Can Areca Palm Grow Without Roots?

Gardening has to be one of the best ways to have a good time with yourself as well as your surroundings. Thus, for gardeners out there, many questions often cross their minds, sometimes not even knowing their answers.

The Areca Palms are grown by many people, and fetching information sometimes gets a little tough. Such a common question often encountered is, ‘Can Areca Palm grow without roots?

In this article, we have brought up a brief and simplified explanation of the question and a few other facts and methods you need to know for an effective gardening procedure and tactics. Stay tuned to this article to know more about it!

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Can Areca Palm grow without roots?

If you are a garden lover and find joy in such an environment, it is natural for such a question to cross your mind. So, let’s give you an answer to it. Sadly enough, you won’t be able to grow Areca Palm without roots.

Even if the plant has become damaged or has somehow lost all its roots due to some soil irregularities, it is impossible to bring the plant back to its old condition again.

Subsequently, the plant’s stem will fail to produce new shoots without leaves and roots. It is known that both factors play a major role in the supplement of nutrients and other such resources for the overall growth and nourishment of the Areca plant.

Hence, planting a root-less Areca Palm won’t be as great an idea as you had anticipated, as, in the end, it won’t be able to stick through! Well, worry not! We will suggest two effective methods for getting out of this problem. You can read along to learn about it.

How to propagate Areca Palm?

Let us look at how we can propagate areca palm. You can propagate areca palms by division or from seeds. We will discuss propagation from both ways-

  1. Propagation by division

You might think that this method might harm your existing plant, but if done carefully there will be no such thing. For this, use these steps-

  • First of all, take a mature and healthy areca palm that has multiple stems.
  • The best time to do it is in spring.
  • One day before, you must water the plant so that the soil can loosen up and the roots can separate for division.
  • On the day of propagating, pat the sides of the pot to loosen up the soil further.
  • Next is to brush off the soil from the pot gently in another container and try to identify the stems and the roots that belong to each stem.
  • The more soil you wash off,, the easier it will be to identify the roots.
  • After that, you can pick 5 to 6 stems of the parent plant of division. If you take one or two stems they might not give a very bushy growth of the new plant.
  • Now that the stems are identified, you have to take a sharp knife and cut it off the parent plant so that the roots are all intact as much as possible to minimize the damage.
  • It’s time to report it by putting it in another pot and filling it with a potting mix of 2:1 of a mixture of standard potting mix and coarse sand.
  • Water this new plant well and give it time to grow.

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  1. Propagation by seeds

It is easier to propagate areca palm from seeds, but it can take a long time to grow to a mature plant. Germination time is one month and then 2-3 months to grow to a 4-6 inches height. To grow to a 3 to 4 feet plant, will take one year.

  • First, buy areca palm seeds and germinate seeds in a seed-starting mix. There can be two types of seeds. If you use green seeds, they might take longer to germinate as compared to the orange-colored seeds.
  • Then bury the seeds in the soil such that its top surface is hardly visible.
  • For the first 1 to 2 months, keep the soil lightly moist throughout.
  • Meet the sunlight requirements by placing them in bright but indirect sunlight conditions where they can get a temperature of 21 to 29 degree Celsius.


1. Can Areca Palm grow from cutting?

Unfortunately, you cannot grow Areca Palm from a cutting. The Areca Palm belongs to the monocot family of plants that do not grow any new shoots or leaves from the stems of the plant.
Also, they fail to encourage the process of propagation from cutting. Areca Palms can be propagated by either method from seeds or by separating and potting the offshoots.
However, growing a new plant from the cutting is possible in many plant species, and it happens when a stem extending from a tree’s branch or trunk is planted, and the roots grow, which is often helped by the rooting hormones present in the plants.

2. Can Areca Palm grow in water?

It is good news that the Areca Palm can grow in water and soil, and you could expect good plant growth in both mediums. They can tolerate both brackish water and standing water.
However, they don’t prefer to be grown in sandy soil with a good amount of drainage. For best results, it is advised that between two watering sessions don’t let the areca palm be overwatered or even underwatered by making the soil go completely dried down.

Can Areca Palm Grow Without Roots
Can Areca Palm Grow Without Roots

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Having gardening as a hobby is effectively one of the best choices. It can freshen up your mood like no other activity. The Areca Palm trees are beautiful and greatly loved by many nature enthusiasts and lovers.

However, they cannot survive without roots as it is an essential part of the plant to draw water and nutrients from the soil.

The methods mentioned in the article are workable and have produced results for numerous users out there. If your queries have been solved and answered here, don’t wait; get your work done in your garden right now!