How to Grow Garlic on Balcony Garden

Garlic is one of the easiest plants to grow no matter the location. They are small-sized and you can plant them in your balcony garden with minimal care needed. If you haven’t done this before, you can check out our instructions below to start planting it today itself. Let us see how to grow garlic on balcony garden.

Growing any kind of plant requires very basic ingredients or better say follows similar steps. All of them need good soil, ample water, containers, sunlight, location, etc to thrive in the best manner possible.


Similarly, the balcony garden Garlic does not need anything special. But you surely need to have a basic idea of how it is done. You cannot simply place the garlic leaf in the soil to grow.

Follow simple instructions below to see how you can grow garlic indoors.

How to Grow Garlic on the Balcony Garden

Below are the points you should follow to Grow Garlic in Balcony Garden.

1. Weather/Season Preferred

Before we can directly move on to selecting the right kind of pot, you should know the right season or weather for Garlic plants to be perfectly thriving. You will find the best results during the fall or winter season.

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We would recommend every gardener plant the garlic plant during the fall season i.e. before the ground starts to freeze. 

Furthermore, the plant starts to produce real results during the beginning of the spring season. It will take time to fully mature before it can be consumed, so you need to be patient. It can even take up to nine months to grow in the most healthy state.

2. Choose a Container or a Pot

It does sound unnecessary to some while we speak about buying a pot or a container. But for beginners out there this is an important part. Some of you may simply feel that buying a large container or a pot can be a good option to go for or vice versa. 

However, for Garlic, you would need at least 6-inches deep that allows good drainage. Such pots or containers are easily available in your nearby store or order online at your convenience.

Terra Cotta pots are great no doubt but they tend to evaporate the water in them very quickly and that can not be good for this particular plant.

3. Prepare Soil Mixture

Next up, you can start preparing your soil mixture. For Garlic, the soil needs to be filled with organic nutrients.

Make sure the soil does not retain too much moisture nor get dry a lot that will simply kill the plants in the long term. If we get deeper, Sandy Loam soil is known to be the best for Garlic plants. Do not keep the soil too tight. 

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The mantra to have a good garlic plant, loosen the soil texture with a fork, or any such tool.

Once done, lay down the soil bed in the pot properly so that there is no space left for water to simply wash out from the pot. Also, prepare a good layer of soil and properly place it.

4. Perfect Location

Now that you have prepared the container or pot with the soil in it, you need to set up a spot to place the pot. As we know that the garlic plant grows during the winter season but the fact is that it needs long hours of sunlight all day long.

They thrive well when placed in direct sunlight for hours. In winter you may face an issue with the proper sunlight, so switch places in the pot so that it is not deprived of the light.

5. Plant the Garlic Buds

You can easily get proper garlic buds or seeds from your local store or even online. Take out the seeds and place them properly in the middle of the pot removing some portion of the soil.

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You can even place 2-3 buds separately so that multiple plants can grow at once and you have a lot more than a single strand. This plant does not take up a lot of space so you can easily grow 3-4 sich plants in a single pot.

6. Watering

Initially while you are planting the buds in the soil, make sure you apply a small amount of water to simply moisten the soil. Do not overwater it as it may become soggy and stop the natural growth of the balcony garden garlic plant.

After this, you can simply water the plant every day as soon as you feel the soil has dried up. Yet again do not overwater and stop the oxygen flow. Keep putting in a small amount to keep it moistened.

7. Applying Fertilizer

Giving water is the most basic thing for a plant. But you may need a good idea about the use of fertilizer. Do not simply apply fertilizer every week. It could lead to the growth of weeds or bugs that may eat up the plant’s root or leaves.

You can use liquid fertilizer or even organic manure twice a month. Not any more of it since it does not need too much of this substance.

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Also, if you buy any such matter read it carefully on how it should be applied so that it can benefit in the best manner.

8. Harvesting

This could be a tricky business for beginners so make sure you read it carefully. So, with the look of the plant you cannot be entirely sure if the garlic is ready for you to pluck it out. It can be either very small and underdeveloped or you could be very late in doing so.

Keep in mind no matter what the plants will need at least 7-8 months to grow so do not take it out from the soil to check.

To know if its the right time, the outward signs are the green leaves will begin to turn yellow on the top, and the flower stems will begin to soften, although staying green. As soon as the foliage turns yellow that is your clue to take out the plant gently.

But do not wait at the top of the plant to go brown. Furthermore, as a beginner simply do not pull out the plant, use a small tool or fork to remove the soil, and start digging to loosen the soil and then take it out.

9. How to Store Garlic

Once you are done taking out the plant, remove it from its leaves above. Clean out the dirt but not the covering of the garlic yet. You will have to let the out covering dry out first to make it easier to use.

We would recommend keeping it in a cool place but not a refrigerator. Try to keep it away from moist places if it’s in the kitchen. Wait for it to be dry enough before you consume it.

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Final Thoughts

So, we have already discussed how to grow garlic in the balcony garden. But there is an important tip that you should be taking care of.

Although Garlic does not generally have any issues with bugs or insects however there is no harm in still taking necessary precautions if at all you arrive in any such situation. 

You can use the mulching method in which a special layer is spread on the soil so that any kind of insects or pests are controlled in the winter season.

You can choose to do this or you may not. Since Garlic already repels any such pests but for the long run, you can choose to still take precautions.

If you face any trouble at any step of the way you can let us know in the comment section below. We would be glad to help you in the best way we can and provide you with the best tips as need be. Happy Gardening!!