Jade Plant Leaves Turning Dark Green – What to do?

Why Jade Plant leaves turning dark green

You’ve had your beautiful jade plant for a few weeks, and it’s given you a lot of pleasure. But now its vivid green leaves are turning a dull, dark green, spoiling its appearance. So, what’s wrong with a jade plant that has leaves turning dark green? Why Jade Plant leaves turning dark green? Jade plant … Read more >>

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Jade Plant (Helpful Tips)

How To Get Rid Of Aphids On Jade Plant

Greenfly, blackfly, aphid – whatever you call them, these tiny insects can be a major pest on Jade plants. They suck plants sap, stunting their growth, and can transmit viruses and fungal infections to your plants. Thankfully, aphids are straightforward pests to deal with. How to get rid of Aphids on Jade Plant? To rid … Read more >>

Is Areca Palm Toxic To Rabbits And Cats?

Is Areca Palm Toxic To Rabbits And Cats

When your feline and leporid friends inexplicably take a bite out of a dangling palm frond, it is probably comforting to know that the indoor environment you have created is safe from toxins. So, are they safe from your Areca Palms paradise? The Areca Palm is safe for rabbits, cats, and all other common household … Read more >>

How Many Inches Does a Plant Grow In a Week

How many inches does a plant grow in a week

Keeping and maintaining plants is one of the most exclusive, aesthetically pleasing, and soothing activities that people of all ages can enjoy. It teaches you patience and perseverance and the significance of the phrase ‘worth the wait.’ Just as a mother nurtures her children and shows them love and care in hopes of a bright … Read more >>

How To Grow Podocarpus From Cuttings (12 Steps)

Grow Podocarpus From Cuttings

Want to grow Podocarpus? Here, let us check out step-by-step how to grow podocarpus from cuttings. What is Podocarpus? The podocarpus is a shrub or small tree with needle-like leaves that are dark green in color. It consists of pointed, leathery leaves situated on stiff and symmetrical branches. Moreover, it can reach 7-15 cm in … Read more >>

How to prevent indoor plants from leaking water

How to prevent indoor plants from leaking water

Indoor Plants are the best form of therapy they say. To reap the benefits all you need to do is incorporate a few plants in your living or office space. These plants not only add to the aesthetics of the place by also improve mental health. The only issue when it comes to caring for … Read more >>

How to Get Seeds from Autoflowering Plants (Useful Tips)

Autoflowering plants

A cannabis plant is the only plant that has the ability to auto flower. This ability is a genetic trait passed down via DNA. Not all cannabis plants can autoflower, but some do. Most plants need a certain amount of light or darkness per day to produce flowers, for instance, 12 hours of darkness and … Read more >>

Why is my air plant turning red + How to care for air plants

care for air plants

Have you ever wondered if the plants growing on your neighbor’s fridge in a tiny magnetic pot is artificial or live? Or have you on your way around the block notice plants that are growing literally out of nowhere? There are high chances that the plants in question here are Air Plants – that like … Read more >>

20 worst indoor plants for allergies (Not for everyone)

Worst Indoor Plants For Allergies

Researchers around the world have proven that the term ‘allergies are caused by elements or pollutants that are found in the outdoors’ is nothing but a misnomer. Here, we will check the 20 worst indoor plants for allergies. On a general note, most humans tend to spend more time inside their homes than outside, and … Read more >>