How to grow lotus at home + Helpful Tips

How to grow lotus in garden

Lotus is a beautiful aquatic floating Plant. Its Scientific name is Nelumbo Nucifera. However, it is commonly called Water Lily, Egyptian bean, Sacred Lotus, or simply Lotus. It can be found in large varieties. Lotus is mainly Pink and white in color, however, pink color Lotus is more common. Let us check out, how to … Read more >>

How to Grow and Care Tiger Lily

Grow and Care Tiger Lily

Lilies in general, are versatile, classic plants that come in a variety of vibrant colors. These stunning flowers are the perfect option to, not only pamper a loved one for an anniversary or birthday but also to be given as a sign of sympathy or remorse and can even be used as flower arrangements and … Read more >>

How to grow allium plant in balcony Garden

How to grow Allium Plants in Balcony

Alliums (Allium giganteum) commonly known as giant onion or ornamental onion belong to the family Alliaceae (onion family). They produce spherical blooms which contain hundreds of tiny flowers that attract many pollinators and honey bees. Here we are going to discuss how to grow Allium plants in balcony garden. As their blooms appear on a … Read more >>

Is Peace lily poisonous to cats?

Peace lily poisonous to cats

Peace lilies come with a cautionary note about toxicity. These plants can grow in any indoor growing conditions including low light and neglect. As great as these plants are there are numerous studies done on their effect on pets. In this article, we will focus on whether the Is peace lily poisonous to cats. If … Read more >>

Why is my peace lily drooping (Causes and Fixes)

Peace lily drooping

When it comes to caring for peace lilies it seems straightforward and simple. There are a few things you need to be careful about like the temperature and the amount of water it requires. The other things fall in place as you go along. But what if the peace lily starts drooping? What needs to … Read more >>

Peace lily flower turning green (Causes and Fixes)

What causes peace lily flowers to turn green

What stands out about the peace lily is the eloquent flower that it produces. These white flowers are absolutely gorgeous. But what if your peace lily flower starts turning green? This article will dabble into details about the peace when it comes to dealing with the Peace lily flower turning green. What causes peace lily … Read more >>

How to get a peace lily to bloom

How to get a peace lily to bloom

The flower in the form of a modified leaf or “bract” of a peace lily is the most attractive. Making it a major reason why people choose this plant. In this article, we will address the most common question how to get a peace lily to bloom? How to get a peace lily to bloom? … Read more >>

How to divide a peace lily

How to divide a peace lily

Peace lilies are wonderful plants to have. These plants rank high on the low maintenance scale. This being said the peace lily is also one of the easiest plants to propagate. This article will take you through how to divide a peace lily. It also includes useful tips and tricks on how to split a … Read more >>

Peace lily brown tips

Peace lily brown tips

Peace lilies are known for their beautiful green leaves and the towering white flower. These plants are low on maintenance and fairly forgiving. In the process of caring for these plants, you may notice brown tips. This brings about a lot of confusion and speculations about the cause and what needs to be done. This … Read more >>