Okra square foot gardening

Okra Square Foot Gardening

Okra a unique vegetable is a warm-season vegetable that grows in the warmer parts of the US and the world at large. If you live in Texas and have space for a vegetable garden this is the crop for you. Okra provides a fair source of vitamins and can be eaten boiled, fried, in soups …

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Square Foot Gardening Broccoli: the best way to grow

Square Foot Garden Broccoli

Square foot gardening is the best way to grow broccoli. Using the right growing techniques you can grow large broccoli heads with minimal effort. By choosing the right companion plants and precise nutrient-rich soil mix, the broccoli plants will suffer from zero pest damages and weed growth will also be manageable. Even if you are …

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Growing cucumbers on black plastic (Complete Guide)

Growing cucumbers on black plastic

Growing cucumbers on black plastic is an effective way to extend the amount of time it takes for plants to get enough water. This is because black plastic warms up quickly, which means that the warm air will be able to evaporate water from moist soil much quicker than in a cold environment. In this …

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How to use mushroom compost in vegetable garden (Awesome Tips)

How To Use Mushroom Compost In Vegetable Garden

Mushroom compost is a type of compost that you can use to grow your vegetable garden. Many gardeners have recognized this sustainable way to grow their plants, and the benefits of using mushroom compost are many: it’s cheap, it’s effective, and it can help reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers or help sustain healthy soil. In …

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Growing Vegetables in Pots For Beginners (Helpful Tips)

Growing vegetables in pots for beginners

The number of people living in urban environments is increasing, which presents the issue of how to grow produce within these spaces. For beginners, growing vegetables in pots may seem like an unrealistic or insurmountable task but it’s not as difficult as you might think. This article will cover everything you need to know about …

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Fast Growing Vegetables In Pots (11 Incredible veggies)

Fast growing vegetables in pots

Vegetables need a lot of support to grow in the ground. Such as earth, water, sunlight, and nutrients. This makes it difficult for many people to grow vegetables on their own because they lack these resources. However, with the help of pots, this problem can be solved. Still, some vegetables take longer to grow than …

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Vegetable Garden: What You Shouldn’t Plant Next To Each Other

vegetable garden what not to plant next to each other

Whether you are new to gardening or a lifelong devotee, it is always wise to consult an expert before planting anything in your vegetable garden. The type of plant and the proximity of each plant to its neighbor can make all the difference in how healthy and productive your garden will be. This is referred …

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How to Plant a Fruit and Vegetable Garden

how to plant a fruit and vegetable garden

If you have a vegetable garden, chances are you also grow fruits. A fruit and vegetable garden can be used to provide healthy snacks or supplement your diet with unusual fruit. Getting the right type of soil, monitoring moisture levels, and pruning the plants are all important aspects of maintaining your garden. In this article, …

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Easy Fruits and Vegetables To Grow In Pots – You Should Try

easy fruits and vegetables to grow in pots

Some fruits and vegetables are much easier to grow in pots than other methods. There are many factors that go into this decision including climate, pot size, and watering frequency. This article will detail some of the easiest plants to grow in pots, what they require for water, space, sunlight, and nutrients. We will also …

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