How to grow money plant faster [7 Super easy tips]

Are you the one who loves to decorate your balconies and gardens? Then you should know how to grow money plant faster, it is a perfect plant to make your balcony garden beautiful.

Are you the one who loves nature and need more greenies climbing up your windows and balcony?

Then this plant is for you!

The money plant is the fastest growing climbing plant that can grow up to 20m high.

How to make money plant grow faster

So how to grow money plants faster in the soil?

Simple! All you need is a pot and soil!

  • Take a medium size container with a hole at the bottom for proper water drainage.
  • Fill it up with free-draining soil and plant the money plant cutting.
  • That’s it. Keep watching its growth from the nodes as its roots spread inside the soil. 
  • Don’t forget to dip a stick alongside. So, its branches or vines can climb easily with support.
grow money plant faster
grow money plant faster

Easy tips to grow money plant faster

And now let me give you some tips to grow faster a beautiful money plant!

The great thing about the money plant is, it claims less maintenance and care. Also, you can also plant it in soil or even water. I hope the below ideas and tips would be more helpful to you to grow money plants faster at home or on your balcony.

Grab these tips to grow money plants faster!

Money plants easily propagate from cuttings. Also, you can plant it either in soil or even water.

If you want to grow money plants faster, then first plant it in water. Let the roots develop and then transplant them in a pot containing soil. Once, you notice some growth over there, then shift it to a soil container. This will help the plant to grow better and faster.

1. Shower the Water!

Watering will definitely help the money plant grow money plants faster. But usually, the money plant does not require too much water. Make sure to let the soil dry between two watering sessions. 

Water the plant once every 7–10 days during summer and 2–3 weeks in winter.

2. Small Sunshine!

Have you ever tried keeping a money plant near your window or balcony?

You can feel the love of nature by watching it grow towards the sunlight. Yesss, the money plant is a sun-loving plant. For the ideal fast growth of a money plant, alternate sunlight, and shade is essential.

3. Select pot smartly!

If you wish to keep your money plant as an indoor plant, then go for a small pot. The growth of the plant is closely related to the pot size. You can also plant it directly to the soil also without using a pot. To grow money plants faster in soil, use clay pots with a hole at the bottom.

You can also use plastic and ceramic pots for growing money plants faster. You can keep a saucer under the pot or any container used to get rid of drainage water making a mess on your floor or damaging carpets.

Decorative pots and glass jars are also available in the market for growing money plants inside your home and balcony

4. Pretty little Fertilizer

Money plants can grow in water without any fertilizer using the salts in water. But money plant grows quite faster and well if a few drops of any liquid fertilizer are used. (1:4 ratio solution, that is one part fertilizer into 3 parts water).

Add this diluted solution every 4–6 weeks. Remove the plant before adding the solution and then place it back. You can see the rapid growth of the money plant.

how to grow money plant faster
how to grow money plant faster

5. Climb it up!

To foster faster growth of money plant, You can use a wooden or plastic pole warp with husk for climbing the money plant up.

Once the stem grows, tie it up until the plant reaches the top progressively. You can also use coir ropes to wrap around plastic or glass poles which will give enough support for the plant to grow up. 

6. Prune your plant!

Pruning your plant will give the rapid growth of the money plant. Trim by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems of the money plant. Try these tips to grow money plants fast and bright.

7. The best place to place money plant!

Can money plants be kept in the balcony?

The traditional Hindu system of corrective architecture, Vastu Shastra, advises us to surround our home with the money plant to invoke positive energy field.

The money plant is not much sensitive to sunlight. Hence, you can grow money plants either in direct or indirect sunlight. Still, extreme heat may cause its leaves to turn white or yellow or sometimes it burns. So, have it in shaded places like verandah or balcony or near window shades. You may hang its branches on windows or home entrances.

It looks more appealing and inviting and also grow much faster.

So when to sow the seed?

You don’t bother much about the perfect season to plant money plants. You may grow it with no extensive care under any time or weather conditions to see more growth. 

Little Care and more maintenance!

how to grow money plant faster indoors
how to grow money plant faster indoors

Make sure you are pruning or trimming money plant branches at least once in a year. So, it will stay looking at ensuring a compact look.

Remove its pale yellow or white leaves to keep the money plant healthy and let its energy go waste feeding dead branches. This will boost the growth of the plant.

A money plant is considered lucky for the house. Money plants can grow without much assistance and care. It is believed that the money plant brings good luck, prosperity, happiness, and wealth.

You can grow this as an indoor or outdoor plant. If you want to grow it really well, then you have to take some extra care of it.

Feel fresher, breathe clean air, and let it brings more luck, prosperity, and hence money to your house. Also, decorate your interior, home entrances, windows, kitchen, and dining areas growing money plants. Hang it in any pattern as you like.

Without further due, go and plant money plant at home. Follow the above-mentioned tips and see the faster growth of money plants!

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Yeah! Faster the growth of money plants. When we were put in the garden of the earth, it’s our duty to make at least our own home beautiful.