What Layer of Soil Is Best for Growing Plants

What Layer of Soil Is Best for Growing Plants

Soil and life have evolved together. There is no life without soil and no soil without life. But generally, there is no discernible difference between soil and dirt whatsoever for most of us. At most, it gets on our nerves when it is brought into the house on shoes and it’s what we stick the … Read more >>

How to prevent indoor plants from leaking water

How to prevent indoor plants from leaking water

Indoor Plants are the best form of therapy they say. To reap the benefits all you need to do is incorporate a few plants in your living or office space. These plants not only add to the aesthetics of the place by also improve mental health. The only issue when it comes to caring for … Read more >>

Crimson Clover – Plant, Grow, and Care (Detailed Guide)

Crimson Clover caring tips

Want to know how to plant, grow and care crimson clover? Check out the detailed article. Trifolium incarnatum, known as crimson clover or Italian clover, is a species of clover in the Fabaceae family, native to most of Europe. It was introduced in other areas, including the United States and Japan. The species name incarnatum … Read more >>

How to Revive a Dying Rubber Plant

How to Revive a Dying Rubber Plant

Ficus elastic, popularly known as rubber tree or rubber plant, is an indoor house plant that has waxy leaves and is huge. Rubber tree plants grow up to 100 feet tall and originate from Southeast Asia. A domesticated house plant only grows up to a maximum of ten feet tall. Rubber plants also do reasonably … Read more >>

How to Get Seeds from Autoflowering Plants (Useful Tips)

Autoflowering plants

A cannabis plant is the only plant that has the ability to auto flower. This ability is a genetic trait passed down via DNA. Not all cannabis plants can autoflower, but some do. Most plants need a certain amount of light or darkness per day to produce flowers, for instance, 12 hours of darkness and … Read more >>

How do you save a dying dracaena? (Exclusive Tips)

save a dying Dracaena

Dracaena is a plant that most home gardeners have planted or at least come across on their plant parenting journey. When you look at a Dracaena you first notice the sword-like leaves, with a deep green color paired with red edges. These elegant beauties are easy to care for and are not very fussy, to … Read more >>

11 Most Expensive House Plants (Incredible Plants)

Most Expensive House Plants

While houseplants have been popular in the past, there has been a sudden surge in their demand during the last few years. This is all a result of social media hype, primarily the kind created on Instagram, for making certain houseplants go viral. This increase in demand causes prices to go up as well. There … Read more >>

Top 18 Lucky Plants in Front of the House

Lucky Plants in Front of the House

I know you love plants, but do you know there are a few plants that are good luck plants for indoor or lucky plants for home? Let us check out a list of well-researched plants that are lucky plants in front of the house. What are the best Lucky Plants In Front Of The House? … Read more >>

How to Revive a Fuchsia Plant (Best and Doable Ways)

How to Revive a Fuchsia Plant

Are you wondering how to revive a fuchsia plant? Check out this article to know more about how to revive a fuchsia plant, one popular plant. Fuchsia is a popular plant used in gardening and cooking. The main reason for its popularity is that it is a hybrid plant that flowers and also produce delicious … Read more >>