How Do You Make Lemongrass Grow Tall?

How Do You Make Lemongrass Grow Tall

Lemongrass is a tender perennial often used in cooking, tea, and cosmetics. The herb grows tallest in hot and humid conditions with full sun and well-drained soil at a pH of 6.5-7. However, there’s much more to growing a tall and healthy plant than just water and sun. It includes creating the ideal conditions, both … Read more >>

Why Are My Lemongrass Leaves Wilting? [How to Care]

Why Are My Lemongrass Leaves Wilting

Has your lemongrass plant been looking a bit sad lately? Don’t worry; this is a problem that many gardeners face. Depending on what zone you live in, you may be better suited for growing different plants and using different planting methods. Causes for Wilted Lemongrass Leaves There are many causes for wilted lemongrass leaves. Poor … Read more >>

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Hydrangeas?

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Hydrangeas

Growing Hydrangeas can be challenging for many gardeners, especially when there are problems that you don’t understand. Thankfully, some home remedies can make growing Hydrangeas easier. A simple method includes working coffee grounds into the soil of your Hydrangea bed, but is this practice good for Hydrangeas? Coffee Grounds Can Help Hydrangeas Grow Coffee grounds … Read more >>

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Lemongrass?

Are Coffee Grounds Good for Lemongrass?

Coffee grounds are rich in crucial nutrients that all plants love, and lemongrass is one of them. So sprinkling your used coffee grounds in your pots of lemongrass can only do good for them. But many people with herbal or edible gardens still wonder: are coffee grounds good for lemongrass? Also, check: Are Coffee Grounds … Read more >>

Why Is My Lemongrass Turning Purple? [Reasons & How to Fix]

Why Is My Lemongrass Turning Purple

Lemongrass is also known as Cymbopogon citratus and includes a stunning green color. The spires of this plant spear upward and flop over to create a vibrant display of lush green, with a hint of red or purple. However easy to maintain, this plant can turn different colors when it needs specific minerals. What happens … Read more >>

Why Is My Lemongrass Plant Dying? [11 Reasons & How to Prevent]

Why Is My Lemongrass Plant Dying

Lemongrass can die for several reasons ranging from cold weather to a fungal infection and lack of nitrogen. Whether you just planted your lemongrass or you’ve enjoyed using its leaves in recipes for several seasons, it’s disheartening to wake up and discover that it’s dying. We’ll cover the most common causes of lemongrass decline and … Read more >>

Why Is My Lemongrass Leaves Turning Yellow?

Why Is My Lemongrass Leaves Turning Yellow

Are your lemongrass leaves turning yellow? The lemongrass leaves may turn yellow due to lack of water, specific nutrients, or fungal disease infection. In addition, the leaves may turn yellow during the winter extremes due to a lack of exposure to sunlight. Keep reading to find a detailed explanation of why your lemongrass leaves may … Read more >>

Why Is My Lemongrass Turning Red? [How to Save]

Why Lemongrass Leaves Turn Brown

Ah, lemongrass. The fragrant, citrusy herb adds flavor to Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and beyond dishes. Lemongrass is easy to grow and care for – that is, until the leaves start turning brown or red. Many gardeners are puzzled when they find that their lemongrass leaves have turned brown or red. There are several possible … Read more >>

How to Grow Lemongrass From Stalk

How to grow lemongrass from stalk

Are you looking for a new and exciting herb to grow in your garden? Why not try lemongrass? Lemongrass is a tropical plant that thrives in hot, humid climates. It can be grown from a stalk and is easy to care for. In this blog post, we will teach you how to grow lemongrass from … Read more >>

Is Lemongrass a Perennial?

Is Lemongrass a Perennial

Before adding anything to your garden, it’s crucial to understand how the plant will behave over the long term. If you’re considering lemongrass, then you should figure out if lemongrass is perennial or annual before you plant it. This post gives you all the information you need to know to discover if lemongrass is a … Read more >>