How to grow mint in Balcony Garden

Mint is known to be the fastest-growing plant and probably the most culinary herb to grow in a balcony garden. You can easily grow mint in your balcony garden in a pot or a container. It does not require a lot of maintenance and indeed grows perfectly well in small pots too.

Similar to any other herbs, you need to know only certain small steps and the needs of such small plants. With sowing seed or seedling in small numbers, you can get a lot of such bushes within days.

People all over the world especially in India grow mint for its tons of properties apart from being simply edible. You can use it for digestion issues, headache, skincare, Weight loss, Fatigue, Oral care, and a lot more.

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The best part about these plants is that it can be grown all year long even during the winter seasons.

Furthermore, if you feel you need more of these plants, simply pluck out a seedling and replant it in another pot and gain loads of bishes yet again.

Let us now see how we can plant a balcony mint garden indoors.

Types of different varieties of Mint Plants

Well, since you have already understood how to grow these mint plants in your balcony, it is also important that you know that there are multiple varieties of such plants in the market.

Some of them you may have already heard about in your daily life while some are not very popular.

All of these have similar requirements and can be grown super easily in your balcony with minimum supervision. Here is a list of all the Mint plants varieties that you will love.

  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint
  • Apple Mint
  • Cat Mint
  • Pineapple mint
  • Pennyroyal
  • Ginger Mint
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Red Raripila Mint
  • Orange Mint
  • Licorice Mint
  • WaterMint
  • Basil Mint

There are few more of these varieties and while you buy one from the nursery choose one for your balcony after knowing more about each one of them.

It has been proved by researchers and scientists that peppermint is a great remedy to provide relief to you if you are suffering from this. You can simply add the oil to your food and enjoy the benefits by getting quick relief as well as long-term effects on your IBS.

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Furthermore, all of them are not edible so you need to make sure you chose the right one.

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Benefits of growing Mint Plants in Balcony Garden

It is super easy to grow mint plants in your balcony garden. As we had already discussed that there are several benefits of growing it indoors since it has huge medicinal benefits, culinary purposes, tea, allergies, etc. Let us look at them and make the best use of it.

1. For Indigestion

Using peppermint is a very effective way to treat issues of indigestion. You can choose to grow peppermint in your home since everyone these days has issues with their stomach.

The mint leaves will keep the stomach lining cool and also relax the muscle. Furthermore, you can make peppermint oil and use it in your cooking.

2. Improves IBS

Have you heard about Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS? This is a common disorder related to your digestive tract and its organs. You can feel acid reflux quite often, digestion issues, gas, pain, and other bowel disorders.

3. Add to Your Diet

The most common benefits of using mint leaves are by adding it in your everyday diet. You can use it in your soup, shakes, dessert, salads, etc.

Not only this, but it is also very beneficial if you have a mad breadth. Simply take some leaves, wash them, and get rid of that bad smell from your mouth.

You should not eat them a lot or every day but occasionally with food can be enough. As we know, these leaves increase the metabolism of the body thus helping in weight loss a lot faster than in general.

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4. Get Rid of Cough and Cold

Have you been experiencing cough and cold due to change in season? Well, there is a huge chance that you may catch it more often especially if you have a weak immune system.

You can simply use mint leaves in your tea to get instant relief. Or add the leaves in your diet and it will like a natural medical herb for not only cold but also your stomach.

5. Rich in Nutrients

Well, apart from all the benefits you cannot deny the fact that mint is rich in nutrients. Some of the most common elements found in mint leaves are potassium, magnesium, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and a lot of others as well.

It surely isn’t just enough for your entire body but as a natural substance, you can consume it often so that your body, as well as your skin, get the maximum benefit.

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How to grow Mint in a Balcony Garden

Here are some of the necessary steps that you can take to grow the mint plant in your balcony garden. All of the steps are taken into consideration since you may have a small or a larger balcony. But it is necessary that you absolutely have the right pot, soil, location, watering, etc. Here we go.

1. Get the Right Pot or a Container

We would start off by selecting the right pot for your mint plant. So, you can choose to buy an approx 8 inches pot that has a depth of about 10-12 inches. You don’t need to have a very deep pot since these are small plants. 

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Similarly, do not have a very shallow pot since you would not like the plant to have weakened roots. Make sure to have good drainage as well beneath the pot so that the extra water then seeps through and does not damage the roots in any way.

Next up you need to select the right location for the plant that is perfect for its everyday growth.

2. Location

As we had already selected the pot for the mint plant, we can now move on to getting the right spot where you would be keeping the pot. Well, you should know that these are perennial plants and grow best in early spring.

They would need good sunlight but during the evening partial shade works pretty well overall.

Keep it away from frost during the winters and make sure it gets ample sunlight. Since these are smaller pots that you will be putting your plant into, you can first prepare and then place it as it will not be too heavy to pick and place.

3. Perfect Soil Mixture

You will need a good potting soil mixture for your pot to plant the mint in it. Any soil would not serve the purpose, rather you will have to get a light mixture of peat moss, nutrients, perlite, and other ingredients if you want to make it yourself. Or simply buy it from your nursery along with the mint seedling.

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Once you are ready with the soil, it is time to evenly layer it out in the pot and make sure you leave no gap. After this, you need to simply plant the seedling. Look at the next step to see how you can do it without having any gardening accessories.

4. Plant the Seedling

All you need to do now is buy a proper and healthy seedling either online or from your nearby nursery. You might be wondering why not get some seeds and grow it similarly.

Well, it will take ages to get them to become a seedling especially since you will be planting the mint plant in a balcony garden.

Make a small space in the middle of the pot and remove some soil. Place the seedling carefully and cover it up with the soil properly.

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Let the soil settle and add some water to let the plant settle down enough. Do not overwater the plant as it may not get enough oxygen to breathe.

5. Watering

Mint plants love moist soil. It gives the plant enough space to breathe in and also helps it grow altogether. During summer it may need water more than usual so make sure to give it enough water as soon as the soil dries up.

Take special care during the winter season as the soil only needs to be moist and you can simply water the soil 3-4 times every week.

No sense of overwatering or even leaving the soil dry for days would allow the plant to grow in any manner. If you are too tired of water every time, you can simply put up drip irrigation for all your plants and that would do the job.

6. Fertilization

Just like any other plant, herbs of any kind need good fertilization. The mint plant will need the same as well. You will find different kinds of fertilizers but we would recommend that you go for the liquid one.

The reason for that is, it can be easily dissolved and does not create any kind of pests or insects that can harm the soil.

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Furthermore, it is advisable that you use organic manure or compost since they have zero chemicals and also help plants to grow a lot better.

Similarly, make sure to provide the soil with the necessary fertilizer or manure only twice every month. Do not over-fertilize it no matter what as it may stop the growth or kill the plants.

7. Harvesting

Taking care of the plant is simply very easy. Give proper water and temperature and that is all it needs. Once the leaves are grown enough, you can choose to harvest them so that you can use it for your benefit in multiple purposes.

Simply pluck the leaves and wash them properly. Do not put pressure on the roots or these delicate plants may come off and destroy them easily.

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Also, there is no harm if you would simply prune the leaves or the stems that have turned yellow. This will allow the plant to grow properly and healthier. These plants also lead to growing flower buds which you should cut off since you do not need them.

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Grow Mint In Water

You may have either seen or heard of people growing mint plants in water with no soil. It indeed is a great method and a lot easier.

If you have very few resources for potting the plant in the soil. You can simply buy a seedling from the nursery and follow the process below.

  • Buy net cups from eCommerce stores or simply get it from where you bought the seedlings. In fact, you can make a hole in any container or a bottle indeed and place the root of the seedling inside.
  • Remove every bit of leaf from the root side that is submerged in the water. It will help the roots to grow.
  • You can easily add 2-3 seedlings to fill up the container.
  • Fill up the container with fresh water.

As we know that the mint plants need sunlight, keep it in your balcony where they can get good sunlight all day long.

You can either keep changing water every 3-4 days so that the plants are fresh. Or add liquid fertilizer to help with the speedy growth of the plant.

Simply add a few drops of fertilizer and not more. These are small plants and do not need a lot of these. If you find yellow leaves, make sure to remove them. NOt more than twice would you be required to add the fertilizer in the water.

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Final Thoughts

These are the two methods that you can grow mint in your balcony garden. You can choose either of the methods and start the process as we have mentioned above. All you need to make sure is that you do not put an excess of anything. No excess water or fertilizer no matter what happens.

As we had mentioned it is super easy to grow herbs in your balcony just like mint. A perfect-sized pot, soil mixture, watering, temperature, location, and good care is all needed for any kind of plant.

Either be it growing fruits or any other kind of vegetable. Every plant needs different proportions of all these steps but the base is what you have seen. 

Even if you are unable to grow proper mint leaves you can let us know where you are stuck. We will assist you in any way. Leave a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.