Why Are My Lotus Leaves Turning Yellow? [How to Prevent]

Why Are My Lotus Leaves Turning Yellow

Lotus plants are majestic, water-loving plants that produce gorgeous blooms and striking leaves. You may think that these plants are daunting to grow, but they are fairly simple if you provide them with an environment in which they can thrive. However, if you start seeing yellow leaves, you may be worried that your lotus is … Read more >>

Why Are My Lotus Plant’s Leaves Turning Brown? [How to Treat]

Why Are My Lotus Plants Leaves Turning Brown

Many people brighten up their backyard pond by planting colorful lotus flowers. This easy-to-please perennial is uniquely beautiful, forming large, round lily pads that float gracefully on the surface of your backyard pond or water feature. Without proper care, though, you may see your plant’s leaves turn an unsightly shade of brown. If your lotus … Read more >>

Why My Lotus Plant Is Not Flowering? [9 Main Reasons]

Why My Lotus Plant Is Not Flowering

A lotus plant is a stunning perennial plant that grows in aquatic environments. The lotus has a dramatic bloom that happens once per year. While their appearance may be lovely, lotus plants are finicky when it comes to producing a flower. Main Reasons for the Lotus Plant Not Flowering Many different reasons may contribute to … Read more >>

Why Is My Lotus Plant Dying [Potential Reasons & Fixes]

Why Is My Lotus Plant Dying

Lotus plants are unique and gorgeous, making any pond look like something from a fairytale. Although it is relatively easy to care for, they have their requirements to thrive. If you’ve been shaking your head and asking yourself, “Why is my lotus plant dying?” not to worry. Once you determine the issue, you can work … Read more >>

Why Did My Lotus Stop Blooming? [Causes & How to Fix]

Why Did My Lotus Stop Blooming

Lotus plants bloom into the most beautiful flowers with vibrant colors. The nation of India was so captivated by them that they made them their national flower. You may run into a few issues while trying to grow these stunning flowers. Want to know why your lotus flowers have stopped blooming? There are several reasons … Read more >>

How to get rid of broccoli worms naturally?

How to get rid of broccoli worms naturally

Just like other vegetables from the cabbage family, broccoli (Brassica oleracea) is extremely prone to be affected by worms. This article is everything about, how to get rid of broccoli worms naturally? After all, what can be more annoying than spending hours of your time and hard work growing your broccoli plant and taking care … Read more >>

Why are my broccolis growing out to be bitter? [Reasons & Fixes]

Why are my broccolis growing out to be bitter

America’s favorite vegetable broccoli (Brassica oleracea), not only has tons of nutritional benefits but can also be used in multiple ways in various cuisines! Soups, salads, pasta, you name a dish and there would be a way to include this power-packed and versatile vegetable in your daily diet! Let us find out here, why are … Read more >>

Why are the leaves of my broccoli plant turning brown?

Why are the leaves of my broccoli plant turning brown

Are the leaves of your broccoli plant turning brown, or/and are you seeing brown spots on the leaves of a broccoli plant? There are several reasons Why are the leaves of my broccoli plant turning brown: Insufficient or too much watering of your broccoli plant Broccoli plant growing in a less humid area Broccoli plant … Read more >>

Why do my broccoli leaves turn yellow? [Reasons & How to Fix]

why are my broccoli leaves turning yellow

Broccoli, America’s favorite vegetable, is extremely easy to grow and requires minimal effort, which also makes it the perfect choice to grow by yourself. But one of the main problems people face while growing broccoli is, the yellowing of the broccoli leaves. We will find out various reasons why do my broccoli leaves turn yellow? … Read more >>

Gardening tips for beginners [9 helpful tips]

Gardening tips for beginners

Are you thinking about starting a garden but don’t know where to begin? or If you’re new to gardening, it can be tricky to know where to start. With so many different plants and soil types, how do you know what will work in your garden? This guide provides some basic tips for beginner gardeners … Read more >>