How to grow mint from cuttings

Do you have mint plants growing in your balcony garden? If yes, well you can grow a lot more mint plants from their cuttings and create a bush full of mints for loads of benefits and uses. But it can be new to everyone who has just started, so make sure you check out a proper guide on how to grow mint plant from cuttings in your balcony easily.

There have been loads of questions about the needs and requirements of mint plants for healthy growth. Especially related to water, sunlight, growth, etc. So, to make things easier for you can check out all your queries that have been answered here.

Furthermore, there isn’t anything special that you need to do to grow mint plants from a cutting. In fact, it is a lot easier than growing any other plant.

can you grow mint from cuttings
can you grow mint from cuttings

Let us look at the steps to grow mint from cuttings.

How to Grow Mint from Cuttings

The steps are rather very simple. You will need a scissor or Secateurs if you have at your home to cut the stems from the plant.

Also, to grow roots from those cuttings, a small glass jar will be needed to fill in water. Furthermore, a small pot and a good soil mixture will be required in the end.

Here is how you can grow mint using all the above.

Step 1: Take Healthy Cuttings

We will be starting by taking a healthy cutting from your mint plant. Make sure that the stem you are cutting down is at least 8cm in length. You can do this by using the Secateurs or a scissor would also work in such cases. 

Moreover, since these are small herbs, taking 3-4 cuttings will be great to grow a bunch of mint plants in a single pot. Furthermore, simply remove all the leaves from the lower end of the stem since we will be using it to grow roots and replant them in a pot.

How To Grow Mint From Cuttings
How To Grow Mint From Cuttings

Step 2: Put the Stem in Water

Once you have cleared out all the leaves from the bottom of the stems, you can now put them inside the water jar. Well, first take a jar and fill it up with water. Place all the stems in it and make sure the leaves are above the water level.

It does not need sunlight yet so keeping in the open and airy atmosphere. Wait for a few days until the roots have grown enough to be planted.

Steps 3: Plant the Mint plant

Now, it will take a few weeks to grow the roots as we have mentioned above. So, keep checking on it and wait for it. You can now prepare the pot to plant the mint.

Take a small pot that will be sufficient for such herbs or smaller plants. Create a good soil mixture by adding necessary minerals and organic manure for the good growth of the plants. Ass them to the pot and cover it up properly.

It is time to take out the plant from the water and place it in the potting soil mixture. Remove a small portion of the soil from the middle and place the mint plant carefully. Cover the roots with the soil properly and leave it as it is. That is all you need to do to plant the mint plant.

how to grow mint from cuttings in soil
How to grow mint from cuttings in soil

Step 4: Add Water

Next up, considering the fact that you have now planted mint in a pot properly, you need to provide water to the soil for moisture. Since you already know that overwatering is never the answer for any plant. So only add a glass of water in the pot to add enough moisture to it.

Make sure to place it under the sun for hours. During summer they may need more than usual and the vice versa goes for the Winter season.

Step 5: Pruning

Many of the gardeners may not mention this important part to you while growing any kind of plant. A lot of times you may see a huge vertical growth to plants such as mint, rose, etc. This reduced the growth of the actual fruit-bearing plant and this is very important to cut the unnecessary growth of the stem.

Take a nice and cut down the leaves that you will be useless. But you can either choose to throw it or grow more from the cutting as we have down below.

how to grow mint from cuttings in water
Grow mint from cuttings in water

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does Mint take to grow?

Whether you are growing mint from seeds or seedling, it is observed that it takes about 90 days to fully grow a healthy mint plant. Probably about 1-2 feet is the average height of a well-developed plant.

As you know herbs do not take up much height which is great to grow them indoors and take good care. Similarly, this is the time it is ready to harvest. So you can either cut the stems to regrow them or use the leaves for other purposes.

2. How do I make my mint plant bushy?

To grow mint plants bushy, there are certain things that you can take care of. Well, make sure that the plant is set in the perfect location. As you know mint plants love sunlight so they will need at least 6 hours of constant sun. Also if you see dead leaves or worn out stems you need to cut them off to promote healthy growth of the plant. 

Now, dig the soil to provide air to breathe. Add some manure or fertilizer on it. Lastly, put some water to moisten up the soil. Wait for a few days and then you will see your pot will be filled with bushes of the mint plant.

3. How much sun does a mint plant need?

Like we have already spoken about this particular aspect a lot of times while mentioning how to grow the mint plant. The answer to this depends on the climate that you live in. Most countries have very hot weather while some do not experience too much sun. You can grow the mint plants in partial shade like indoors, but it does need sunlight no matter what.

If you are okay with watering it every day then putting it under 5-6 hours of sunlight is the best thing for good growth. Well, during summers too much sun can dry out the soil pretty fast so make sure to water them as soon as you see the dry soil. Also, cut out any dead leaves due to what so that the new ones can grow better.

4. Why is my mint growing tall?

Many of the beginners may not know a certain fact that due to lack of sunlight plants tend to grow taller than their natural height. This is because they aren’t getting enough sunlight as they must. As we have seen mint plants need 6 hours of sunlight every day. If there isn’t enough sunlight received by the plant they may grow taller in search of it.

To stop this from happening, you can choose a good spot for it. Cut down the tall parts and let the plant grow in the best conditions. Add water and necessary nutrients to the soil and you will get good growth within days of extensive care.

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Important Tips

So, growing mint plants from cuttings is not a difficult aspect of growing herbs. In fact, herbs are the easiest of all to grow and take care of. All you need to take care of is providing them enough water and sunlight. We understand a lot of aspects especially in countries where you may not have enough sunlight. In such cases, you can buy a LED or CFL light from the eCommerce stores pretty easily.

Loads of people use it to grow plants indoors. You will no longer need sunlight for such plants and they will be as good as anything under these light conditions. Just keep adding water every day if the soil is dry and do not overwater them or the roots may rot. Pruning is an important step for mint plants as it helps them increase the growth rate and make the pot bushy.

If you are new to this, you can seek our help on anything that may have been affecting your garden. Anything related to the right fertilizer, manure, dripping irrigation, soil mixture, pot, planting, or anything related to gardening, we will love to help you out in the best manner.

I hope it helps to know how to grow mint from cuttings and answer your questions to can you grow mint from cuttings?