How to grow healthy roses in balcony garden

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers or plants that you will ever come across. You may find it to be a very common flower that grows in every household that has set up a balcony garden.

In fact, growing roses in a balcony garden are very easy and a lot easier to take care of it. So let us see how to grow healthy roses in balcony.

You may not be aware of the different varieties of roses that are available in the world. There are tons of varieties and it depends on the region you live in.

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To have a healthy growth of the rose plant, you need to look after it regularly. Although there is no need for any special care a regular look at it for any need won’t be a big deal.

Let us get straight on to the steps that you can follow to grow healthy roses in the balcony garden.

How to grow healthy roses in a balcony garden

1. Choose the Right Container or Pot (rose plants pots)

The first step in growing any kind of plant in your balcony garden always involves getting the right kind of pot.

Similarly, to grow a rose plant, you need the perfect option. Choosing any kind of pot or container won’t be justified for this plant.

If you need proper healthy growth, the medium size container or a large-sized pot would be good to go.

Do not think of buying a small pot as the Rose plant needs ample space for drainage and growth.

Every pot in which you are growing any kind of plant must have a drainage hole at the bottom. And for a rose plant, it is a must.

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Any excess water can seep through the soil so that it does not rot. Furthermore, apart from being a big container in size, make sure it is deep enough i.e. around 18 to 20 inches deep.

2. Find the perfect Location

Next, you need to pick out the perfect spot for your pots or containers. Rose plant needs loads of sunlight i.e. around 4-5 hours in a day.

Since your balcony garden may not be too big to keep large pots, pick out a space that has the best sunlight and place the pot carefully.

Make sure that you first place the pot in the space and then go for planting it since it can become too heavy in the end.

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3. Pick out the type of Rose Plant

There are different kinds of rose plants that you may not be aware of. All of them are not suitable to grow in a container. So, you need to make sure that you select the right rose plant for your balcony garden.

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Some of them are mentioned below.

Patio Roses

They are the perfect rose plant that you can select for your balcony garden. It can be grown easily in your container or pot and reach a height of about 2-3 feet. You would not need anything more than that on your balcony or your patio.

In fact, these grow to have dark green leaves and beautiful flowering once they have grown enough.

The most popular varieties are Yellow Jacket, Amorette, and Pink Pollyanna.

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If you have a huge garden and wish to cover it with large bushes of the rose plant, Floribunda is the one to go for.

Each stem can have around 25 roses or flowers at once and can grow into a huge bunch. It may take up a lot of space so it would not be the best for your balcony garden.

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Although they look very beautiful and are available in multiple colors such as red, lavender, pink, yellow, white, and orange.


Have you come across small or miniature roses? Well, these roses are yet another perfect option for your balcony garden. You can even grow them in a small pot and need good care since they are very delicate to handle too.

It is available in multiple beautiful colors such as red, pink, yellow, etc.

4. Plant the Rose

Once you have selected the rose plant, you can lay down the perfect soil mixture in the pot or the container.

Make sure to put even layers so that you do not leave out any gap. Now, you can choose to plant the rose in the soil.

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Remove some layer in the middle of the soil mixture and gently place the plant. Once done, cover it back properly so that it is intact enough.

Leave enough space so that it is not completely filled with water. Water the plant enough and leave it for now.

5. Watering

So, when it comes to watering plants, every plant no matter what weather it needs water to grow. The same is with the rose plant.

Since they need a lot of sunlight to grow, the soil can get dry very quickly especially during the summer season.

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So, it is recommended to water them every day during summers. Keep a check on the plants and make sure to keep the soil always moist.

For the winter season, you can water them every 2-3 days to be consistent. The best kind of water is no doubt the rainwater and it allows the plant to grow a lot faster than general.

6. Adding Fertilizers (fertilizer for rose plants)

You can choose to add fertilizer to your rose plant during the spring season every month. It can be liquid fertilizer as it mixes well with the soil.

Using fertilizers can bring bugs or other insect growth in days. SO, if possible you can prepare your own natural manure at home for your balcony garden.

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One of the best natural manure that you can get is by using banana peels. It is easily available at your home and can be used without any second thought.

Place the peel at the base of each bush and cover it up with the soil. They act as natural manure and also do not help with the growth of any insect.

7. Pruning

This is something you would be aware of. Pruning is the process where you trim out dead leaves or branches from any plant.

After a few days when your plants start to grow, you may find a few dead leaves that you should pluck out without damaging the plant.

Furthermore, you must also go for getting rid of the stems or the leaves that may have been eaten up by the small bugs. Take care of it and watch it regularly.

Grow Rose Plant from Cuttings

One important tip that you are going to love. If you haven’t heard yet but using rose plant stems you can easily grow more plants without having had the roots available.

Yes, this is an important aspect of rose plants. The process is, in fact, a lot more simple than any other aspect. You can easily grow rose plant from cuttings.

Cut a healthy stem from your well-grown rose plant. Remove all the leaves from the stem.

Cut a  small part of the stem from below diagonally and add rooting hormone powder. You can also take honey if available at your home as a rooting mechanism.

Place the step in a small pot with half of the step below the soil. Water it to give moisture to the soil and leave it for a few days. You can try this out with more such cut-outs and create a beautiful garden.

grow healthy roses in a balcony garden

Hope this helps to grow healthy roses in balcony garden.

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