13 easy vegetables to grow from seeds (indoors + outdoors)

Growing vegetables at your own garden and harvesting them is an exciting and delightful experience on its own. Let us check out easy vegetables to grow from seeds both indoor and outdoor.

easy vegetables to grow from seeds

Growing vegetables with seeds are the best and the easiest way to grow veggies in your own garden, especially when you are a beginner. Adding on to that, the advantage is that most vegetables in fact are easy to grow from seeds itself.


Sure the options of growing vegetables from transplants are available. In fact, some vegetables require to be grown from transplants itself. These are infant baby plants that can be bought from the market and then grown at your home garden easily.

Many people do prefer to grow vegetables from transplants, for example, pepper and tomatoes. Before we can move on to the list of the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds. Let us learn more about the benefits.

Benefits of growing plants from Seeds

Growing vegetables from seeds have a lot of advantages on its own; some of the many are mentioned below.

  • Seeds are cheaper to buy and also give you the economy in buying as they can be bought in huge quantities at cheap prices.
  • You can easily access seeds and buy them either locally or online whether you live in any part of America or even the world for that matter, their purchase is usually quite easily accessible.
  • If you are thinking of growing vegetables from seeds rather than transplants you have the option to buy the seeds of any variety of the vegetable you want to grow. If you buy transplants it is possible you can get hold of a limited variety of vegetables. However, buying seeds gives you numerous options to choose from as per your preference.
  • Since you are using seeds, you get to nurture the plant right from the start without worrying about how it was doing earlier when you bought the transplant.

Furthermore, growing your own vegetables has its own health benefits since it is very healthy and there will be no added preservatives. However, there are loads of things that need to be considered before you can grow vegetables from seeds.

Basic Steps to grow Vegetables from Seeds

There are some basic steps that you can use to grow any plant from seeds. So let’s begin by listing out the basic steps for it and we will build on it later according to the veggie of your choice as we will list them later:

  • Select where you want to grow your vegetable, can be in your garden soil or you can also use containers for many vegetables depending upon what your choice is.
  • Ensure the soil you are going to use is of good quality. Remove weeds if any. Add compost if required and make a good soil mix to start with.
  • Loosen up the soil if you are growing it in your garden soil rake it. If you are using containers adding soil in it will mean the soil is loose, to begin with.
  • For sowing the seeds in the soil, make a trench in the soil with either your finger or some garden tool.
  • Now you can add the seeds to it. If you require to germinate the seeds in advance as may be a requirement in any vegetable as there are so many options, follow that instruction first. If you are not required to germinate it or no such instructions are required for your crop, simply sprinkle the seeds in the soil.
  • Top the sprinkled seeds with some soil.
  • Add water as per the water requirement of the crop gently and you are done. 

Now you just need to let them grow.

These are the basic steps for growing plants from seeds. I hope you are excited to grow your own vegetable directly from the seeds, well so am I to help you do that. In order to make the process of choice easy for you, I will list the vegetables that are easy to grow from seeds so that you get great success in your first experience itself. Now let’s begin.

List of easy vegetables to grow from seeds

Some vegetables can easily be grown in gardens and some can be grown indoors too. Then you can choose from the kind you are looking for from the sections below.

Let us check the easy vegetables to grow from seeds indoors.

Easy Vegetables to Grow from Seeds Indoors

  1. Squash

You can easily grow all kinds of squashes from seeds. For instance, you can choose Zucchini, Butternut, and Delicata to grow well. The best time for sowing the seeds of squashes is spring season when the ground gets a little warm after frost. This plant has a special place in the history of the USA and one of the most popular grown vegetables in North America.

Winter squashes such as pumpkins can be grown when the soil gets warm. Plant the seeds in the ground with enough space in between them since they require good space for its foliage to crawl. Pumpkins are heavy feeders and therefore they require a good amount of fertilizers. They also require a lot of water so giving them water at the proper time is also essential.

Summer squashes like zucchini can be grown during the late summer season. They also require space to grow so make sure you provide proper spacing between them. Make sure the soil is rich in quality since it will also require good feeding.

Water them properly as they also tend to get thirsty very often. It also requires ample sunlight so plant them in the place in your garden that will allow it to have enough sunlight. These will make sure your plants grow full to their potential and as easily as they were to plant from seeds in the first place.

  1. Peas 

Peas can be grown after frost and 4-6 weeks after spring has started. You can choose from the variety of peas of your choice, some being sugar daddy and tender sweet. In order to continue to harvest peas till late summers, it is recommended not to sow all the seeds at once. Sow them with proper spacing and timing that can be with a gap of 2 weeks. This ensures that your supply of peas goes on for a long time. Furthermore, most production of peas plants is found in North Dakota, Washington, and Montana.

  1. Spinach

Spinach is a cold-weather crop. It requires the cold to grow well and can withstand frost as well. So as soon as the soil gets fine to be worked on after the frost season you can plant the seeds of spinach. You will find the best-grown spinach plant in mainly four states in the USA, i.e. California, Texas, New Jersey, and Arizona that counts up to 98% of the total production. Spinach is one of the easy vegetables to grow from seeds.

  1. Beans

Beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds. You can find a variety of your choice to plant them in your garden. It may depend on whether they are bush beans or pole beans. You will have to provide some climbers for pole beans that can be pole, strings, etc. The seeds need to be sown in warm soil 2-3 weeks after the frost season. They need warm and moist soil to grow well. 

easy vegetables to grow from seeds indoors
One easiest vegetables to grow from seed in pots Beans
  1. Radishes

Radishes are cool weather crops that are quick to grow. You should sow the radish seeds when the soil becomes free of frost in spring and the soil in your garden thaws and becomes appropriate for growing plants. In fact, currently, almost every state in America grows Radish vegetables. But most of them are seen in Florida and California. So, radishes are one of the best easy vegetables to grow from seeds in your indoor garden.

  1. Cucumbers

Ideally, after the frost when spring comes and the soil becomes warm you can sow your cucumber seeds. Some varieties are Marketmore and also homemade pickles. The soil of your garden can be amended by adding nitrogen and potassium-rich fertilizers to increase the yield of the soil. Take care of the water and sunlight requirements of the plant to help the plant to grow to its maximum potential.

  1. Turnip

Turnips are also great vegetables to grow from seeds and can be sown directly in your garden soil. They can be sown in early spring when the weather is still a little cool. Such plants need some spacing so grow them in such a success that they can grow to their full potential easily.

  1. Lettuce

They grow best in the winter season since it is a cold-weather crop.  These vegetables can grow well in shade as well. Some of the best types of lettuce are Valentine Mesclun, Romaine Rouge, and the mesclun mix. So you can try Lettuce in your indoor which is one of the easy vegetables to grow from seeds.

  1. Beets 

Beets are root vegetables that require cold weather to grow. So it is recommended to sow them as soon as the soil becomes workable during early spring. They grow well in loose soil so you should clean the soil off any stones and pebbles that may be present in the soil and prepare the soil to make it of good quality for your beetroots.

If you grow them too close they can grow in small sizes therefore depending on the variety of the seeds you are using make sure to follow all the instructions before planting them and grow them in spaces accordingly so that they can grow to their full potential. As an estimate, you can grow the seeds 1 inch deep in the ground and 4 inches apart.

Also, the leaves of the beets can be consumed as well and can be used for salads just like you use spinach for salads. Beets are quick to grow so hope you enjoy this vegetable can use both the leaves and the roots.

Easy Vegetables to Grow from Seeds Outdoors

Similar to this, you can check out the list of easiest vegetables to grow from seeds outdoor in your garden, the same way if you prefer growing some of your vegetables indoors you can easily do so as well by following some instructions.

  1. Melons

Melons are one of the best vegetables to grow when you start growing indoors. You can grow them in pots or containers indoors. However, they have to be transplanted outside after 4-6 weeks so it is recommended to use pots that can be planted in the soil in your garden after 4-6 weeks.

This is because the roots of melon are tender and you should take care that they don’t get damaged in transferring the plant. The U.S grown melons are found mostly in states California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

  1. Peppers

Peppers can also be grown indoors and there is a huge variety of peppers available in the market that you can choose to grow from. You can plant the seeds indoors 8-10 weeks before the first season and then when the first goes away you can plant the seedlings back to your garden to let them thrive further.

  1. Kale

Kale belongs to the cabbage family and it is grown in the winter season. Try to grow it in such a way that it doesn’t have to extend into summer when it gets very hot. However, in late summers, they can be planted again when the weather starts to cool down again.

Kale can be consumed in many ways be it in salads, be it fried or baked in whatever you prefer to. Some great varieties of kale are Chinese kale and red winter. You should try Kale in your indoors because this is one of the easy vegetables to grow from seeds.

  1. Okra

Okra can be grown for some 4-6 weeks indoor and can then be transplanted in your garden soil. They can be transplanted when it gets late spring when the soil starts to warm up a little. This plant that is grown mostly in southern California is very popular for southern cuisine.

growing vegetables from seed for beginners
easy vegetables to grow from seeds outdoors Okra

Which seeds grow the quickest?

There are many varieties of the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds. Some of the vegetables that are quick to grow from seeds are:

  • Radishes – they take about 25 days to grow and harvest i.e in around 2-3 weeks time they are fully grown and ready to be harvested. You can grow them in your garden ground and in pots or containers as well.
  • Salad leaves – there are a variety of salads like lettuce, kale, and other oriental leaves. They take only 21 days or so to grow and are so nutritious and can be added to your diet in so many days.
  • Spinach – you can grow spinach in about 30 days and it is nutritious and versatile too. You can prune the spinach to help them grow to their best and use them in salads meanwhile.
  • Carrots – they take around 50 days to grow. But then it depends upon the length of the carrot you are wanting to grow.
  • Sunflower shoots– they take about 12 days to grow and are super easy to grow in your garden ground or even in your balcony in containers.
  • Zucchini – Zucchini takes about 40-95 days to grow and its flowers are edible too together with its fruit.
  • Bush peas – snow peas or bush peas can be easily grown from seeds by soaking them in advance. There are many varieties and they can take 55-60 days on an average to grow.

What vegetables grow in 30 days?

There are many vegetables that you can be grown in 30 days, some of them being:

  • Green Onions – green onions take around 3-4 weeks to grow and have an amazing flavor that can be used in making many delicious cuisines.
  • Kale greens – they take only 25 days or so to grow and they can be consumed in the form of baby greens or even mustard greens.
  • Lettuce – They are grown in a lot of varieties so depending upon the variety of lettuce you are growing many of them can be grown in 30 days.
  • Bok choy – as fun as they sound they are super easy to grow and super fast in harvesting. They can be harvested in 30 days only.
  • Beets- Beets are full of nutrients and easy to grow a plant. They are root vegetables but their leaves that are also edible and used as salads can be harvested in 30 days.
  • Radishes -they are super easy to grow from seeds and the best one to try first when you are a beginner at growing your own food. They can be grown and harvested in 30 days. However, it depends on the variety but mostly on average they can be ready for being harvested in 30 days.
  • Carrots – Carrots especially their Baby Carrot varieties are super easy and quick to grow. You can grow baby carrots under 30 days and enjoy them as snacks and they are also used in cooking a wide range of cuisines.
  • Arugula – it is a green veggie and tastes like pepper. They are ready for harvest in 30 days and are a very good option to add to your salad.
  • Sunflower shoots – they can be a good addition to your garden and are super nutritious and only takes about 12 days to grow.

What month is the best to grow vegetables?

There are many types of vegetables as we know of and there is no one season that is the best for all of them. It depends on the vegetable that you are trying to grow, what kind of climatic conditions are best grown, and then, therefore, you can then choose the month for that climatic condition according to the zone of America you live in. Let’s discuss the various climatic conditions and the vegetable crop best suited for them.

Cool Weather Crops 

Many vegetables actually do good in cool climatic conditions. You can start growing them in early spring or late winter. That is the time in America of the last frost when the soil becomes workable. If the soil is still soggy and has too much moisture content due to the frosts then you can wait for a little till the soil is free of them and becomes workable. Some seeds are best to be grown in such cool soil conditions and they actually help them grow better together with their sunlight and water requirements. 

The temperature best suited for such vegetables can be 40 degrees to 75 degrees. Make sure you harvest them till early summers because many of them tend to stop producing below 80 degrees of temperatures. Some of the cool weather crops that germinate and grow well in cool soil are mostly varieties of Roots, Stems, and leaves. Some of them being-

  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Roots
  • Spinach
  • Potatoes
  • Turnip
  • Radish
  • Kale
  • Radish
  • Beets
  • Cauliflower
  • Cabbages 
  • Celery
  • Asparagus

Warm weather crops

On the contrary, warm-weather crops cannot survive cold climatic conditions. They resist cool soil and cannot do well in winter. Not only can they not do well in winters but also they will simply not grow. They require a warm soil temperature to germinate and thrive well. Winter-like conditions where the temperature drops to or below 50 degrees tend to kill it. 

They require good sunlight and good water requirements. Also, make sure that you make the soil rich by adding in compost and fertilizers to it to make it even better to grow and thrive to its full potential. Unlike the winter crops they are not generally edible roots, stems, and leaves in fact they are rich fruity vegetables. Some of the warm weather along with the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds in pots are

  • Peppers
  • Corn
  • Tomatoes
  • Okra
  • Beans
  • Corn
  • Cucumbers
  • Eggplant
  • Melon
  • Peanuts
  • Squash
  • Sweet potatoes

Final Thoughts

So I am super excited to help you know about the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds. It is an amazing feeling to build up your own vegetable garden and grow your own vegetable starting right from the seeds. I think everybody should have this basic human skill of growing and harvesting their own food.

And not forgetting how incredibly exciting it is to actually look after your food from being a seed to being a seedling and then a transplant right to it becoming a plant and giving out vegetables. All the ones mentioned above are the best for growing vegetables from seeds for beginners.

It is an easy and highly satisfying thing to seed-start growing your own veggies and nurturing them. For this, you must first choose the vegetable you want to grow. I have mentioned quite a few for you that you can choose from.

It depends on the temperature and climatic conditions of the part of America you are living in. you can choose the vegetables from how you want to plant like directly on your garden ground or in containers and pots in your balcony. You can grow your plant from seeds indoors and then transplant them outdoors as well.

Choose what suits you best. Take care of the soil condition which should not be too frosty and take care of the quality of soil by adding compost and fertilizers. Take care of the sunlight requirement of the plant. Remember to water them as and when required.

Protect your plants from pests by using harmless pesticides. You can choose the vegetable type according to the time you want to harvest in as I have mentioned you can also choose quick-growing plants. Lastly, you should be able to grow a super amazing crop by choosing the right vegetable for you and by following all the instructions.

I hope this article will help to grow your garden, we checked a few easy vegetables to grow from seeds both indoors and outdoors. These are easy vegetables to grow in pots or containers.