant for a few more days.

Aloe vera is another house plants that need only water to grow.


Succulents are known as a student and dorm friendly plant variant. These plants come in an assortment of shapes colors and sizes and can add color and spark to an otherwise boring room.

house plants that grow without water

These plants can survive on just a few drops of water this is because they have tiny reservoirs on their leaves that store water for them to use. They are sun-loving plants and love to soak up the heat but do well indoors and away from the light as well.

These plants have unique and eccentric geometric shapes that make having them a trendy statement. On the other hand, these plants are normally sold in a pack of three to five plants and come in tiny colorful pots that make them a pocket-friendly choice. They have shallow roots and can be planted in unconventional places other than the tiny pots they come in.


The Zamioculcas list most plants on this list do not need to be watered frequently. Watering them once a week or in about ten days will keep them in good health. If you water these plants too often the leaves will wilt and the roots will rot resulting in the death of the plant.

During winter and fall it gets easier to maintain these plants as they need to be watered only once or twice a month.

Tip: Look for dry, cracked soil before watering the plant. Don’t water them if the soil is still moist.

Sago Palm

This is a plant that has been around for a long long time. It’s a tough plant that you do not need to water on a regular basis. To keep the Sago Palm in the best form through the year fertilize it several times during summer and spring.

Caution: The Sago Palm is a poisonous plant so keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Snake plant

This plant has a number of names like Sansevieria and the mother-in-law’s tongue and is super easy to plant and grow. They grow in low to medium light so are a great addition to rooms that do not receive much sunlight.

The Snake plant is a perfect companion for those that travel often as they can go without water for days and weeks on end and retail as $29 on e-commerce websites. They also come in several shapes, colors, and sizes so they add an interesting twist to dull rooms.

Note: This plant is known to improve air quality in rooms that they are planted in.


The Spurge like others on this list is a plant that you do not need to water frequently. They can be watered about once a week in summer and spring and less often in winters.

Like most plants in this category, this plant will need to be watered once the soil turns dry and hard. When too wet the plant may rot and die.

Spurge is also one of the popular house plant that need little water.


Most gardeners prefer to sow in spring or summer. The Epipremnum is no exception they can be planted or transplanted in spring or summer and grow well indoors as well as outdoors. They need to be watered once in four of five days in summer and spring and less frequently in winters.


Orchids are flowers that everyone loves but growing them seems like a journey no one wants to embark on. But the fact that these beauties are difficult to plant and grow is far from true. The orchids variants available these days are not only long-lasting but planting and caring for them is easier. Some orchids hold their flower for about 4 to 5 months and they ask for a drink in about a week.

These plants prefer indirect light and can be kept close to heating vents for best results. Avoid direct heat and ducts or drafty windows for best results.

Ponytail palm

The ponytail palm also known as elephant’s foot gets its name from its rugged looks and temperament. They have leaves that look like a ponytail and develop a grey base that resembles a pachyderm’s foot.

The base itself is the reason this plant features in this article. These flattened stems store water so that the plant can use it when required.

This makes the Ponytail a plant that you do not need to water on a regular basis. They love bright light so you can place them closer to the windows.

Getting this plant is a good idea because it grows slowly and hence will not hog up too much place in your apartment. These plants are rather expensive and retail at about $43 – $45 on Amazon in a country like the USA.

Air plant

An interesting name for a plant that is equally interesting in terms of the way it grows. This plant does not only need to be watered it also survives without soil. They can be popped on a shelf or on your work table.

You can get creative and hang them around your apartment to add a little funk to your place. These retail at about $19 on Amazon and come with a crystal bowl.

Tip: you will need to water them once a fortnight simply dunk them in water dry them in a sunny spot. This will give them the required moisture and at the same time wash away the dust and gunk collected on them.

ZZ Plant

If you are wondering this is not a sleeping plant r one that puts you to sleep, its short for Zamioculcas zamiifolia. It’s a plant that’s almost indestructible and can go on for extended periods without being watered.

It has waxy bright green leaves that are held aloft on stiff stems with thick basis that help them conserve water. The ZZ plant retails at $19 and can be purchased from amazon or other e commerce websites.

These plants love to be left alone and grow well when neglected. They do not require a lot of sunlight and hence can be placed in your condo without much thought.


Begonias is a plant known for over the top elaborate leaves that are a bold contrast in rooms they are placed in. the best part about this plant that you need to water them only when you see the leaves drooping.

They retail at $16 and are fairly easily to care for but be careful not to overwater them.

indoor plants that need little water begonia

Spider plant

The Spider plant is a plant that you do not need to water for more than a week. It is adorned with bright green grass like foliage, as the plant matures it sends out arching stems that produce baby plants that look like miniatures of the plant.

This plant prefers indirect sunlight so either hang them on windows that are away from the sun or in rooms away from direct sunlight.

Tip: plant these in dangling pots, this way you will be able to see the babies easily.

Devil’s backbone

There is nothing devilish about these plants so you do not need to worry about the name. they are not trouble causing plants as well in fact these plants can be planted and grown easily in almost any balcony or living area.

This easy to grow plant spot variegated leaves on stems that grow in an interesting zig zag pattern.

Tip: Plant these in vertical planters and leave them to receive bright as the devil’s backbone looks amazing when grown tall. 

Red Aglaonema

The Red Aglaonema is an excellent choice for those that want a plant that stylish as well as rugged. This plant is as beautiful as it is tough.

These plants do not fuss over being watered or the amount of sunlight they receive. Hence, they can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors in low to bright lighting.


Among all the plants mentioned in this blog the Pothos is the most common houseplant seen across the united stated in apartments and condos alike. These plants have dark green leaves splashed with white, yellow or cream, giving it a unique look.

House plants that need little water

These plants grow fast without fuss and can be either be potted by themselves or in combination with other plants. These plants prefer brighter conditions but adjust well to dark and gloomy rooms making them a perfect fit for apartments located in all zones.

Pothos are the best house plants that need little water. These are outdoor potted plants that don’t need much water.


The Beaucarnea plant needs to be watered every 20 to 30 days in spring as well as summer. In winters the duration between each watering session can go up to 45 to 50 days. These factors make it a perfect fir for students and working individuals in all zones of America and countries alike.


Of all the plants that can grow without being watered regularly, we have nonflowering plants that are more common. What if you could have a flowering plant that doesn’t need to be watered as frequently as the ones commonly planted in gardens.

The Kalanchoe plant is one such plant that accumulates moisture in its leaves giving you the liberty of not watering them for a few days. These plants are perfect for those that need to travel often.


The Podocarpus is a coniferous tree that grows a few inches tall. With this you can bost of a tree growing in your living room. It requires moderate watering in spring and summer and in winter it can go on for longer without being watered.


The Crassula is a plant that you do not need to water for about 5 – 7 days at a stretch. These plants can go on for days without getting thirsty.

Tip: Pay attention to the soil it shouldn’t be too dry or too moist – water according to the zones you live in.

Pregnant onion

These plants have an unforgettable name and it fits the way they live. These plants grow as small bulbs that retail at about $9.99 and make plant babies. These plants do not need to be watered regularly and can go for weeks without water.

Cast-iron plant

The Cast iron plant stays true to its name with foliage that is thick and all withstanding nature. The oblong and leathery long leaves make them tolerant to almost all-weather conditions. These plants retail at about $26 to $30 on most e-commerce websites.

Like others, this plant needs to be watered once the soil is dry which is generally in about 5 to 7 days.


These plants are seen in most landscapes as their spiky foliage gives an interesting twist to most landscape designs. When planted in home gardens, these plants need to be planted in deeper pots.

They store water in their thick foliage and the roots grow rather deep to look for and soak up all the moisture available. These low care drought-tolerant plants are a hit in most home gardens and can also be kept as dorm plants.


The Sedum is a plant that needs to be watered about once a week in spring and summer and only once a month in winters. They grow well in all soil types and are not sensitive about the amount of sunlight they receive. These plants come in two variants ones that flower and ones with variegated leaves.

Yes these all are the House plants that need little water.

Gardening is as interesting as it is gratifying with these 25 variants you will have the pleasure of having plants in your living space and at the same time will spend time that you would usually spend on their upkeep.

These were plants that you can purchase as saplings over the internet and use as houseplants almost instantly. They are also not very expensive as compared to other plants and seeds that are seasonal.

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In conclusion

Gardening need not be a herculean task that takes up all your time. You can now choose plants that you do not need to water regularly and have the best of both worlds. One where you have time to do things that you enjoy as well as the other where you are surrounded by plants that brighten up your living space. Moreover, unlike traditional gardening, these plants can be left to grow all year through, this way you will always have a plant at home.

I hope you can try these House plants that need little water in your garden. Happy gardening.