Why doesn’t my jade plant flower?

Why doesn't my jade plant flower

A jade plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow-genuinely perfect for any novice gardener! However, while the jade plant thrives with little to no care for decades on end, encouraging it to flower becomes quite tricky. Why doesn’t my jade plant flower? Jade plants do not flower until they reach maturity. In addition, …


White Spots On Jade Plant – Why and How to Fix

White Spots On Jade Plant

Jade plants are pretty self-sufficient classics for any homeowner. Generally, they prefer bright light and occasional watering during the spring and summer. So why does your jade plant have white spots even in its preferable environments? Let’s find out. Why there are white spots on jade plants? White spots on jade plants occur from mineral …


Brown Spots on Areca Palm Leaves [6 ways to Fix]

brown spots on areca palm leaves

Areca Palms are great houseplants. In the right conditions, an areca palm can be low maintenance. Sometimes, however, they can develop brown spots or brown leaf tips which are unsightly and usually an indication of an underlying problem. These brown leaves, spots, and tips can be caused by one of six problems: Why brown spots …


Repotting Jade Plant – Complete Guide

Repotting Jade Plant

Jade plants are a common houseplant as they tend to be pretty resilient and easy to care for, but at some point, you will need to repot your plant to keep it healthy and to grow. This can be a challenging task with some plants, but not necessarily a Jade plant. So, how do you …


Overwatered jade plant – Symptoms and Fixes

Overwatered jade plant

So, I was just going about watering my jade plants recently, when to my horror I discovered that I had over-watered it. Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does. The discovery came courtesy of one of my gardening friends. He very kindly admonished me on my amateurish mistakes then gave me a set of guidelines as …


Why my Jade plant turning red?

Why are my jade plant leaves turning red

Jade plants, scientifically known as Crassula ovate, are some of the most simple to grow and strongest houseplants, making them a great choice for a lazy or beginner indoor gardener! Even though Jade plants are hardy, there can be some problems to look out for when your Jade plant or leaves turns red. Why are …


How to Propagate Jade Plant?

Grow Jade Plant From Cutting

Getting new plants for free is one of the best things about propagation. Succulent plants like the jade plant are excellent candidates for propagation. With the correct technique, you can use your existing jade plant to provide you with many new plantlets by rooting them in soil or water. How to grow Jade Plant from …


Jade Plant Leaves Turning Dark Green – What to do?

Why Jade Plant leaves turning dark green

You’ve had your beautiful jade plant for a few weeks, and it’s given you a lot of pleasure. But now its vivid green leaves are turning a dull, dark green, spoiling its appearance. So, what’s wrong with a jade plant that has leaves turning dark green? Why Jade Plant leaves turning dark green? Jade plant …


Jade Plant Leaves Turning Brown [Why and How to Fix]

Jade Plant Leaves Turning Brown

A day after being discharged from the hospital, I was gifted with a jade plant by a work colleague. My husband was tasked with taking care of the plant while I focused on getting some much-needed bed rest. I ventured into my garden a few weeks later to find the once beautiful green jade plant …


Why Jade Plant Leaves Turning Black [Reasons and Fixes]

Why Jade Plant Leaves Turning Black

It’s never a great sign when the leaves on your house plants turn black. If your jade plant has leaves turning black, this is usually a good indication that your plant is starting to rot. Rot in succulents is most commonly caused by overwatering, but it’s not the only culprit. Why Jade Plant Leaves Turning Black? …