Top 15 House plants that grow in water

Plants that are chosen to be kept indoors are generally those that are easy to maintain and at the same time tolerant of all weather conditions and changes that come with them. What if you could have plants that are beautiful and at the same time are house plants that need only water to grow? It would make life so much simpler, right? Check out here 15 house plants that grow in water. This blog will help you to know what plants can grow in water.

In this article, we will take you through plants that need only water to grow. It also includes plants that use this method for propagation. Many plants grow well in water and it is a tried and tested method of propagation.

Sometimes this method is used to root plants before they can be transferred to pots. This way you can use cuttings from the parent plant, leave it in a jar of water for a few weeks, and pot the plant after the roots are big enough.

house plants that grow in water

Either way, this is an interesting and easy method used to grow and care for plants. It is a more compact and effortless method as all you need is a container that can hold water – a recycled container from the kitchen or a glass goblet works just fine.

It is a comparatively slower technique to grow plants but at the same time, your house garden will remain lush longer with the watering ritual. All you need to do is change the water regularly to avoid insects that breed in stagnant water.

How does growing plants in water work?

For plants to grow they require water, nutrients, oxygen, sunlight so that they can photosynthesize and support to keep them upright. When they are planted in the soil the support and nutrients part is taken care of.

The placement of the plant determines the amount of sunlight it receives. Water, on the other hand, needs to be provided from time to time and as this is the most important factor, we see plants drying out when not watered.

If you take a scenario where you replace the soil with a bottle with water that is full of nutrients placed in a sunny spot. You will be able to grow most plants. This is the reason propagation is done with the help of this method.

When fertilizers are added to the water the plant can absorb all the nutrients. When this method is used it also eliminates the possibilities of under or overwatering.

On the other hand, it also eliminates the risk of diseases that come along with planting the sapling in the soil directly. This way the plant will be strong enough when transferred to a pot.

House plants that grow in water

Some plants grow in water alone and are biologically designed to survive in water itself, So, without much ado here are house plants that need only water to grow, are the plants for water garden.

1. Philodendron

Among all the Philodendron variants the Heart-Shaped Philodendron grows well in water. This plant is adaptive in nature and adjusts to its surroundings well. They are fairly easy and straight forward to grow. Simply take about 6-inch cuttings of the plant and immerse them in a jar of water and let them stay. Be sure to change the water regularly.

These plants are not particular about lighting and can grow in almost all light situations. This being said the brighter the place the bigger and greener the leaves, it will also enhance stocky growth.

Tip: Adding charcoal to the water prevents algae formation

2. Lucky bamboo

These plants make excellent return gifts and are seen in most households. The indoor plants grow in water and a narrow vase is a perfect fit for them. These plants can be purchased online and basic versions are inexpensive.

They come in a small petri dish like containers when shipped and can be transferred to a bigger container as they grow. The Lucky bamboo tends to become top-heavy and will topple in smaller containers, so look for a container that’s sturdy enough.

You can plant them in wider containers and surround them with colorful gravel or pebbles to stabilize them and also add a bit of color. These plants can also be shaped in ways you fancy. Simply bind them when you need twists and turns and let them grow. Hearts and letters are the common shape variants.

Tip: Make sure that the roots are completely submerged in water as this will help it grow well.

3. Chinese Evergreen & Dumbcane

The Dumbcane and Chinese evergreen plant is one with leathery leaves with a silvery pattern. Propagation of these plants happens well in a transparent container filled with aquarium pebbles or sand. They can be left there till they mature or you can transfer the plants into a pot with soil.

4. Spider plant

The Spider plant is a plant that requires very little water to grow and is featured in an article dedicated to house plants the need only water to grow as well because of its dual nature. They can be grown in water as well as soil.

To grow them in water, take a few cuttings from the parent plant and place them in a glass jar or any container filled with water. These plants can be left here or moved to into a pot with soil after they root. If you plan on moving them to a pot let the roots grow a little till, they seem strong enough to support the plant.

5. Arrow plant

The arrow plant is an excellent example of house plants that need only water to grow, it is a climber and like most vining plants these can be grown without much effort. Keep refilling the container with fresh water every 4 to 6 days.

They can be transplanted into the soil in a few weeks or left to grow in water. This plant will keep growing until it has a continuous supply of water. Arrow plant is one of the best water plants.

6. Coleus

The coleus is the most colorful plant on this list. There are new variants that hit the market almost every spring adding to the colors and design combinations already available. They have colorful serrated leaves that look beautiful when planted in a glass jar.

This plant requires indirect sunlight hence it can be grown indoors all year round. They make a lovely counter piece in a mason jar filled with water. To plant these colorful beauties take a six-inch cutting from the parent plant and remove the leaves from the bottom four inches. Now immerse it in a jar filled with water and watch it grow.

Tip: Compost tea added to the water about once a month helps enhance its growth

7. Wandering Jew

These plants are the toughest house plants that need only water to grow and flourish in warmer climates. The amazing purple-coloured and particoloured varieties make them the most sought-after houseplants. These plants can be grown in water in terrariums and prefer rooms that are low to moderately lit.

These plants can be multiplied easily by cutting the nodes and immersing them in jars of water. All leaf nodes along the stem will have tiny roots ready to be planted. Just chop these and you will have a new plant in no time.

8. Dracaena

Most variants of the Dracaena plant come in the category of House plants that need only water to grow. These plants grow well in narrow glass jars. These plants can be a little fussy about the water they are planted in as they require chlorine and fluoride-free water.

Tip: change the water about two times a week or when it starts to look hazy.

9. Impatiens

The impatiens can grow well in water, they love water so much that they are used sometimes as marginal pond plants. To plant these, remove all the lower leaves of a stem snipped from the parent plant and submerge it in a glass jar.

In the spring you will find a free supply of the impatiens around most neighbourhoods of the United States. You can collect stem cutting from there and grow your own at home.

10. Begonia

Like Impatiens the Begonia plant can be grown in water by keeping them in a clear bowl for about two months. Wax Begonias are common in most households as they have knobby leaf nodes that form roots easily. Simply place them in a container filled with water and watch them grow.

You can also plant rex begonias that can be grown from a single leaf in water. The process of getting a full-fledged plant from a leaf will take a few months but it’s completely worth the wait. Change the water every week as it will reduce bacteria formation that rots the root.

11. Paperwhite

These lovely flowers resemble lilies and are the best house plants that need only water to grow. To plant these bulbs, take a clear glass container and fill about one-third of it with gravel and seashells. After the lower portion is filled used it to anchor your bulbs. Fill the terrarium with water and let it grow.

Tip: Keep them in a rather bright spot and you should see them bloom in about 4 weeks.

12. Ornamental sweet potato

These vines can be grown in a glass container on a tabletop. Trim a few stems close to the node and place them in a container filled with water. In a few days, you will see them grow.

13. African Violet

These plants are generally grown from the leaves of the parent plant. There are variants of this plant that flower and can be propagated using the traditional method, but it’s simpler to use young healthy leaves of the African Violet to start new plants.

To do this simply cut the leaf with about two inches of stem and place it in a bottle (preferably with a narrow neck) filled with water. In about 20 to 30 days you will see roots forming which will in time turn into a new plant.

14. Baby’s tears

An unusual name for a plant but the name comes from the shape and density of their leaves. these plants produce leaves that are tiny and cover the creeping stem completely. These dense yet delicate stems form a trailing mat along with the planters they are in.

Planting these are extremely simple, pinch a few stems with or without roots and place them in a container filled with water. They will grow in about 3 weeks.

Tip: These plants produce a lot of leaves and hence you need to cut off the leaves floating in the water to keep them from rotting. This can be done while changing the water. Once the roots are mature enough you can reduce the amount of water in the container.

14. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known to be plants that are adaptive to the conditions they are planted in. these plants grow thick roots when planed in the soil to absorb the nutrients from it. when planted in water the roots are thin and more in number, this helps them feed the plant.

If you buy these plants examine the roots carefully for damage before planting them. Fill a container with distilled water and not chlorinated water as this will damage the plant. Cut a hole on the top of a plastic stopper and use this to keep the plant in place by placing it at the top of the container.

Insert the lilies in the container and ensure that the roots are completely submerged. You can add a few drops of liquid fertilizers or a small quantity of the water-soluble brands available.

Tip: Place lilies in indirect sunlight they are not very fond of the sun.

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In conclusion

We see a lot of households wanting to have a green cover but this is sometimes difficult due to the lack of space but mostly due to the lack of time. With these house plants that need only water to grow it is easy to have a plant growing in your room as all you need to do is change the water from time to time.

On the other hand, it adds life to an otherwise dull dorm or living room. So, what are you waiting for? Plant house plants that grow in water one today. These are the top 15 water garden plants. Happy gardening!