How to grow Orchids in Balcony Garden

If you live in a hot country or it’s the summertime, there is no better plant to grow in your balcony garden other than Orchids. You can skip all the other flowers or plants you are thinking of potting in your garden, and directly get on with the beautiful Orchids. Let us see now how to grow Orchids in Balcony Garden.

Orchids are known for their stunning beauty and the variety of colors they are found in perfect to bring a garden view from your home.

It is super easy to take care of them and also plant them with a few simple instructions that you will have to follow.

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There are multiple varieties of these flowers and you can look for the easiest ones for starters.

A lot of people have had the idea to grow orchids in a container and it is indeed possible. So we have brought every information you can get so that it is easier for you to grow orchids in your balcony garden. Here we go.

How to grow Orchids in Balcony Garden

Here are the steps that you can follow very carefully to easily grow orchids in your balcony garden the easier way.

1. Choosing the Right Pot

Well, Orchids are mostly grown in outdoor garden areas. However, over the years the new hybrid varieties are easier to grow in balcony gardens in large containers or pots.

So, the very first thing that you will need for your orchid garden, is selecting the right size of the pot. You will need a substantially large pot or container to grow orchids in your garden.

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When we say largely that means big enough for the roots to be perfectly spread out. If you have a small garden, you may not have enough space, so anything of medium size would also work out for the best.

Similarly, a good container with a stand can be a brilliant option to go for if you are not looking to go for large pots.

2. Potting Medium

You should know that Orchids do not grow well in soil. It is an epiphyte meaning it grows well on other pants stems and takes nutrients from them themselves.

However, since we are looking to plant them in pots or containers, the right potting medium here would be a peat mixture.

You can easily get the medium in your local store from where you will purchase the seedling to plant.

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In fact, another great medium that it can grow best is the right mixture of charcoal and broken pieces of bricks. It does sound strange but it is what it is best known for.

If you get hold of the Sphagnum moss, you can add it to the above mixture since it is good for retaining water.

3. Light and Location

After you have everything set up and the pot is prepared with the plant in it. The next important tithing will be to choose the right location where according to the requirement, it needs to get sunlight. So, orchids should be put under direct sunlight.

The leaves may burn off or get dried which isn’t something you would want to see.

Although they do need a good amount of sunlight so you can keep it in a place where there is indirect sunlight or even partial shade for the entire day.

This will ensure that the plant’s requirements are met and there isn’t too much of light on the plant as well.

4. Humidity

Not all the plants are focused on the need for humidity as much as seen with the Orchids plants. Any variety of this plant requires a moist and humid environment to get the best results.

Since the plant is not grown on soil the water retention capacity decreases and also due to evaporation the water may not be enough for the growth.

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Here you can choose to use the plastic pots since water evaporation will decrease significantly and retain water efficiently.

Similarly, too much wind is also not favorable since it is being kept in the balcony. So, make sure it is taken care of well enough in proper proportion.

5. Watering

After you have planted the seedling, you need to water it every day for a few days at least for a kick start.

Since it is an epiphyte plant and does not grow in soil, you need to water it every single day and a lot more frequently than any other normal soil-grown plants you have potted before.

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Especially during the summer season, you need not wait for the plant to dry, rather water them every day.

It is advisable to drench the pot with water once a week. You can take the pot in the kitchen sink or else simply water it at your convenience.

If you have large pots it can be difficult to move from one place to another every time. You can even choose to use drip irrigation if you are too lazy to water them every day.

6. Fertilizer

You can use fertilizers on orchid plants once every month which is enough for healthy growth. It will be better to use the liquid solution which isn’t very strong since you do not want to promote extensive root growth in the potting medium.

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Fertilizers are also available in your local nursery or buy one from your favorite e-commerce store at the convenience of your home.

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How to care for Orchids at home?

Taking care of Orchid plants is necessary after you have planted it as per what we have mentioned above.

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All the steps and instructions need to be followed since you might be new to this. Here are some tips that you can take care of at home.

  • Orchids need ample water and it can only happen when you keep a regular check on it. Since there is no soil involved, you need to water them every day.
  • You must know about the need for humidity by Orchid plants. They need more than fifty percent of humid weather to keep growing in the best manner. You can use a humidifier, place a water-filled saucer, or you can also use a plate with pebbles that bring humidity naturally.
  • During the course of growth, fertilizers are very important. Make sure to add them at least twice every week till they have grown enough. After which you can skip once it has grown enough.
  • Another important aspect that you should know is the time when the orchids will need repotting. As soon as you feel that the plants are near about dying is the time you need to repot them.
  • It is always possible that your plant may be infected by pests or any kind of insects. So, it is required to always have a good check on those and use disinfectants to get rid of them.
  • Moroever, never put the orchid plant under direct sunlight. You can simply destroy them, hence looking at the right instructions is indeed very important for a healthy plant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do orchids need a lot of sunlight?

Yes, orchids need a lot of sunlight the entire day. You can keep them under the sun for the entire day and it will thrive no matter what. However, you need not put it under direct sunlight as it tends to burn the leaves.

Keeping the pot under indirect or partial sunlight would do the job enough for the flowers to bloom perfectly.

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2. What kind of orchid fertilizer should I use?

A lot of people would recommend you use the liquid fertilizer which is perfect for this flower or plant.

However, if you look for the right fertilizer you will find that special ones are available for Orchids themselves that have the right nutrients your plant would need.

3. Are coffee grounds good for orchids?

Yes, it is indeed true. Coffee Grounds makes perfect natural organic matter for any kind of plant. If you are not comfortable with using fertilizer, you can go for coffee grounds as it gives nitrogen and other good soil nutrients for plants.

This too needs to be added only once or twice per month to keep the plant growing.

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Final Thoughts

Orchid plants are pretty easy to grow, unlike all the others you have led your hands on. It doesn’t need soil as a medium and rather the perfect potting mix easily available in your local nursery store.

All you need to take care of is to get them enough water and also make sure there is a good amount of humidity in the environment. Orchids do not need the stems to be underwater all the time, but they do need moisture.

To add humidity you can use a tray filled with stones to allow the orchid pot to be above a pool of water. This will protect the water from evaporation.

Furthermore, it is better to start with a less expensive variety of plants because even if you fail and it does not work out for you, there will be no regrets and you can start over from scratch. Here, we saw how to grow Orchids in Balcony Garden.